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Organic Lead Generation Through Inbound Marketing

July 4, 2017

Many start-ups face challenges like usage of capital, creating sustainable income, making payroll, etc. Consistent growth of any start-up can solve many of these issues, but it requires leads. Unfortunately, generating leads with regular inside sales model takes a lot of time and workforce.

Having the best product in the world doesn’t mean that product will perform great in sales; your business is doomed to unsuccessful if no-one is aware of it. In case you manage to generate more leads but have an average product – you win as you indeed are generating revenue.

What Is Inbound Marketing? How to Generate Leads Using It?

May 18, 2017

The spreading of the internet helps to rise of new technologies; inbound marketing became one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. Since 2006 many companies understood that content must be connected with customers interests to become successful. More creative and helpful content will spread, by aligning useful contents based on public interest.

Marketers have to provide the customers with something they will love in order to attract them.

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