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Digital Marketing Updates - From Other Publishers

Find the latest updates from all around the world related to Digital Marketing. We provide carefully curated blog posts and useful resources from other websites. If you would like us to add an article here, please send it to [email protected] Our team will review and add it to the list.

Digital Marketing News Feed

Using the skyscraper technique is a way for you to construct a taller “building” — or build upon an already-existing idea. In many ways, the technique is very similar to creating 10x content.
Elise Dopson
Dec 08, 2018
I guess you understand the purpose of blogging in digital marketing. These are great blogging principles (27) from a famous blogger, Neil Patel.
Neil Patel
Dec 08, 2018
Buyer keywords are the search terms people use when they are planning to make a purchase. There are three types of purchasing keywords that shoppers use as they go through the buyer’s journey...
Kim Kosana
Dec 08, 2018
Psychographic data allows you to dive deep into the mind of your potential customer. You’ll understand their needs, preferences, the reasoning behind their decisions, and how to address all these in your marketing.
Celine Roque
Nov 17, 2018
We’ve picked the best content curation tools we know, and have divided them into free, freemium, paid, and enterprise tools, and there’s a table of contents for convenience.
Sharon Hurley
Sep 11, 2018
The era of messaging apps is on the rise. eMarketer’s report predicts a quarter of the world (that’s almost 2 billion people!) will be using messaging apps on their mobile in 2019. That’s only one year from now!
Helen Stark
Mar 15, 2018