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SEO Analyst

Digital Marketing Course To Become An SEO Analyst

digital marketing to become an seo analyst

SEO is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy because of its effectiveness and low costs. As a result, SEO analysts are very much in demand these days since having an SEO analyst on the marketing team is always a good option. So if you’re someone who has always been interested in this field, and have good analytical and decision-making skills, this could be the role for you.

To help you understand the job profile of SEO analyst better, we have explained it further.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the process through which one can improve the quality as well as quantity of the traffic any website is getting. It works on driving more organic traffic for your website and helps you in ranking higher on Google’s search results pages.

Who is an SEO Analyst?

An SEO analyst is responsible for making sure that all SEO strategies are being carried out smoothly for their clients and must also ensure website is built keeping in mind various factors that search engines have stipulated for indexing websites as well as improving rankings.

Once you begin to segregate the various routine tasks that an SEO analyst has to do, you’ll get to learn it is a complex job.

Importance of an SEO Analyst in an Organization

If any company doesn’t have an SEO analyst on its team, the company is not utilizing its digital marketing strategy to its maximum potential. As we have mentioned earlier, the importance of SEO to an online marketing strategy cannot be stressed enough.

SEO analyst actively contributes to magnifying brand awareness by integrating marketing, the digital space, and content through their work. They are constantly toiling to get better rankings so that they get more traffic and customer engagement increases.

Required Qualities

Although the profile says ‘SEO analyst’, just having a good knowledge of SEO is not enough. The required qualities of an SEO analyst go beyond that. Some of the primary qualities are:

Research and Decision Making

Researching is an intrinsic part of SEO, keyword research alone takes some time, and this is a skill that needs to already be present to some degree in an analyst.

Decision-making is another skill that an analyst needs to have since there are a lot of important decisions that need to be taken when it comes to marketing campaigns.

Content Ideation and Curation

Working on making ideas into reality taking into account what will work best for search engine rankings. This is because when it comes to SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), the quality of the content matters a lot.

An analyst also needs to analyze all the content before it's published to make sure that there aren’t any gaps that can be filled using elements like images, infographics, etc. to make sure that it ranks better.

Critical Thinking

Getting to the root cause of every surface-level problem is not an easy task and therefore, some good critical thinking skills are required to succeed at this job.

Analytics Skills

This is pretty much evident from the profile itself. You need to have really good analytical skills. If you can log in and get the necessary data from Google Analytics or Adobe on your own, it would make things much simpler.

Technical Skills

While many are doing their jobs as SEO analysts pretty well but they could be doing so much better if they had technical knowledge since they would be able to understand the problem at the core and work on it.
Besides these, having knowledge of Excel sheets for reporting, basic programming like HTML and CSS, and good keyword research skills are also necessary.

Typical Job Responsibilities

An SEO analyst is expected to:

  • Come up with content ideas, make the content SEO-friendly, update outdated content and handle promotions
  • Develop link building strategies
  • Manage paid search campaigns
  • Do keyword research and come up with a list that would best resonate with the tone of the company and get traffic at the same
  • Work on bettering the SEO scores of websites or web pages by analyzing their content and improving it
  • Always stay updated about the latest trends in the SEO, social media, and marketing space
  • Assist in creating SEO strategies and social media campaigns to maximize customer engagement
  • Monitor on-page, off-page SEO, and website traffic
  • Analyze how the content is faring with the audience and make changes accordingly

How to Become an SEO Analyst?

A bachelors and a few years in programming makes you qualified to become an SEO specialist. In some cases, the latter is not required. Doing a digital marketing course from our digital marketing institute could help you in landing a job as an SEO analyst.