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Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing Course To Become a Digital Marketing Analyst

become a digital marketing analyst

Most people these days exist in two worlds - the real and the virtual. This statement alone says volume about the importance of the digital form of marketing since most of your target audience can be found online. If analyzing the trends and latest technologies that enter this field interests you, becoming a digital marketing analyst would be a good choice.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is essentially making use of digital media to create awareness and increase sales about a company’s products and/or services. 

It consists of various channels such as email marketing, social media marketing and others, which are used in various combinations or all together to effectively market products online.

Who is a Digital Marketing Analyst?

A digital marketing analyst is basically the captain of the digital marketing ship. It is their job to create digital marketing strategies, monitor the progress of these strategies and keep up to date with the latest trends in the market.

Basically, they have to make sure that strategy is implemented smoothly. Further, digital marketing analysts analyze the data, provide insights and present them to the company/client.

Importance of a Digital Marketing Analyst in an Organization

The digital marketing space has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years and therefore, there is endless content online. If you have to stand out, you need to make sure that the content you put out there is your very best.

This is where the work of a digital marketing analyst comes into play since they work on improving your online marketing strategies. They do this by analyzing, incorporating the latest trends in the content and making sure it reaches the target audience.

Required Qualities

Along with a good knowledge of digital marketing and its working, some other required qualities of digital marketing analyst are:


Have a good knowledge of the various analytics tools, such as Google analytics, to get the best insights about the content.

Good Written and Oral skills

This will help you in getting your point across effectively.


You need to have a keen eye for detail as well the ability to discern valuable insights from data.

Marketing Acumen

This cannot be stressed enough. You need to be able to grasp the latest marketing trends easily and quickly.

Typical Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of a digital marketing analyst are:

  • Collection and analysis of customer, marketing, and web behavioral data
  • Test campaigns, keep track of key metrics, and look for new avenues to optimize campaign performance
  • Present conclusions from self-drawn analyses which will include actionable insights and suggestions
  • Develop dashboards, data visualizations, and campaign and website performance reports
  • Monitoring and analyzing digital media and marketing trends
  • Create digital marketing strategies keeping in mind the policies of the client/company and the product in question
  • Maintain a good working relationship with the client and submit the progress reports periodically to senior managers and clients

How to Become an Digital Marketing Analyst?

There is no degree out there which states that you are a qualified digital marketing analyst. However, you can do a digital marketing course from our digital marketing institute to understand this form of marketing from the professionals of the field.

This will be a valuable addition to your CV, and increase your chances of getting hired as a digital marketing analyst.