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Understanding Progress with Web Analytics

Understanding Progress with Web Analytics

Understanding Progress with Web Analytics

1. Importance of Digital Analytics

Learn the importance of digital analytics and how to use it for knowing your audience well.

2. Create Google Analytics Account and Set Up Tracking Code

Learn how to create google analytics and find your tracking id and global site tag.

3. Real Time Reports

The real-time overview shows the top ten user-active sites, the number of active users on each page and what is the source for the users on each page.

4. Audience Reports

Understand the audience reports and analytics.

5. Behavior Reports

The Behavior section shows what are the next steps they are doing after visiting your website.

6. Acquisition Reports

The Acquisition section tells you from where you are getting your visitors such as social networks and search engines.

7. Conversion Reports

Learn what is conversion rate and what are conversion reports.

8. Create Custom Reports and Dashboards

Learn to set up and create custom reports and dashboards.

9. Setup Goals and Filters

Set up goals and create filters which improves your quality of traffic data.

10. Integrate Google Analytics with Other Systems

Learn how to Integrate Google Analytics with Other Systems which helps to create custom reports.

11. Manage Permissions

Learn how to manage permissions in your google analytics account.

12. Essential Tools

Learn what tools are to be used for google analytics and learn how to grow your business.

13. Understanding Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free data visualization tool that lets you build interactive dashboards, and customized reports.

14. Understanding Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management tool that enables you to generate and track tags, without writing new code each time you choose to build a tag.