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Bonus: Starting and Growing an Online Business

Starting and Growing an Online Business

Starting and Growing an Online Business

1. Finding Niche

Learn how to research different niches and find the one which is suitable for you.

2. Conduct Market Research

Evaluate latest products and validate your product by keyword research.

3. Target Market Analysis

Understand your audience. Who are your audience? What do they like? What are their interests? and more.

4. Competitive Analysis

Learn how to Identify your competitors, understand your position and change the strategies accordingly.

5. Get a Domain Name for Your Business

Find a unique domain name that is not only relative to your business but will be easy to find and promote by others.

6. Design and Build Your Website

Learn how to creatively design and build your wordpress website which is completely functional.

7. Optimising for Search Engines

Learn how to rank higher on search results with search engine optimization.

8. Drive Online Traffic

Learn what the strategies and tactics to be followed to drive traffic to your site.

9. Engaging on Social Media

Social media helps businesses to increase brand awareness and continuously engage with your customers.

10. Using Digital Advertising

Learn how to set up ads and run campaigns on different platforms.

11. Measure Your Success

Learn analytics for data insights and what are your KPIs for business.