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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a process of promoting their products, websites through different social media channels.

2. Social Media Marketing Methods

Learn creative social media marketing strategies and ideas.

3. Content Distribution / Scheduling - Process and Tools

Learn the process of content distribution, and how to promote and what are the tools to be used.

4. Social Media Monitoring - Process and Tools

Social media monitoring involves the tracking of everything related to social media of your brand using different tools.

5. Social Media Analytics - Process and Tools

It is the process of analyzing data from social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which is used by marketers to track online conversations about products and companies.

6. Build Audience & Connections

Know what are the strategies to be followed and how to build an audience and connections.

7. SMM Using Facebook

Facebook has tools that are accessible to anyone. These tools can be used for greater reach of your audience.

8. SMM Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. It is also one of the largest platforms for social networking helping people with job opportunities.

9. SMM Using Twitter

Twitter is another social networking platform which allows you to write messages called 'tweets'. It is available across all devices.

10. SMM Using Pinterest

Pinterest can be used for sharing videos, images and fun media.

11. Practice: Create Social Media Calendar for a Given Brand

Here you will create social media content calendars and find what are the best ways to plan and organize content.

12. Practice: Create a Social Media Post for a Given Brand

Learn the tactics that help you the most to create a social media post which builds a strong presence on social media.

13. Practice: Setup Social Media Channels for Your Website

Choose which networks work better for you and learn how to set up social media channels for your website.