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Digital Marketing Process

Digital Marketing Process

digital marketing process

1. Introduction to Marketing

The process of getting customers or potential clients to you who are interested in your products and services is marketing.

2. Traditional Buying Cycle

Understand the pattern buyers go through in your industry which is the key to effective marketing.

3. Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing, What is Digital Marketing? What are its prerequisites? Why and Who can do digital marketing? What are the benefits of digital marketing? Components of digital marketing, Traditional marketing vs digital marketing.

4. Buying Cycle in the Digital Age

Understand the buying cycle of consumer and behaviour in the digital age.

5. Digital Marketing Channels

Understand the evolution of consumer behaviour in the digital age.

6. Advantages of Digital Marketing

To drive online sales, to increase brand value, and the main advantage here is you can target your audience.

7. Who Needs Digital Marketing?

As of today every business needs digital marketing. Almost all individuals use search engines such as Google on a daily basis. This creates a channel that is more suitable to reaching potential customers and as a result.

8. Sample Scenario: A Real Client

Here at Digital Ready, we believe in the power of digital marketing and help you to implement strategies and techniques that enhance your clients’ digital brand experience.

9. 4 Step Process for Digital Marketing: Define, Create, Attract and Convert

Attract the right visitors to your website, engage them and convert them to paying customers. This is the purpose of digital marketing.

10. Define: Collect, Analyze, Define Various Elements and Prepare Channel Mix

Understand how to collect, analyze and define various elements of digital marketing and prepare a channel mix.

11. Create: Create All Digital Assets

Here you will understand what are the broad things to consider for creating and adapting assets for digital use.

12. Attract: Plan for and Execute Digital Campaigns

Understand must-do planning activities to start your project on the right foot.

13. Convert: Analyze the Performance, Optimize and Improve Conversions

Analyze the best performing traffic channels, Track your competitors’ performance, Find growth opportunities and Improve Conversions.

14. Analysis of 5 Industry Case Studies

With the analysis of these case studies you will get in-depth knowledge on how to deal with different situations.

15. Practice: Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for a Client

Learn how to create a digital marketing strategy from scratch that will be comprehensive and help you accomplish goals.