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Digital Content Strategy & Production

Digital Content Strategy & Production

Digital Content Strategy & Production

1. Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

The content you produce conveys your message, educates and persuades your readers to buy your goods and services over your competition.

2. What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing where one creates content to increase their visibility which generates leads to their business.

3. The Content Marketing Process

Decide on topic, create content, promote, evaluate, re-purpose.

- Customer Journey

Awareness, Consideration, Decision

- Buyer Personas

Based on the data of your existing customers buyer personas can be know.

- Content Mapping

Content mapping explains how the consumer experience is strategically linked to and supported by a piece of the content.

- Various Content Formats

Explore each content format and learn how to get the best results from them.

4. Content Calendar Creation

Learn how to create a content calendar which includes status updates, updates to existing content, planned promotional activity.

5. Blog Post Writing

Write blog posts that convert your visitors into leads.

6. EBook Creation

Learn how to make an attractive ebook.

7. Infographic Creation

Create professional-looking, high-quality infographics.

8. Podcasting

Learn how to launch a successful podcast.

9. Video Creation

Learn how to edit and create perfect videos.