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Branding and Digital Presence

Branding & Digital Presence

branding and digital presence

1. Branding Basics

Branding is all about the process of telling your customers what your company is all about creatively. Learn the essentials of a successful digital brand.

2. Building a Brand Identity

Learn everything you need to know about a brand identity, along with tools to do it.

3. Building a Website

Most of your audience visit your website. Learn how to build a powerful website for marketing.

- Website Planning

Understand websites, domain names, and domain extensions

- Pages, Posts, Forms, Menus

Learn how to easily add pages, posts, forms, menus to the website

- Plugins, Themes

Themes alter your website's design, plugins are meant to add new features and functionalities. Understand how plugins and themes work.

- Designing with Elementor

Elementor is a WordPress Page Builder plugin. Learn Elementor to make your job quick and easy.

4. Establish Social Media Channels

Discover which social media channels to use and what are the types of content you can publish on different channels.

5. Facebook - Page

 Discover and interact easily by having a facebook page

6. Twitter - Account

Twitter is a powerful tool to achieve your marketing goals. Learn how to create the best strategy on twitter.

7. Instagram - Business Account

Instagram marketing is competitive. So in this competitive social media learn the best tips for Instagram strategy.

8. Youtube Channel

Learn how to create and optimize a successful YouTube channel.

9. Optimizing the Social Media Profiles

Know how to optimize social media profiles and grow your network.