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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing
Video marketing is the latest trend. The video is on the rise across the globe on all major social platforms. Video content is more engaging and informative than text. YouTube is the second most search site next to Google and is the video social networking site. Over 1 billion people visit YouTube daily, and over 1000 million YouTube videos are watched daily. It's easy for anyone who is watching a YouTube video to rate and share to their social sites. So including YouTube marketing in your marketing strategies in advantageous for your business goals and success. No matter your company is small or big, you can expand your reach and get benefit from YouTube marketing. Let’s look into the importance of YouTube marketing in your marketing strategies.

YouTube Statistics - DIgital Ready

Importance of YouTube Marketing

YouTube has become a critical marketing tool for any type and size of business because of its omnipresence. Ease of importing and uploading video content made it seamless to incorporate YouTube marketing into any kind of marketing strategy.

Seeds Authoritative Image

Uploading video content that talks about views and idea of your business and how it adds quality to consumers creates an authoritative image of your brand among your audience. Videos about the concerns of your audience and your strategy to solve them indicate your expertise and builds respect.

Earns Credibility and Trust

Viewing someone who is a direct (a paid employee) or indirect representative (a satisfied customer) of your business explaining your services or products earns customer’s trust more quickly than reading about it. Displaying information through video is more direct and easily absorbed compared to other means of communication. Video testimonials from satisfied customers instantly win the prospects of your business.

Efficient Engagement with Customers

Videos demonstrating the quality of your products or services are great ways to engage customers. Videos about “how-to”. “tips for” or “instructions for” etc. will retain audiences’ attention more effectively than written content.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing


YouTube has a great potential of reaching the highest percentage of the total population. There are more than one billion unique visitors to YouTube each month, and more than 1000 million videos are watched on a daily basis.


With an incredible reach that YouTube provides, you can precise the ‘audience targeting’ based on demographics, location, interests, devices used to view and time of day.


Video content captures audience’s attention more effectively than text. According to YouTube statistics 2017 from Fortunelords, an average mobile viewing session on YouTube lasts for more than 40 minutes.

A High volume of traffic

According to Fortunelords, YouTube gets 30 million visitors per day. With right content that can educate, entertain and provide solutions to your audience’s concerns, you can drive high volumes of traffic to your site and thus more leads and conversions.


One of the great advantages of video content is its viral nature. If your content goes viral, it reaches an enormous number of people within a very short span without many marketing efforts.


Using right keywords can optimize your content on videos. This will enable your videos to appear on Google search for a related query entered by users. Publish high-quality and related content on your website and create videos on YouTube which are in harmony with your content. This will build backlinks to your website and results in more authority for your website.


Unlike other AdWords based ad campaigns, YouTube advertisements do not expire. They can run forever and respond whenever a prospect or a potential customer enters a search query.


YouTube advertising is less expensive as compared to Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click.

Social Media Marketing Integration

The ease of sharing YouTube videos online made it effortless to integrate these videos into any social media marketing plan. Distribution of YouTube videos on widely-accepted social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. will result in an exponential awareness about your business.

Quantifiable Results

Using Google Analytics tool, you can measure the results of your YouTube marketing campaigns like the number of people viewed your video, count of new users connected with your business, demographics of your viewers, type of devices that your viewers have used to view your videos etc. You can quantify the above-mentioned parameters using Google Analytics.


Based on the results you measured, you can adjust your video campaign. You can tailor your video content according to your viewer’s interests and increase the potential for engagement.


YouTube is omnipresent in reaching people around the globe. YouTube is available in 61 languages and more than 70 countries. Accessibility of YouTube on a multitude of devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles made it as the most effective marketing tool.


Keywords are relatively less expensive on YouTube as compared to Google Search. An average cost of a view is $0.06 per click, whereas it is approximately between $1-2 for Google Search cost per click.

How to Set Up a YouTube Channel

Setting up a new channel on YouTube is a quick and simple process. Let’s get through it.

1. Sign In to YouTube

Go to and click on the “sign in” on the top right corner of the page.

Sign In to YouTube - Digital Ready

Log in to YouTube using your Google Account to which you want to associate your YouTube channel.

Login to Your YouTube Account - Digital Ready

2. YouTube Settings

Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of your YouTube page and click on the settings sign as shown in the picture guide below.

Go to YouTube settings - Digital Ready

Click on “Create a New Channel.”

Create a New YouTube Channel - DIgital Ready

3. Name your YouTube Channel

On clicking “create a new channel,” you will get an option to create either a personal channel or create a channel using your business or brand name. Select Use a business or other name as your option if you want to associate your channel with your business.

Choose Either Personal Name or Your Business Name - DIgital Ready

Now name your channel and select a category which includes:
  • Product or brand
  • Company Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

Name Your YouTube Channel - Digital Ready

Once you click on Done, you are all set with your YouTube channel. You will also get a Google+ page created with your brand. Next, fill out all necessary information and art to get a good design and awesome channel.

YouTube Channel Added Successfully - Digital Ready

How to Improve and Promote Channels and Videos Organically

1. Build Up a Good Reputed YouTube Channel

If you want organic traffic to your channel and videos, then it's essential to have a good reputed YouTube channel. For that you need to:
  • Complete your YouTube channel fully same as you do with your social accounts like Facebook.
  • Include a good profile photo and a cover picture or channel art.
  • Build a strong channel trailer.
  • Great description about you, your channel, and each of your uploaded videos.
  • Link your channel with your social accounts like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and others.
  • Complete your whole profile to get a good Page Authority.
  • Increase your count of subscribers through auto link option which automatically links to your website, email, and other social accounts.
  • Categorize your videos to show a great structure.

2. Perform Keyword Research for Each Video You Upload

The primary job for improving any organic reach, you have to do proper keyword research. Good keyword optimization is needed as you do with your web page. Start with Google AdWords Keyword Planner to determine average monthly searches and competition for your target keywords.

Perform Keyword Research for Your Video - Digital Ready

You can further move on to Paid SEO Tools or Google Search Box for more suggestions and variations of your keyword. You can use Rank Checker to see a list of keyword suggestions as shown in the below image. You get different variations of your keyword phrase with the help of these tools which will help you further in your video optimization.

Use Rank Checker Tools to Check Keyword Rankings - Digital Ready

3. Perform Video Optimization Both Before and After Your Video Upload

Optimize your video title, description and tags, before you upload it. Start by optimizing your file name of the video itself. Next, add more info about your video to the video file itself which will let the YouTube know about your video from the start.

Optimize Your YouTube Video File Name - Digital Ready

Add More Info About Your Video Before You Upload it - Digital Ready

You should optimize your video after upload too. You will have the chance of optimizing your YouTube video as soon as you start uploading it.

Optimize Your Video After Uploading - Digital Ready

Think of the on-page SEO rules. You have to do the same here. Your SEO title that is your video title should be up to characters which should include your target keywords. Your meta description that is your video description should be up to 160 characters which must include your target keyword phrase.

Optimize Your YouTube Video for Title, Description and Tags - DIgital Ready

YouTube allows 5,000 characters for video description but makes sure to put your important information in your meta description part in the first 160 characters. Your meta keywords that are your video tags should be up to 255 characters in length and must include your target keywords or phrase.

4. Advanced Settings Tab

You can configure additional settings for your video through this tab. Choose the best category, add location, language, date, etc.

YouTube’s Advaced Settings Tab - DIgital Ready

5. Do Share Your YouTube Videos on Your Social Channels

You will see the option to share your video on Google Plus, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more social media channels right on your Basic info tab. Social sharing is very crucial for reaching a high volume of traffic.

Social Sharing Icons For Social Sharing Your YouTUbe Video - Digital Ready

6. Add to Playlist

Just below the social sharing option, you will find the option to add your video to a playlist. So organize your YouTube videos accordingly depending on their relevance.

Add Your YouTube Video to Playlist - Digital Ready

7. Adding YouTube Annotations and Cards

Have you used YouTube annotations and cards to enhance your YouTube videos? Not yet? Then well it’s high time you should add them now. YouTube cards are the evolution of annotations. This extremely interactive feature is going to replace annotations. So what are the uses of YouTube annotations and cards? You can link more videos to your video through annotations and cards and boost your views and engagement. More is better. Adding these features ensure better YouTube’s algorithm performance by increasing your video watch time. You can add and use annotations and card beneath your video after you upload your videos on your channel to make additional edits to your video.

dding YouTube Annotations and Cards - Digital Ready

8. Enhance Your YouTube videos Engagement

Getting engagement with your YouTube videos is extremely crucial once you upload your video. Now you are done with on-site SEO and adding basic info for your channel and video. It’s time to promote your YouTube videos. Social Sharing plays an important role in the promotion of your channel and videos. Do outreach for your videos to get them embedded and linked to other websites. Look for other blogs relevant to yours and reach to them to engage more. You can even outreach other YouTube channels. Reach the channel owners to link their video up to yours as a resource for their viewers. Measure your video promotion results through vidIQ for YouTube.

Instal vidIQ to measure the Results of Your Video Promotions - Digital Ready

By following all the above mentioned points, you can improve your YouTube organic reach in search engine results.

How to Use YouTube Advertising

YouTube has the potential and the features to let businesses promote their advertising videos to the interest people. The benefit of using YouTube advertising is that you have only to pay if someone clicks and chooses to watch your video. This means that the people who have interests in your video are watching your video. YouTube advertising runs on Google AdWords by a bidding system. You can choose what you want to spend. YouTube advertising is also known as TrueView video ads that are of two forms: In-Stream Ads and In Display Ads.

InStream Ads

InStream ads appear at the beginning of a YouTube video. The viewer has the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds of the watch. But Viewer can view the full ad if it’s engaging enough. You only have to pay if the viewer chooses to watch your ad for 30 seconds or if the video is shorter. You will be charged if viewers view your video till the end. You don’t have to pay for the five-second preview. InStream videos can be useful when you want to promote a video content in similar categories. For example, if you are advertising for beauty products, then you should advertise your business of beauty products to the people who choose to view a video on a similar category like beauty products or maintenance.

Instream Video Ads - Digital Ready

In-Display Ads

You can use these type of videos to advertise on YouTube as well as Google’s Display Network. You can advertise your ads on the search page results and watch pages on both mobiles and desktop versions of YouTube. Your ad will display an image with two to three lines of text. People who are interested will be redirected to your ad if they click on your ad. See the below image for example.

In-Display Video Ad - Digital Ready

Let’s check out the bidding system on which YouTube advertising works.

Cost-Per-View CPV Bidding

The cost-per-view bidding system is the default bidding system that will set amount that you will pay for your TrueView ads. You will pay for all video views and other video interactions like call-to-action overlays, clicks, companion banners, and cards. So How it works? Let’s look into it.

How CPV Works?

You will enter the highest amount you want to pay per view while you are setting up your ad campaign. Your bid will be called as your maximum CPV bid or max CPV. How will you know what max CPV to set? You can base the amount of traffic forecasting data as you select your targeting settings and max CPV when managing your ad groups or building a new ad campaign later. You can also base this on the value of your business and what you know about your business.

What You Will be Charged?

Your maximum CPV bid is the maximum amount that you will be charged for viewing your video. But you will only be charged for what’s necessary for your ad to appear on the page. The final amount is called as actual CPV, which you pay. Actual CPV is less than max CPV. Quality Score and Ad Rank are the two elements that affect the actual CPV. Quality Score is the measure of how relevant your ad is to a viewer and includes factors such as view rates. Your quality score is multiplied by Max CPV to rank higher than other advertisers. This is called Ad Rank. For example, your max CPV is Rs 400, and there are two other advertisers with the same quality score in action with you. One bids a max CPV of RS 80 and other bids a max of Rs 240. You are the top bidder since no other competitors are bidding more than Rs 400. But you will not be charged for max CPV. You will be charged if your closest competition is only bidding Rs 240, i.e., you will be charged as Rs 240 or Rs 241. You can target your people depending on their demographics like age, gender, location, interests, topics etc.You can reach your audiences as big or small. Finally, optimize your videos to ensure that viewers can read as much information as possible.

Reach People Who Matters

Choose People Based on Their Location, Demographics and Interests. You can decide who can see your video ads based on their demographics like interests, location, age group, and more. You can show your ads to right people, at the right time and right place with right targeting. You can control your video ad campaign to reach the right people.


Target your audience based on their age, gender, household income, the parental status of them.


Look for where your audiences are into? You will be able to choose your audience based on their interests. Choose from over 100 interests to narrow in on specific audiences. Mix and match to tailor your reach.


Check for where your customers are located? You can show your ad to the whole country, to a specific location, corners around the world, or just a town.

Measure Your Results Through YouTube Analytics

Just uploading your videos and optimizing them is not enough. You should understand how to use YouTube analytics to measure your progress. See how you are doing and what you need to improve in your ad campaign. You need to measure your results, check whether your video ad campaigns are performing well or not. YouTube Analytics is a reporting tool. It provides results nan data about each of your videos that you uploaded. You can easily track the count of views you got, where your viewers coming from, type of people watching your video etc.

YouTube Analytics - Digital Ready

YouTube Analytics will provide your data and information about:
  • The number of views came from each referral source.
  • The number of comments and ratings each of your video has received.
  • What age group and which gender viewed your videos.
  • You can see the countries your videos are popular in.
  • You can see the first referral you get for your video from a related video, the first referral from YouTube search, the first time your video is embedded in other websites.
  • The total number of subscribers subscribed to your channel.
  • You can see the number of likes and dislikes.
  • The number of time your video has been shared.
  • You can see your audience retention like how much of your video your audience is watching before bouncing from the page to look for something else.
  • You can see which devices your users are using to watch your videos.
  • YouTube Analytics report “Playback Locations” allows you to the sites on which your videos are being viewed to see where your backlinks are coming.
Here are few examples of YouTube Analytics Reports: Demographic Report

YouTube Analytics Demographic Report - DIgital Ready

Playback Locations Report: YouTube Analytics - Digital Ready

YouTube Marketing tips and tricks

  • Share your YouTube videos on other social media channels to grow your reach.
  • Engage with similar content uploaded by other users. Like and comment on them to let them stumble upon your videos and channel.
  • Upload content regularly to add relevancy to your brand.
  • Use clickable links to reference other content to link back to web pages or sites that your video covers.
  • Encourage viewers to subscribe.
  • Reach out to potential YouTubers to place your product. Many YouTube personalities place products in their videos which increases your audience list.
  • Use YouTube Stories, their latest creation similar to Snapchat or Instagram Stories that will show a short video that will remain visible for a day or until deleted.