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Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Finding a cost-effective way to promote a brand is among those tough obstacles that a small business has to face. Reaching to a wider audience is not an easy job, and that's where email marketing comes in. An effective email marketing is always a key to promote and grow a business, increase sales, revenue and even more marketing stuff. Whether your company is well-established or is going to be on that way, you should consider email marketing channel to reach your goals. Learn the entire process of setting up how to set up your email marketing funnel to acquire leads and generate sales. So let’s begin with its definition. Here is the flow of this course content:
  • A bit about email marketing
  • Benefits of email marketing
  • Getting started
  • Growing your email list
  • Personalized marketing with email list segmentation
  • How to improve your email open rates
  • Automating your email marketing with autoresponders

A Bit About Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Digital Ready

Email marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy that includes sending emails to prospects and existing customers to promote products and services. Email marketing converts the prospects to customers and has the potential to turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer. In other terms, email marketing is developing relationships with clients or your potential customers through emails. Email marketing should be done effectively. Emails should be cleverly written, or else no one is going to click on them. Getting into the inbox of other people means like you are being invited to their home for an event. So whatever they ask you to do, you should do it respectfully. Same goes for email marketing too. Be on your best while sending an email to your prospects or customers. Now, will focus on why to learn email marketing. In other terms, it's advantages.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email remains the most effective way to generate leads and nurture them despite the rise of social media. Here are the benefits of email marketing that you should know.

Benefits of Email Marketing - Digital Ready

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Email marketing helps you to increase your brand awareness because the emails that you send to your prospects and potential customers will help your customers to know about you and your company better. You will be able to increase your business brand value of you write your contents well with eye-catching designs. Your customers will keep on remembering you and will look forward to purchasing your products and offers. Even they can share your information with their friends and peers if they find them good.

Easy to Share

Emails are easy to share. Your potential customers can share your email with their friends and family if they find them well. Your subscribers are actually your promoters. They have the potential to increase the credibility of your brand. But your emails should be effective enough to make your customers promote for you.


All your email marketing efforts are measurable through its precise and valuable statistics. Whether its delivery rates, open rates, subscriber retention rates, or click to deliver rates, you can measure everything through its analytics. It also gives you information about your customer’s behaviour and interests which can make better marketing strategies for more successful campaigns.


Email marketing is cost-effective. It involves no print costs, advertisement rates, or any postal fees. It’s much affordable than any other media for, especially small businesses.

Better Target

You can control your email listings by dividing them as per demographics, interests, location, leads, gender, income, etc. You can see who sees your emails. You can send promotional offers and emails to your respective customers based on your targets. Targeted emails ensure that your audience received your emails. You can customize your email message for every customer for higher conversion rate.

Mobile Friendly

More and more people depend on Smartphone today for all of their needs and jobs. Email marketing is imperative to reach your targeted audiences on mobile phones. Your subscribers can easily read and check their inboxes and respond accordingly through mobiles.

Quick, Easy, and Effective Communication

Email marketing is one of the best, easy and quick communication channel. You can send email from anywhere at any time. Email marketing is a personalized form of marketing. So it’s very effective in communicating the relevant message to the relevant people.

1. Getting Started

Sending emails to the people who don’t have interest in your business is just a waste. Your emails would be spam in this case. No email campaign should be built without getting any permission. Focus on first building an email list. DOn’t send emails to the people who do not have opted for your list because they are not going to buy from you. You need to have an “optin form” and “email marketing service” in order to get started. You can create smart, dynamic, targeted, and personalized optin forms and perform A/B testing on them without taking any help from any developer with the help of OptinMonster. You can embed them anywhere on your site.

Create Smart Optin Forms With OptinMonster - Digital Ready

You can take help from MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, and InfusionSoft for your email marketing service. Here are some details about some of them.


MailChimp - Digital Ready

MailChimp is an email marketing service and an automation platform for marketing that can provide you with features and resources to execute your bigger plans and grow your company. You can create targeted email or ad campaigns, can automate follow-ups of helpful products, and send back-in-stock messaging.

Features of MailChimp Email Marketing Service - Digital Ready

MailChimp makes sure right people get your emails at the right time. It helps in targeting your prospects based on behaviours, previous sales, and preferences. You can use its built-in-segmentation for customizing your rules and get in-depth reports of your email marketing efforts. Here is the list of their pricing.

MailChimp Pricing - Digital Ready


AWeber: Email Marketing Service Tool - Digital Ready

AWeber is the among the best email marketing service tool for online business. It lets you create incredible messages and campaigns with the use of amazing templates and images. It’s easy to drag and drop email builder tool will allow you edit and send your emails to anybody without any code or designing. AWeber platform allows you to manage your subscriber list. It has subscriber segmentation option, excellent auto-responder capabilities, and email tracking and analytics that lets you measure your email marketing efforts. Here is their pricing list.

Pricing Plan of AWeber - Digital Ready

2. Growing Your Email List

You cannot just wait for the people to sign-up from the optin form that you put on your website. You need to attract your audiences with compelling offers and promotions to build an email list that will work for you. In other words, you need a lead magnet that is something that you give in exchange for an email address. Maximum lead magnets are digital materials like videos, MP3 audios, PDFs etc. that you can create free or with minimum cost. Quiz, white paper, case study, free webinar, coupon, free trial etc are some examples of a lead magnet.

Lead Magnet - Digital Ready

But your lead magnet should be highly effective one. For that you need to work on the below points: Make Easily Consumable Lead Magnets - Go for creating small and easily understandable lead magnets because your audience will not read if you deliver unattractive and long manifesto. Make it Action-driven - You lead magnet should provide valuable information and tools that your audience can apply. Make it Instant and Relevant - People love instant results. So make it available to them then and there itself and make relevant enough to solve all their issues. Make it Valuable and Noticeable - Your lead magnet will be a successful one for you if it’s as valuable as your products and services. Here is a real-life lead magnet example.

Free Software or Tool Download Free Trial - Digital Ready

Planscope is a tool to help the web developers and designers to create collaborative estimates with clients and keep them up to date on their project completion. Anyone who wants to see their products in action can enter their email address, and they will be redirected to an interactive demo of how the tool can help them grow up their business. People love tools that can help give them instant results and save their valuable time.

How to Create an Effective Optin Form that Converts

An effective Optin Form should contain the following components: Clear and Enticing Headline - The headline should describe the benefits of your lead magnet clearly. Valuable Description - Make the description brief, to-the-point, and clear to make it easily scannable in reader’s eye. Simple Form - Asking too many questions in a single form can irritate your prospects and finally results in killing your conversions. Try to make it simple with name and address. Eye-Catching Visuals - Make the visuals of your optin form attractive and valuable enough to boost your conversions. Include your lead magnet image or other images. Subscription Button - Make sure to include a compelling subscription button that can pop out on the page. You are all done with creating your optin form. Now you need to instal them onto your site. There are max 14 high converting places on your site where you can put your optin form.
  • In a Welcome Page
  • In a Floating Bar
  • On a Splash Page
  • In your Site’s Header
  • In your Sidebar
  • In your Footer
  • On your About Me Page
  • In a Scroll Box
  • On your Blog Archive Page
  • On Resource Pages
  • On Exit-intent Popup
  • On a designated Sign-up Page
  • In a Timed Lightbox Popup
  • Within your Blog Posts

3. Personalized Marketing with Email List Segmentation

An email list is not effective without proper segmentation. Let’s first know what an email list segmentation is all about.

Email List Segmentation

It’s the process of classifying your subscribers into smaller groups based on some specified criteria. It helps you to send more personalized and relevant emails as per their areas of interest and your offers and promotion. Segmenting your email list boost up your click rates, increases your email open rates, and decrease your unsubscribe rates. Marketers today use segmentation to improve their email campaigns. There are many ways to segment your email list. Here are some ways to start up:
  • New Subscribers - Include those whom you want to send a welcome email or welcome series.
  • Interests - Subscribers who have a specific interest in your specific products.You can offer those subscribers as per their interest.
  • Preferences - This includes subscribers who want to know about your blog posts and sales notifications.
  • Location - If organizing any local event then this list can help you to notify the subscribers who are living near to that particular area
  • Open Rate - Include those subscribers whom you want to reward with a special offer just for them for engagement.
  • Lead Magnet - Sending targeted emails based on your lead magnet topic that your subscribers have opted in for.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment - Those who put something on their card and haven’t checked out yet.
  • Inactivity - Those who haven’t engaged for a while.

4. How to Improve Your Email Open Rates

You are all done with creating optin forms, email list and segmenting them. But all your efforts will go waste if your emails won’t get opened. Below are the factors which determine whether or not your emails get opened.

Avoid Spam Filters

The first and the foremost issue is when your emails get into your subscriber’s spam folder. Here are some of the best practices to avoid your emails to falling into the spam folder:
  • Make sure your subscribers have opted-in to receive your emails.
  • Use verified domains to send your emails.
  • Code clean your email template.
  • Personalize the “To:” field of your email campaign by using merge tags.
  • Use good IP address to send your emails, i.e., the IP address that has not been used by someone else who has sent spam in the past.
  • Include your location.
  • Include easy email opt-out way from your emails.
  • Avoid use of “buy”, “clearance”, “discount”, “cash” etc. words as they are referred as spam-trigger words.
  • Ask your subscribers to add you to their address book and show how to wishlist your emails.
You can use good email marketing service to handle all the above.

Remove Inactive Subscribers

At some point of time, some of your subscribers might have changed their email address, or are not interested anymore in your products and offers, or are not interacting or engaging with you from past six months. It’s a great marketing strategy to remove those inactive users from your email list to keep your list fresh. Before removing them, try out last to re-engage your inactive subscribers by asking them if they still want to stay subscribed. You can also keep your email list fresh by interacting with your subscribers every once in a while and ask whether they would like to update their information and preferences or not.

Stand Out with Your Subject Line

Your subject line should be effective enough to stand out. Here are some tips for creating an effective subject line.
  • Use a conversational, fun, and joking tone.
  • Speak as per your subscriber’s language and style.
  • Try to keep using numbers as they are eye-catching.
  • Make a subject line that can make your subscribers curious enough to open it.

Think of One Person While Writing Your Subject Line

It’s natural to think of more than 1000 people when you are drafting a subject line but it would be far effective if you think for an individual person. Draft your subject line with a personal subject line and a personalized message. It shows that you value for your customers. You should know your buyer persona in order to write one such for each one of them. It takes time, but it is effective.

Write Valuable Content

Your subscribers are more likely to open your emails if they find your content good and valuable enough. If subscribers are displeased by checking the content of your email, then they are not going to open your email ever. It’s like now or never situation for you. Make the content a quality one. The higher the value and quality of your content, the better will be your open rates.

Optimize Your Send Timings

Timings are the most important factor when you are sending emails to your subscribers. You should perform A/B testing to check which timings are giving you better results. Check on which time your emails are getting opened by your subscribers and explore those in your email campaigns. You might be thinking which time is the optimal one? It totally depends on who you are and whom you are sending emails to. Here is the data from MailChimp if you look for the day of weeks, and hours of a day. In general, the optimal time of sending emails is on weekdays and at 10 AM in recipient’s time zone. Their deeper examination resulted that type of content that you send through email has a significant effect on the peak timings as well as age, location, and occupation of the recipient.

MailChimp’s Data About the Timings of Sending Emails as Per Days of a Week - Digital Ready

EMail Send Time Optimization: MailChimp’s Data - Digital Ready

MailChimp’s Data of Email Timing Optimization by Hour of Day - Digital Ready

Optimize Your Emails for Mobile

Maximum people use mobile for their day to day works. They prefer to do almost everything from their smartphones. You cannot afford to ignore your mobile users so make sure your emails are mobile-friendly with loading media and responsive formatting. Look below for the tips for appealing to mobile users:
  • Include smaller size images to reduce loading time.
  • Include large call-to-action button as they are easier to tap.
  • Don’t place two links next to each other as it results in tapping the wrong one maximum times.
  • Use larger fonts.
  • Keep simple format.
  • Android turns off images by default. So make sure to check your emails look good without images too.
Above were some tips on how to take care of your email open rates. Email marketing is nothing without experimentation. It’s an art and science. So give maximum time to optimize everything before sending them to your subscribers.

5. Automating Email Marketing With Autoresponders

You learnt how to grow your email list, how to segment them, and how to send effective emails with high open-rates. Now automate your email marketing process and be ready to turn your campaigns into money. For a marketer, autoresponder series is the most powerful tool to make sales. It helps you engage your email list, build strong relationships and turn your prospects into customers. Let’s explain autoresponder first.


It is a sequence of emails that automatically sent to a segment of your email list. The content of autoresponder series is created in advance, and then with the help of an email marketing service software, it’s set up to send at an appropriate time. The two important reasons to use email autoresponder for a marketing firm are: Firstly, they nurture your leads by providing quality and valuable information and insights with the aim of teaching them how to use an automated onboarding process to make better decisions. Secondly, they turn your prospects into your customers by helping them to build like and trust. So here are the four basic steps of how to create an effective autoresponder series.

Creating an Effective Email Autoresponder Series

1. Choosing a Goal For Your Autoresponder

Here is the list of goals for your autoresponder series before you create it:
  • Use it as a lead magnet or a mini free course to attract new subscribers to your email list. This is done in the form of a “mini-course” or a free “challenge” that promises to deliver a series
  • containing valuable information over the course of several weeks or days.
  • Use it to send “welcome sequence” to your new subscribers.
  • Use it to make sales on autopilot that may contain a series of educational videos, sales video and follow-ups to sell your products and information.
  • Use can set up an autoresponder series to promote cross-sells and upsells to get repeat customers.

2. Map Out Your Entire Sequence

Figure out how long you want your sequence to be like how many days or how many emails. There is no such rule of how many emails you need to have in your email sequence. It should be long enough to help you achieve your goals. The length should be determined by segments, subscriber’s preferences etc. Now you need to figure out how far apart each of your mail will get sent. Once in every two days for educational emails and three to four per day if you are running a huge sale. It depends on the goals. Keep a balance between your “value” emails and “offer” or sales emails. The number of emails you and doesn’t, matter if the value of your emails is more than sales emails. Use 80/20 rule. i.e., 80% of your emails should give value, and 20% of them should give sales. Next is outlining your sequence. Describe the topics each of your email will cover, and the call-to-action for each of your emails.

3. Write an Autoresponder Series that Converts

  • Write great subject lines as it’s highly relevant to the user and entices curiosity about the email content.
  • Use personalization to make your emails more relevant and valuable to your subscribers.
  • Focus on your readers as you have to write for them so that your email can fulfil what they need. Don’t write only about your products. Include how can you solve your subscriber’s issue, any paint point or struggle for your subscribers etc.

4. Monitor and Improve

You should always monitor the performance of your emails to identify the areas of improvement. Pay attention to the following:
  • Open Rates
  • Click Through Rates
  • Unsubscribe Rates
  • That all. Hope this guide has helped you understand about email marketing.