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Certificate Course in UI Development

Expert UI Development Training Course with 100% Placement Assurance

Certificate Course in UI Development (CCUID) is a full stack course which will make you a fully qualified UI Developer. Our integrated course will make your profile highly interesting to the hiring managers because this combination is a rare one.

Digital Ready's UI course material has been designed by industry experts, who have more than 18 years of experience in UI Development. The CCUID Course is offered at our Madhapur Training Center.

UI/UX Course in Hyderabad

UI Development Training Course - Topics

# Topic Duration
1 Basics of UI Development 4 Hours
2 HTML 8 Hours
3 CSS 8 Hours
4 Javascript 12 Hours
5 Advanced JavaScript 8 Hours
6 Bootstrap 8 Hours
7 React JS 16 Hours
8 React JS Advanced 12 Hours
9 UI Development Project 28 Hours

The first step towards a web development course is HTML, which is the skeleton of any web page. HTML defines the structure using the tags and their respective attributes. With the newly added features in HTML5, users can be more engaged and pages have become more efficient.


The next step to make the page beautiful is to put some nice designs, colors, fonts, animations. These can be achieved using cascading style sheets. With the introduction on CSS3, we can make the pages responsive as well, which means the same page can be viewed in multiple screens (Laptop, tablet, mobile) without adding any extra code


This scripting language controls the logic behind the pages, the interactions with the user, validations, API calls, getting and posting data to servers, for all these JavaScript is the one stop solution. All browsers support JavaScript rendering by default. JavaScript is easy to understand and debug when it comes to development as well.

Advanced JavaScript

All the complex stuff starting from Promises, DOM, Forms and validations are covered under this topic. Here we will learn the next phase of JavaScript which makes this language the most popular one in the world.


This is a UI library which helps us make responsive web application easily, even though everything in the background is CSS and JavaScript but it provides a robust framework with lots of component like accordion, carousel, modal-dialog and so on.

React JS

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook. React can be used in the development of single-page applications and mobile applications. It aims primarily to provide speed, simplicity, and scalability. As a user interface library.

UI Development Project

After we have digested all the above concepts, it will be time to make something exciting. We will be making a website using all the above technologies and this exercise will help us understand all the core concepts of above technologies.


This course can be done by anyone with interest and passion to learn UI development. People with no prior job experience also can take-up this course.

Career Opportunities

The demand for good UI Developers is increasing everyday. Companies are looking for people who can build great UI with relevant front-end technologies.


Your trainers are industry experts with many years of experience in building the user experiences and user interfaces.

UI Training Course Details

Duration 3 Months
Training Schedule Weekend (Saturday & Sunday): 10am to 4pm
Next Batch Starts on 07 July 2018
Training Method Classroom
Placement 100% Placement Assurance* Subjected to conditions. Talk to us about this during the counselling.