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Certificate Course in Digital Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 100% placement assurance?
We know that many of the students want to settle in life by joining a job as quick as possible. Keeping those requirements in mind we started offering the placement assurance program.Through this program we assure all our students a decent job when they complete the training and get their certification through Digital Ready Assessment Program (DRAP). We want to make sure that all our students have strong knowledge both in theory and practice, so that they will be able to face the interviews with confidence. Our own past records show that, all students who were punctual and who followed the instructions well, got placed with decent pay packages. If fact, some of them got multiple job opportunities. We take the responsibility of placing you in a suitable company, whenever you are ready.

How long does it take to get a job after completion of the course?
Well, it depends. Our past data shows that it might take from 1 week to several months depending upon various factors such as your past experience, communication levels etc. Though it is possible to start working as a fresher, it is better to work at a company as an intern (free or paid) for couple of months and gain more practical experience. We provide the fee internship opportunity for up-to 2 months at SWEET Digital and other associated companies. That also allows you to appear for DRAP program. We encourage you to attend the interviews (both for the opportunities we provide and you discover) right after the completion of the training program.

Do you just focus your training on the things that we face in the interviews?
No. Our aim is to produce valuable digital marketing professionals, who can run successful campaigns. We teach you a systematic process to plan for and execute a digital marketing program. Our training material, methods are world class and are developed to train agency staff. When you learn a concept from the roots, you can build many things on top of it.

What are the career opportunities in digital marketing?
In digital marketing industry, you get a chance to diversify your skills and pursue career in many ways. You can work as a professional, start entrepreneur journey, or offer freelance services and earn money from own websites. Know more about Careers in Digital Marketing.

Who all can take-up digital marketing course?
Anyone who has got interest in learning the digital marketing concepts can take-up this course. To be specific, below list of people can take it up.

  1. Under Graduates, Graduates, Job & Career Seekers
  2. MBA Marketing & Marketing Heads
  3. Media Advertising Professionals
  4. Entrepreneurs & CEO’s
  5. Business Development Managers
  6. Freelancers, Bloggers & Web Designers
  7. Small, Medium & Large Business Owners

Do you help us to get Google certification?
Yes, the syllabus includes complete training, guidance and support on Google Certification; we provide training and prepare you for it. Furthermore, Google Certification is valid for a year.

Do you provide any training material?
Yes we provide training material which you can download as PDF so that you can use it from any device. Also we provide access to our online portal where you can follow future updates on Digital Marketing.

How can I pay for my training?
You can pay by cheque or transfer online.

I can't decide a course that suits me? What do I do now?
Simple! Just give us a call over phone or send us an inquiry. Our representatives will get in touch with you and provide the exact consultation by offering advice and guidance on choosing the right course for your needs.

What is the duration of your internet marketing courses?
The training schedule is available for weekdays as well as weekend classes. Flexi batch and timings are also offered for the special need of students for a comfortable learning. Our regular training course has a nominal duration of 30 to 45 days.

Do you provide any certificate?
Yes, we provide course completion certificate on successful completion of the training session.

What would be the salary for a digital marketing professional?
It depends on many factors. Salary for our fresher students ranged from Rs.3 LPA to Rs.6 LPA. Our experienced students got from 40% to 100% hikes with their new jobs.

I have got experience in traditional marketing; Can I shift my career to digital marketing?
Yes, Of course. In fact more and more companies are looking for people who have experience in traditional marketing and have digital marketing knowledge.

Will I get practical experience?
Our training will be a combination of theory and practice for each module. We also provide live exposure on projects and give assignments to test your skill sets.

Will I become an expert when I go through these courses?
No. You cannot become an expert in couple of months. The course will give you strong fundamentals on which you can build your expertise. But our courses will reduce the time for you to become an expert.

What are the differences between your courses and that of other institutes?
The topics would the same, more or less. The major difference we think we have is; Our knowledge delivery method. Our expert trainers have mentored many students and gave fulfilling careers to all of them. Other difference we see is; The way we have structured the course with all required content, videos, templates, checklists, assignments and live experience.