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Certificate Course in Big Data

Learn Big Data

Big Data is creating huge opportunities. Big Data analytics is a top priority for many organizations worldwide. Big Data applications are used majorly in Healthcare, Consumer, Energy, Manufacturing, Technology and Banking industries. Digital Ready's Certificate Course in Big Data is a comprehensive course designed by highly experienced Big Data professionals from United States of America. Digital Ready's course will give the necessary Big Data skills for each participant along with practical knowledge.

Big Data Course in Hyderabad

Big Data Training Course - Topics

# Topic Duration
1 Hadoop 8 Hours
2 Hive 8 Hours
3 Intro to Pig/MapReduce 8 Hours
4 SCALA 8 Hours
5 Apache Spark/RDD 8 Hours
6 Amazon eC2 8 Hours
7 Introduction to BigData Lambda Architecture 8 Hours
8 BigData Lambda Architecture - Batch Layer 8 Hours
9 Apache Spark SQL 8 Hours
10 Apache Spark Streaming 8 Hours
11 Big Data Lambda Architecture - Service Layer 8 Hours
12 Apache Cassandra 8 Hours
13 Elastic Search 8 Hours

Hadoop is a java based, open-source free software framework for storing data and running applications with huge processing power.


Hive is a data warehouse in frastructure which has been built on top of Hadoop framework to provide data summarization, query and analysis.

Intro to Pig/MapReduce

Apache™ Pig is a high-level platform which allows you to write complex MapReduce programs used with Hadoop.


SCALA is an object-oriented programming language, uses curly-brace syntax. It has been designed to grow with the demands of the users.

Apache Spark - RDD

Apache Spart Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD) is a fault-tolerant collection of elements that can be operated in parallel. It facilitates transformation and action.

Amazon eC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a web based service which allows businesses to subscribe an run applications.

Introduction to BigData Lambda Architecture

Lambda Architecture is a useful framework to think about designing big data applications. Nathan Marz designed this generic architecture addressing common requirements for big data based on his experience working on distributed data processing systems at Twitter.

BigData Lambda Architecture - Batch Layer

Lambda Architecture - Batch layer mainly provides 2 basic functionalities. 1) Managing the master dataset, an immutable, append-only set of raw data and 2) Pre-computing arbitrary query functions, called batch views.

Apache Spark SQL

Spark provides a faster and more general data processing platform. Spark lets you run programs up to 100x faster in memory, or 10x faster on disk. Spark also makes it possible to write code more quickly as you have over 80 high-level operators at your disposal.

Apache Spark Streaming

Spark Streaming supports real time processing of streaming data, such as production web server log files (e.g. Apache Flume and HDFS/S3), social media like Twitter, and various messaging queues like Kafka. Under the hood, Spark Streaming receives the input data streams and divides the data into batches. Next, they get processed by the Spark engine and generate final stream of results in batches.

Big Data Lambda Architecture - Service Layer

Service layer indexes the batch views so that they can be queried in ad hoc with low latency.

Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a distributed database for managing large amounts of structured data across many commodity servers, while providing highly available service and no single point of failure. Cassandra offers capabilities that relational databases and other NoSQL databases simply cannot match such as: continuous availability, linear scale performance, operational simplicity and easy data distribution across multiple data centers and cloud availability zones.

Elastic Search

ElasticSearch is an open source, RESTful search engine built on top of Apache Lucene and released under an Apache license. It is Java-based and can search and index document files in diverse formats.


This course can be done by anyone with interest and passion to learn Big Data related technologies. People with no prior job experience also can take-up this course.

Career Opportunities

The demand for data scientists is increasing everyday. Companies are looking for candidates who have got knowledge and hands on experience on all the above technologies to hire them for various projects across various industries.


Your trainers are industry experts with over 22 years of experience in building software systems, business analytics and big data.

Big Data Course Details

Duration 104 Hours
Training Schedule Weekdays: Morning - 10am to 1pm Weekdays: Afternoon - 2pm to 5pm Weekend: 10am to 5pm
Next Batch Starts on 01 February 2016 (Weekdays - Afternoon)
Training Method Online, Classroom, Corporate and On-Campus
Placement 100% Placement Assistance* Subjected to conditions. Talk to us about this during the counselling.
Course Fee Call: 040-60124499 or Send us an Inquiry for details.