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Certificate Course in Advanced Digital Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing Training Course by Industry Experts

Digital Ready’s digital marketing training course material has been designed by experienced industry experts keeping current marketing standards in view. We are one such institute which provides Advanced Digital Marketing Course. We have specialized training which includes both theoretical, practical, and innovative training sessions under the guidance of skilled trainers. Our training courses are based on live projects and interactive case studies that provide you with a perfect platform for landing your dream job. We make sure our candidates crack job interviews. We understand your career goals and will provide you with solutions to meet it. We will train you on the 5C’s of Digital Marketing: Conception, Content, Campaign, Conversation, and Conversion.

Why Learn Advanced Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services through digital technologies like internet, mobile phones, advertising and other digital media. Digital Marketing is an umbrella for all your marketing efforts and strategies. A business can leverage from the digital channels like Google search, email, social media, and websites to connect with their target audiences and customers. Digital Marketing is not only the blooming field today, but it is also there to stay for a long turn. It’s more than a marketing strategy.

Through our advanced digital marketing program, you will gain skills and tools to gain proficiency in advertising, and you can use Facebook, Google, AdWords, and Google Analytics to find more meaning in user behaviour. You can plan and develop campaigns driven by data and paid-search strategies and measured by key performance indicators. On top of that, you can become a driver of your own company by using cutting-edge platforms and techniques to acquire users and market products.


Certificate Course in Advanced Digital Marketing (CCADM), is a digital marketing training course at Hyderabad, which promises to transform you into a complete digital marketing professional. You will be learning Advanced Digital Marketing aspects including Digital Marketing Strategy, Website Creation, Blogging and Content Marketing , Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social, Media Marketing, Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Create and Manage YouTube Channel, Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Automation, Data-driven Marketing, and Google Analytics. Now we have options for online classes too.

Who Can Take This Course?

  • Digital Marketers who Want to Upgrade
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-up Companies
  • Freelancers
  • Marketing Managers

Why Digital Ready?

  • 100% Placement Assurance
  • More than Rs.1 Lakh Worth of Tools
  • Highly Experienced Trainers
  • 90% Practical Training
  • Includes Internship
  • Up to 40% More Salary*
  • Global Certifications (Google, Hubspot and Facebook**)
  • Guest Lectures from US Experts
  • Superior Quality Training
  • Life-time Access to Training Portal

* Based on our past record. May vary with your specific situation.
** Certification exam fee extra

Certificate Course in Advanced Digital Marketing Training Modules

# Module
1 Digital Marketing Strategy
2 Website Creation
3 Blogging and Content Marketing
4 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
5 Social Media Marketing
6 Google Adwords
7 Influencer Marketing
9 Affiliate Marketing
10 Marketing Automation
11 Data-driven Marketing
12 Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Training - 100% Placement Assurance

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What Will You Be Able to Do After the Training Program?

Build an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

You will learn how to create an effective digital marketing strategy for different business domains. You will be able to perform a series of actions needed to reach your goals using online marketing. It involves multiple goals depending upon the scale of your business, simple way of thinking about your digital marketing strategy, creating, fine-tuning, building, and maintaining to meet your goal objectives, identifying your target audiences, selection of right channels, budgets, and communicating messages.

Build Website

You will be able to create your professional website with WordPress to gain long-term cost reduction, keep your people up-to-date about your offers and promotions, make your business accessible, reach a wider audience, save your time, gain credibility, and improve your customer service. You will understand the importance of creating a great website for creating a great user-experience for the users.

Drive Traffic Through Blogging and Content Marketing

You will be able to write great content and will learn the art of blogging. In this module, you will understand how to select niche theme for your blog, discover the right topics to write, research and collect information, create great titles for your blog, promote your blog, convert your post into various formats, and measure the reach and actions. You will also understand the process of developing and engaging, error-free, non-plagiarized, and unique content.

Drive Organic Traffic Through SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting top positions in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and to increase traffic from free and organic search results on search engines.

Through this module, you will learn about how the search engine works through crawling, indexing and ranking. Learn about the SEO algorithms and the SEO process starting from the website audit, creating strong website architecture, filling each page with rich content, performing keyword research, performing on-page and off-page optimization, to monitor performance. You will be able to do the competitive analysis part by identifying the strengths and strategies of your competitors to determine their strength and weakness and compare them to your products and services. You will learn about the Webmaster tools, Local SEO, and Ecommerce SEO. You will be able to learn how to optimize your websites for improving the quality of traffic to your website and increasing the quantity of traffic to your site through organic search engine results.

You will be learning the top SEO tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, MOZ, in an incognito window, SERPs Rank Checker, XML Sitemaps, SEO Site Checkup, Find Broken Links, Google Trends etc that can improve the way your work with SEO. Start learning with right and helpful tools to meet your goals.

Specialities of Digital Ready's Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program

Engaging Audiences with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, SMM is the process of internet marketing that involves attracting traffic to your website through social media platforms or channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest as the marketing tool.

In this module, you will be able to create engaging and compelling content for all social media platforms that your people will share with their peers and friends. It will involve encouraging participation, community or network building, and engagement. You would be able to create social media strategy for a brand and also learn and experience social media techniques like attracting people with Twitter chats, live videos, contests, Facebook posts, and more.

Run Paid Advertising Campaigns Through Google Adwords

You will be able to create and run advertising campaigns using Google AdWords. A paid advertising campaign has the potential to generate results quickly and reach your customers instantly. You will understand and implement various bidding strategies, bidding methods and targeting methods to attract, engage and convert your audience. Learn about AdWords search and display network, different formats of ads, search network and display network campaigns, shopping and video campaigns. You will be able to run live campaigns on AdWords to generate more leads for a real business.

Generate Traffic Through Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the form of marketing which focuses on influential people (a mutual friend who connects you with your audience or the people who are active on blogs and social media and have a large number of followers and subscribers) rather than the whole target market. You will be able to identify, contact, have influencers run your campaign on their websites, social media channels, and YouTube with the help of tools like Buzzsumo, Right Relevance, and more.

Generate Income With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing called as performance-based marketing where you refer someone to an online product, and you receive a commission when that product is brought by the person you referred. Through this module, you will be able to discover the different affiliate networks, register with them, create affiliate links and start using them on your website.

Recruiting Companies

Measure Your Marketing Efforts Through Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to the technologies and the software platforms, that are designed for the marketing departments and organizations to streamline, automate, measure marketing workflows and tasks, and effectively market on multiple channels online. Marketers use the marketing automation platform to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure all of their online and offline campaigns and marketing efforts.

Through this module, you will learn the marketing automation process with hands-on practicals on the marketing automation platform, Lead Squared.

Understand and Implement Data-Driven Marketing

Learn the personalization engine tool that can help you create a custom, more personal and more effective experience for each customer or each website viewer. You will learn the big data personalization engine that makes more effective and personal website content and marketing strategies and provides more personalized experience for each customer.

Recommendation engines discover data patterns in the data set by learning viewers or audience choices and produces according to their needs and interests. You will learn recommendation engines that Google use to maximize it's target ads revenue, ecommerce websites use to provide you with the options like 'people who bought this also bought this', Facebook use to automatically suggest you to tag friends in pictures, etc.

Analyze Key Data With Google Analytics and Develop Actionable Insights

Google Analytics is a free Web Analytics tool that provides detailed statistics and basic analytics tools for all your marketing efforts and search engine optimization. You will learn how to analyze data and create actionable insights using Google Analytics. You will be able to analyze visitor's traffic and understand the complete picture of your audience and their needs in their purchase journey.

All Digital Marketing Certifications

Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program - Batches

Duration 1 Month Intensive Training + 1 Month Internship
Timings Monday - Friday (10:00am to 4:00pm)

10:00am - 01:00pm: Class
01:00pm - 02:00pm: Lunch Break
02:00pm - 04:00pm: Live Practicals
Training Modes Classroom
Next Batch TBA
Duration 2 Months Training
Timings Saturday & Sunday (10:00am to 4:00pm)
Training Modes Classroom
Next Batch TBA
Duration 2 Months Training + 1 Month Internship (Optional)
Timings Monday - Friday (7:00pm to 8:30pm)
Speciality Exclusively Designed for Working Professionals
Training Modes Classroom
Next Batch TBA

Advanced Digital Marketing Training - Other Details


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What Digital Ready's Students Say

Student Reviews

Reshma Mandal
Digital Marketing Analyst

Hi, I am Reshma Mandal, born in Jammu and completed my schooling in Kolkata. I started my career in Kolkata. I am always fond of learning and exploring new things in my life. I did Masters in Computer application and worked as an associate in Wipro and Concentrix. But somewhere something was missing on my part. I always thought of doing something which I have interest in but, the sad part is I have never done that or I didn't get that chance to do the same. I got married in January 2017 and shifted to a whole new city Hyderabad.

Sonal Sai
Content Strategist

When I was graduating with my B.Tech degree, most of my friends were already placed in eminent software companies, while some were preparing for CAT and GATE. As for me, I was one of the few unplaced students, but not because I didn’t possess many talents, but rather because I knew that the IT sector wasn’t fit for me. After graduating, when I was looking for fields that could help me learn newer things, I came across a few websites that were giving online training in Digital Marketing. With nothing to lose, I decided to try it out.

Sharat Chandra Bhamidi
Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Ready has really helped me a lot in shaping my career in the Digital Marketing field. Under the guidance of Chiranjeevi Maddala sir, I have gained great deal of exposure on the various modules like SEM, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing etc. Along with the classroom training, the month long internship was a great way to apply the concepts in real time scenarios.It helped a great deal in understanding the market requirements and the challenges a digital marketer can face. This allowed not just in gaining knowledge but also being prepared for the future.

Akrish Sripada
Marketing Manager

I would like to thank Mr. Chiranjeevi for all his support and the quality of training he provided. Due to the training and resources provided, I was able to learn the most useful aspects of digital marketing. Furthermore, the course was informative, which helped me in understanding the various concepts and strategies that are used in digital marketing. Moreover, the one month internship was also quite enjoyable and challenging too. I certainly recommend Mr. Chiranjeevi and Digital Ready as your one stop solution for all your digital marketing training needs.

Revathi Kolasani
Digital Marketing Intern

Thank you for the great support. I feel I am truly grateful and have discovered a great source of encouragement and inspiration. I have learned to completely upgrade my career from zero knowledge in marketing to digital marketing professional. I recommend Mr. Chiranjeevi Maddala and his institution truly brings anyone the next success of their growth. Join With him to learn, ideas, supports, and latest trends for your great career strengthened.