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Why You Need to Consider Taking an Instructor-Led Training to Learn Digital Marketing Over Recorded Lessons

Why You Need to Consider Taking an Instructor-Led Training to Learn Digital Marketing Over Recorded Lessons
June 23, 2020

Why You Need to Consider Taking an Instructor-Led Training to Learn Digital Marketing Over Recorded Lessons

Jun 23, 2020
Sonali Sharma

Sonali Sharma is a professional freelance writer. She has covered a wide variety of topics in her freelancing career right from web content writing to digital marketing and technical blog writing. She is also a published poet and story writer. Her works have appeared on online sites “Indian Periodical”, “Poetry Magazine”,“Indus Woman Writing”, “Psychside”, “ and 'Swarnim Times'. She is the co-author of anthologies “Woods of Rame”, “Whispers of Heart”, “Shadows of Soul”, “Fervour”, and “Shades of Ink”.

It’s a fact! The ROI becomes manifold when the website owners move in the direction of digital marketing. As such, recruiting digital marketing pundits has become an extant process. 

With the heightening curve of digital classifieds, it has been analysed that the revenue generated from them will be around ₹23 billion in 2020. Following a similar story, all the revenues in the field of digital marketing will be doubled by 2020. 

All this sounds much in favour of those candidates who are agile, smart, and want to adapt to the trends in digital marketing. Following a brilliant digital marketing course is their top priority. Often the dilemma comes when they are hand-picking between an instructor-led training course and recorded lessons. 

Here, in this article read through the lines to know which possibility is better!

1. Questions and More Questions

With an on-demand instructor based digital marketing training, there is always an opportunity to ask questions. This ability to initiate a dialogue with the instructor opens a door for deeper learning that interests the participants. 

Additionally, certain questions like why SEO is important in online marketing, how to drive customers through content marketing, etc. might pop-up in your mind. Often in recorded lessons, you may find repeated information with no one to solve your queries. But there is a very minimal chance that this might happen in an instructor-led training. Your problems may get sorted quickly thanks to relationship building, personal interaction, and improved shared learning. 

2. Improved Concentration 

An instructor-led training brings with itself a more serious and focused environment. It enables learners to focus on what is being taught. This does not happen when one seeks to learn from recorded lessons. 

According to science, the way to become one with the learning process is to engage in lesser distractions. An instructor-led training session gives you lesser chances to welcome self-generated interferences while gaining knowledge. With an efficient comprehending, there is also an increased probability of the participants finishing their learning objectives in a well-timed frame.

3. Strengthens and Builds Your Network

Almost all of us must have heard the saying “No Man Is An Island”. This thought provokes the idea that collective effort leads to professional success. 

Furthermore, networking can be considered a key element in career success as well. Some studies propound the conception that around 85% of job placements take place as a direct result of professional interrelations. 

Face-to-face interaction with your instructors establishes more meaningful connections. These connections tend to have a great many advantages. The foremost benefits include:

  • Sharing experiences
  • Personal coaching
  • Reinforcement

You may get to know about companies which you thought never existed and the different opportunities they offer. Likewise, you may also get some tips regarding how to land your dream job of a perfect digital marketer.

On the contrary, training through recorded lessons eliminates these advantages and does not exhibit any likelihood of building widespread collaboration or network.

4. Greater Return on Investment

It’s as easy as pie! You receive exactly what you pay for. When referring to the ROI for training purposes, the following points are also considered:

  • Are the trainees able to gain enough knowledge and skills so that they help to increase the efficiency of or diminish costs at the workplace?
  • Are we able to measure the price of this training against the advantages to both the trainees and the organisation?

In the case of instructor-led training, you obtain a cut above outcomes in an undiluted, shorter time frame in comparison to a recorded lesson training. It is a well-known fact that people retain more valuable information and skills when learning from an instructor following an uninterrupted flow of particulars. Moreover, candidates when putting their novel knowledge and finesse into action immediately after their training is more cost-effective for any organisation.

5. Crucial Feedback Guaranteed

The word ‘feedback’ is often utilised to describe the useful information or criticism about an earlier behaviour or action from an individual. It helps to:

  • Mark the progress towards a specific goal
  • What can be done to obtain better results?
  • How well is someone doing?
  • What do others think about us?
  • Level of performance against a set target
  • What can be done to improve relationships?

Take the example of an instructor giving feedback on the learner’s performance rate related to social media marketing. By taking a closer look at the feedback obtained the candidate can get clarity of the improvement required.

6. Fabricates Personal Relationships

“We know a healthy learning atmosphere is a key that unlocks the real potential of individuals”.

By breaking down the silos one can expect great interpersonal relationships with both the instructor and fellow learners. This also means that by pursuing an instructor-led digital marketing training, you collaborate with people from various departments and functional groups. 

In contrast to recorded lessons, this kind of training provides quick problem solving through mutual and trusted connections, whole-hearted interactions, and a brilliant shared understanding of the matter undertaken.

7. Puts in Place Better Communication

Communication is the right way to go when it comes to interacting with experts and wanting transparency. The knowledge seekers can easily communicate with the instructor in a far easier manner. 

For example, a discussion board can be set up and each trainee can contribute a post to the board each week. The post can be informative or can speak about your doubts. 
Moreover, even if the trainee did not get a good catch on the course material in the beginning, he or she can always communicate with the other students. The extra time which is used to formulate questions and discussions can lead to amplified communication and still better results.


Learning is an everlasting business and in digital marketing, it is a must-have process. Books, recorded lessons, and videos may be convenient in obtaining knowledge, but instructor-led training provides countless opportunities to ask questions, gain information about the recent developments in the field, meeting old hands, and seeking apt guidance for your needs.

So, picking up the instructor-led digital marketing training might be your best shot!

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