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Why Is It Not Necessary to Have an MBA Degree To Become a Digital Marketer?

Reshma Mandal
January 3, 2018

We are living in a competitive world today. Everyone wants to come on top, but it’s not easy to find a competitive edge. Marketers who want to get that top level or wish to transfer to some operational roles often look for MBA programs. They usually want to have this MBA degree to sharpen their marketing skills and gain a position in this competitive world. But is it necessary to MBA degree?

MBA is not a quick win. It’s time-consuming and very costly educational program and is not suitable for everyone even. There’s a lot of difference between a traditional marketing and digital marketing. MBA was necessary for when we were dealing with the traditional marketing techniques. But the growth of digital marketing makes the marketing talents get best positions in the market and gain an edge over fellow sales professionals. Candidates who understand the digital marketing well can achieve their business and personal goals more strategically and optimistically.

No Need For MBA Degree

You don’t have to have an MBA degree to be specialised in digital marketing. Digital Marketing is a different topic in this marketing era. Many digital marketers do not have an MBA degree, and they are very successful in their field. What should you need in marketing? You just need to have a better understanding of your product or service and what makes people buy from you. No MBA is necessary to have this talent.

Digital marketing is the newest marketing technique which will help you promote your brand and service via digital devices, far better than any other marketing technique. Digital marketing is all about practical skills, so it’s not mandatory to join MBA degree in digital marketing. MBA degree is a plus point in your career, but it’s a total waste if you are an expert digital marketing professional or want to be an expert in the digital marketing field. So even if you are pursuing MBA degree, then you should learn digital marketing skills to accelerate your career growth.

No need for MBA Degree

“According to a survey in April 2016, by The Associated Chambers and Industry of India (Assocham), 93% of MBA graduates are unemployed in India.” The main reason behind this is the gap between education and industry relevant skills. MBA students are good at theoretical knowledge but, they don’t have practical knowledge and skills to apply these theories.

We are not living in the era where MBA is needed to accelerate your marketing skills. These days, the marketing industry is looking for students who have relevant talent according to their business so that, they can improve their leads, develop their business more, and grow their sales and earnings.

Marketing field has changed now. The aspect of marketing has transformed due to improved virtualisation of marketing by the growth of Internet culture. Development of internet marketplace provides double results in every field.

The situation and growth in Indian economy enable Digital Marketing as a productive career, especially for MBA graduates. The growth of digital marketing has changed the media consumption. Traditional methods of marketing are a waste now. It will not help you to get leads and conversions. Learning digital marketing will help you to accelerate your career growth.

As per latest news “41% of sales and marketing professionals are looking for Digital Marketing Certification to pursue their further career in digital marketing.”

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

Digital Marketing Is The Future Of Marketing

Near future ‘Marketing’ term is changing to ‘Digital Marketing’ soon. It is gaining its ground very rapidly. Digital technologies are of high concern now such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, Smart cars, and now even smart homes. According to a study, “US consumes more Digital Media than TV for the first time ever.”

Digital Marketing skills are in huge demand now. The job market is booming, and brands are focussing more on digital marketing than ever before. “150,000 digital marketing jobs are predicted by 2020.” We don’t have enough digital professionals to fill them up. This provides studying digital marketing with a unique competitive advantage. The demand for digital marketing professional will rise by 38% this year, so it’s advantageous for you to have a good move now.

Digital Marketing is the future of marketing

So this is the future scope of marketing. Gear up your moves to attract and engage more audience and to get more leads and conversions.

Marketing Strategy Is Incomplete Without Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategies

You can ask any marketers out there; they will tell you how vital digital strategy is in marketing. No organization and company whether its, governmental or nongovernmental, want to miss another revenue generation medium or lag them behind to their competitors.

And even in your throughout MBA journey, It’s sure that you have not missed the part of online marketing. So again it has proved its importance in your career journey towards success.

Digital Marketing Adds Weight To Your Resume

Digital Marketing adds weight to your resume

Digital marketing skills are in full demand now. Digital marketing world offers a lot of choices and chances to kick-start your professional career before you get a job. Even if you do not have a marketing background, but you have digital marketing skills, tactics, techniques and technologies, companies are ready to hire you. So you can build up your profile and portfolio and obtain knowledge and see the change.

You Can Start Your Own Business And Earn Independently

You can be a freelancer, once you are expertise in digital marketing. This is totally a different concept than traditional marketing for which you must have an MBA degree. But nowhere in your career growth, traditional marketing is needed. All you need is to include more and more digital marketing skills to get a career growth.

If you find in the search engine “freelance digital marketing jobs”, you will get n number of people providing online services from small to large organisations and companies across the world.

There are many examples of people who have been hired after showcasing their abilities and talent through social media. There are lots and lots of examples of businesses who are growing their business over the internet through social media.

Digital Marketing Gets You Better Pay And Position

Digital Marketing gets you a better pay and position

Digital Marketing helps you directly connect with customer or client, generate real-time leads and conversions. Companies out there in the market only need professionals who can create better leads and sales. So by acquiring the relevant skills in your learning process, you can get a better position and higher packages once you include it in your career.

A recent survey by Prosperity found that salaries in digital marketing fields are rising faster in 2014 than in the previous five years. This survey has quite revealed a few exciting advancements in digital marketing professionals.

Here is an exciting and inspiring video by ENGINEERED TRUTH will surely let you know the importance of digital marketing is and how much salary you can expect from this. You don’t even need any degree for this. Watch the video to put some light on your marketing concept.

Digital Marketing Education Is Easy

Digital marketing is easy learning

Digital marketing education in 100% non-technical. A person must have a profound knowledge on the Internet that's it. These days no job opening for MBA degree has faced a lot of changes over the years. Digital marketing training gives precise and accurate information on products and services with the help of updating marketing and content marketing strategies. It highlights directly on Return On Investment (ROI). It provides proper result driven marketing.


Digital Marketing certification confirms the action and drive. It shows particular experience and talent that’s a benefit over those who just deserve to have them. You can look at Digital Marketing Certifications to begin your career. Do the certifications if you desire to start your career in the digital world because this is the only best option available now. A digital marketing certification will support you to get a skilled job in top MNCs.

Digital Marketing Education Is Affordable And High Returning

Digital Marketing is affordable and high returning

Course in Digital Marketing is immensely affordable than a regular two year MBA course or any marketing course. Moreover, Digital Marketing results in immensely high returns as you have more job prospects and better pay packages. Digital Marketing is not just Digital Marketing; it’s more than that. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Copywriting, Online Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Inbound Marketing, etc. are the areas in digital marketing education.

You can learn basics of all, and specialisation in one of them to help you get better prospects and get a variety of jobs. The growth of digital marketing professional are far better than MBA professionals.


90% of the student's population thinks that MBA is the best and most suitable option for higher education. But if you have done real research on this then you must have seen various articles stating that MBA candidates are hired less these days, and the number will decrease more in coming days.

According to a study, only 7% of the MBA candidates from Indian Business Schools excluding those from the top 20 business schools got jobs straight after completing their course and hired in the corporate sector. Rest of the MBA candidates are struggling to get a job as per their qualifications and earning only 8-10K per month.

Have you wondered why MBA which used to be the most prestigious and demanding education and source of employment had lost its shine?

Every student cannot afford to join top Business Schools due to economic conditions. Students are always there in a deep dilemma regarding which course to join which will provide a better career with Richie pay income.

Digital Marketing is the answer. Digital Marketing can provide you all the benefits of extended time career that any student is looking for without being getting admissions in the top B schools. It's the best career choice for students in compared to MBA. Now companies don't look for degrees and internships; they only look for skills that are relevant to their business. They need potential candidates who can help them to achieve their business goals and can generate leads and conversions. Digital marketers are considered to be the best choice rather than MBA candidates.

So do you accept now that digital marketing is one of the best career options? Then what are you waiting for? Join Digital Marketing Course today!

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