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What led to the growing popularity of the Korean Netflix show Squid Game?

October 22, 2021

What led to the growing popularity of the Korean Netflix show Squid Game?

Oct 22, 2021
Akriti Raturi
Akriti is an UGC Net Qualified Assistant Professor. She is an alumni of Miranda House, University of Delhi, and has a passion for teaching.

There has been so much buzz around Squid Game these days. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms are flooded with videos where everyone is trying their hands on Dalgona candy. From celebrities to the common man, the internet is going crazy overtaking up Squid Game challenges. Apart from social media and brands, even government agencies have come into play. Indian railways and Mumbai traffic police have used the game in a meaningful way, wherein they urge the citizens to obey the traffic rules and adhere to the covid-19 guidelines. 

Squid Game debuted on Netflix on 17th September and has been currently ranked number one in ninety countries. It has been no wonder that the series has become the most-watched web series in history. 

The immense attraction for the Korean Netflix show Squid Game is growing day by day, but, what is the reason behind the soaring popularity of the show?

Word of Mouth

People talk about a show, discuss it, watch and later love it. People generally have a tendency to like a plot which their friends or colleagues like. A similar case happened with Game of Thrones, wherein people discussed the series in public, social places and suddenly everyone started watching it. Some people also watch a particular show if their friends or family members have referred to them; the feeling to remain in the club and the fear of not being able to participate in the discussion and segregation scare humans. 

Another reason why people are talking so much about Squid Game is the accessibility that Netflix provides its users. Although the show is filmed in Korean, Netflix offers subtitles in 37 languages and dubs in 34 languages, allowing the audience to enjoy the show according to their own comfort. 

Unique Plot

The audience gets bored with the same romantic comedy and horror cum thriller shows. They want variety, excitement, and out-of-the-box ideas. Squid Game offers all of it with a pinch of emotion, suspense, and drama. 

From showcasing human greed, the value of friendship, humanity, and noteworthy performances by the cast, this violent survival series has made quite a splash. All the episodes of the series make you sit on the edge of your seat. Even the last episode has created curiosity among the audience regarding the airing of the new season. Although there are no established reports that confirm the launch of a new season.  

The series is disturbing and gruesome, but who could have thought about turning a children’s game into a deadly tournament. 

The increasing fan base for Korean series

Gone are the days, when people were obsessed with English language series. The audience is now embracing the authenticity of different countries and is shifting their base to other non-English shows which is one of the strongest signs of breaking up the stereotypes created by the west. 

The growth of the Korean series took a sharp hike during the pandemic season when people started experimenting with non-English shows and developed their liking towards them. Korean music, movies such as BTS and Parasite have a major fan following across the globe. Korean dramas, K-pop artists have been a prominent subculture in the west in the past years and this trend is also picked up by India’s GenZ and millennials as well. Even Korean beauty essentials, treatments, techniques are quite catching up with the youngsters. 

Right Timing

Squid Game director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, took more than ten years to take shape. The script was originally written in the year 2009 but was constantly rejected by investors and studios for ten years. 

Squid Game is a strange series but it was launched during the strangest time of the pandemic when people were already going through uncertainty and depression. People looked out for resonance which was instantly provided by the series. Squid Game is a sensational show that was carefully executed at the right time and catered to the audience at the right opportunity.   

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