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What is Engagement Marketing? Overview, Process, and Tools

What is Engagement Marketing? Overview, Process, and Tools
December 29, 2017

What is Engagement Marketing? Overview, Process, and Tools

Dec 29, 2017
Reshma Mandal

Engagement Marketing is all about building relationships with your customers. Engagement marketing strategy engages customers directly. It encourages and invites customers to participate in the evolution of their brand or brand experience. It is known when brand and customer connect. Engagement marketing believes that customers should be actively involved in the co-creation of marketing programs rather than looking at them only like material of receiving messages. Customers are the people who will make money for you. So valuing them is to value your business. They are directly proportional to your profit and revenue. Engagement marketing is about making sure customers that you care about them on every step of their journey.

The above video by Constant Contact will help you understand about Engagement marketing and how it helps you to get your clients. Engagement marketing is also known as experiential marketing, event marketing, participation marketing, on-ground marketing, and live-marketing. It is like the live, one-to-one interactions with the customers that allow creating longer and strong relationships with your brands.

Process of Engagement Marketing


Visibility means get noticed. It’s not about anyone but the right ones. This is all about Persona Development. 1-Creating your personas 2-Finding where they visit and 3-Knowing what they are looking for You will reach your target audience and will capture the people who want to know about you. The Tools Required

  • Attribute Model
  • Buyer Personas
  • KPI’s
  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing


It is the first customer’s interaction with you. The difference between visibility and attraction is creating useful contents that attract them. Your content should be relevant, valuable and educational that will make the visitors click on them and your links. Write about things that address a persona’s desires and helps their situation. Tools Required

  • Persona Reach
  • Personalized Content
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Attraction Score (Demographic and Firmographic)


Interest is the velocity of Attraction. Or you can call it for a ‘second look’. After the first download, read, click or comment don’t let your customers leave.You are not done with or part by just showing them the first look. Your job should be more rather than just one e-book, blog, infographic, image or video. Use strategies and persona specific nurturing journeys to keep them engaged. Creating a website is easy but engaging your customers so that they keep on coming back is your job. Tools Required

  • Helpful Content
  • Customer Control
  • Compelling personal stories
  • Marketing Automation


Now as you get the face-to-face interaction that can be either online or offline, you can now put that face or voice behind that name. Welcome CRM now. With sales and marketing combined, you can increase your productivity and can create a seamless & happy customer journey. Tools Required

  • Sales plus Marketing (SLA) Process
    • MQL
    • SQL
  • Persona’s Sales Process
  • Requirements for Qualification (BANT)
  • Sales funnel definition
  • CRM


The commitment is when customers make the final buy. Now keeping your customers engage and happy is your job. Listen, support and do everything that they need for customer service. Just keep them happy for long-term-relationship with you. Tools Required

  • Customer Surveys & Feedback
  • KPI’s
  • Usage and Adoption Analytics
  • ANything to meet customer’s needs


It’s the process of making your customers like your brand advocates. Your customers should promote everything about you with their peers and friends online and offline. Most companies overlook this step as they don’t feel it necessary but it plays an essential part of your growth journey. Customer service and satisfaction is the key part. Be sure in this part to fulfill all their desires and go beyond their expectations than only you can see the growth of your business. Tools Required

  • Communities and Reviews
  • Marketing Expansion
  • Outline of existing buyer personas and segmentation

Continuous engagement programs which include:

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Check-Ins
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Campaigns

Engagement Marketing Strategies

There are many strategies. Let’s discuss some of them.

Love your Customers

Engage your customers first and then thought about your product. Customers are the pillars of your business no matter what is your business type. If your customers are not valued and motivated, then they will switch to your competitors without any second thought.

Love your customers

How Would Customer respond to positive customer service?

  • They will tell their friends and peers online about the experience and your brand.
  • They will write a positive review for you.
  • They will sign up your loyalty scheme.
  • They will keep on renewing or upgrading your products/services even if it is not cheap.
  • They will keep on speaking with your company more frequently by feedbacks.
  • They will talk about the experience and your products and services in social media.

Use Social Media as an Engagement Tool not simply as a Platform

Use social media as an engagement tool

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are the social media networks that are not only meant for connecting with people. If you want better results, then use them as your engagement tool. Increasing followers in social media channels will directly impact your audience growth and loyalty. The total worldwide population is 7.3 billion and so with social media. It’s very huge that is about 2.3 billion people are active in social media. So it is the most critical tool for you that can help greatly in engaging them. You can retain and make happy customers through customer engagement.

Engage Customers with In-Product Messaging

When it's about notifying your customers about your new product, you should use several key channels that are as below:

  • In-Product Messaging
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Customer Care/Support

In-Product Messaging channel is the best among all the above channels because that’s what your intimate customers are looking for. Here is an image of an in-product messaging by zendesk.

In-Product Messaging

When you send targeted message to a segment of your users, you are going to get higher engagement rates. In case of email, you should first segment your email list to avoid sending same emails again to everyone. In-Product messaging is the best viable strategy to adopt as it’s the direct correlation between product and market. You will not find all CRM software with the In-Product messaging feature, but you find any then grab it because lots of companies out there believe that you can leverage in-product messaging technique to move new customers through onboarding process while an email to engage customers who are still stuck on a step.

Nurture Free Trial Prospects and get them to Upgrade

It’s very easy to attract free trial users or prospects and to overwhelm them when they first signed up for your new service. But Making them upgrading your service is the hardest part. That’s the part where your main focus should be. Start your journey by attracting free trial customers then check how these free trial customers are responding to your marketing messages and then make them stay long with your service. “Converting free trial customers to paying customers should be your goal”. You have to nurture them for paying for your premium features. Personalized communication is the best way to grab it. Here is an example of a free trial prospect.

Nurture free-trial prospects

It’s easier to know your customers if you let them know you,” says Belle Beth Cooper. It will help your free trial customers to know you by your name so will give a secured feeling for your brand.

Communicate with VIP Customers with Promotions and Offers

VIP customers are the customers who are loyal to you and have faith in you. They are the one who is being with you for long purchasing your product, promoting you, referring you to their friends and fans to your business. Keeping them happy is keeping your business up and running. Remember to give frequent offers and promotions to your VIP Customers. Invite them to your live events and one-to-one interaction and coaching programs. You need to get closer to them. Apple treated Dang Sung as one of their VIP customers after he spent £12,000 for an Apple Watch Edition with 18-Carat Yellow Gold Case with Black Classic Buckle. There are three types of VIP customers: Community VIP Customers They are an important group. They are not the big spender but refer qualified customers. Pro bloggers and social media influencers are your community VIP customers.When they retweet your post or new product, you can expect new subscribers and buyers in your list. Liberal VIP customers They are loyal to your brand. They purchase the most over a period. Advocates VIP Customers They make an impact on your brand. They are big spenders as well as your brand advocates. They are happy with your product and even tell others to buy your product. If you have taken for granted these very important customers than you are putting your business at risk and you are going to lose them soon.

Deliver Enormous Value to your customer to make them Obsess

Obsess over your customers, not over your competitors. Amazon always keeps their overall customer satisfaction on top chart among America's largest companies.Amazon is number 1 shopping site because it believes in customer-centric. Go the extra mile to answer customers questions and address them properly and keep a look and address the complaints too. No matter you have a niche or a market you should nurture your brand advocates always.

Create Custom Contents that addresses a Bugging Customer Question

Why custom content is key

Content marketing is the most important strategy to engage your customers. Keep on updating your contents on your site. It drives leads and acquires new customers. Whereas custom content is used to engage existing customers. That's the difference between content marketing and custom content marketing. It’s very important to create useful content for your customers. Top brands such as HubSpot, KISSmetrics, Moz, Search Engine Journal, QuickSprouthave mastered the art of using content to engage and inspire their customers. Custom content is the future of marketing. About 61% of buyers decisions are influenced by custom contents. If you have a large customer base like Shopify, Moz, etc., you can’t address each customer separately. Custom content marketing is the easiest way to address this.You can create it to let your customer know about your new features or how to install and setup your software or feature.

Hold a Customer-Engagement Summit

Customer engagement summit

There are many ways to get information like blogs, articles, books, newspapers, journals, magazines, videos, podcasts and multimedia. But a summit or a conference can dramatically widen your learning curve. According to the Academic Association of Contemporary European Studies, “When you attend conferences, you got to learn from others and can improve your skills and knowledge in your field more drastically and dramatically.” Summit or a conference gives you the opportunity to meet your customers face-to-face, especially with your VIP customers. This makes a lot of difference, and you can stand out of the crowd.

Interactive Content to feed Customer’s Demand

Interactive content is an effective approach to educate your customers. When customers are educated, they become engaged and actions specifically. When it's about online, Content is the king. Your ability to produce the right content is your key to generate more leads, more inbound links, and more sales. Content is not about its quantity now; it's about the quality that it holds. “Interactive content,” is the type of content that talks back to the reader. In other words, interaction goes on when readers go through it. A typical blog post is not an interactive content, but it can become if you spice it up. Spice it up with graphs, infographics, images, videos, presentations, etc. Interactive content is what engages the users and provide the large values.

Points you need to know for interactive content


Engagement marketing is crucial for the survival of your brand and service. If you are engaging audiences then, you are endangering your brand. If you want it then, be conversational and leave room for your audiences so that they can add their voice. Give your customers a consistent and exceptional experience, and you will be rewarded with their trust and loyalty.

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