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What is Drip Marketing?

What is Drip Marketing
November 7, 2017
What is Drip Marketing?
Nov 07, 2017
Ravinder Buttumgari

Drip Marketing is a communication approach that sends a message by email to customers or "Leads". It is also called Email Marketing although other media also can be used such as phone calls, social media posts, brochures, printed newsletters. Drip marketing is used for generating leads and converting them into sales. In this process, the automated email is sent immediately to the customer once he/she fills the form or shows interest in the service, such that they can provide more information to attract towards them. The follow-up is very much necessary in today's competitive world because if we don't follow up with them, there are many chances to lose the customer. Drip marketing is all about providing the right information at the right time to the right person. An efficient method to use drip marketing requires a plan of action. By creating this plan and following it throughout the year, it guarantees that you will be consistent with marketing all year long.

Who Employs Drip Marketing?

The Drip Marketing technique is used by the small as well as the large-scale business. The ultimate goal of any business is to target the potential customers and generate the sales. The regular follow-up is a must for any business. Many studies show that regular follow-ups increase the sales percentage. The professionals who are using drip techniques don't need to be experts on technology but should know about customer relationship management, and it is always good to follow a standard format to send the email to maintain uniqueness as it will be easy to convey the message. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is not to send frequent emails as customers might get irritated and block the emails which you sent.

Lead Nurturing

Customer Signs Up Day 1: Welcome with an Introduction email Day 3: Email to explain features of the product or service Day 5: Send a brochure which contains testimonials and success stories Day 7: Make a phone call to find whether they have purchased or not.

On-Boarding & Customer Success

Customer Starts Using It Day 1: Send an email to thank them, along with a Video demo of the product setup Day 3: Ideas and tips to maximize the usage of the product or service Day 5: Videos, articles, and manuals on explaining the feature of the product

Customer Retention

Day 7: Ask for feedback and problems faced by the users through email Day 9: Make a phone call to know whether the customer is happy or not

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Day 11: Introduction email about premium services Day 13: Case-study & buyer success stories about services It is just a small example to follow drip marketing campaign and configurations. The drip campaigns can be customized based on the specific needs of each business and its customers.

Drip Marketing Campaign

Drip campaigns are automatic processes that send a set of emails to sales leads at the right time to move them through the sales cycle. It allows you to consistently "touch" leads with relevant information based on particular time intervals, actions taken by prospects on your website, or any other parameters, freeing up valuable marketing and sales resources without neglecting your prospects

  • Identify your objectives: when you are starting the drip marketing campaign first identify your goals and ensure you have a clear idea of your requirements
  • arget the potential customers: Prioritize the target customers to generate more and better leads
  • Provide the Useful Information: Give the complete information of your product/service which not only clarifies their doubts but also attracts them.
  • Regular follow-ups: Follow the particular procedure to follow up the customers

Always Send the Best Message with Drip Campaign

Drive the customer towards a goal by sending every person a series of emails, in-app and push messages based on their behavior. Customers are smart enough to dismiss things which look fake or contrived, and personalized emails are the best way to reach customers. Features

  • Auto Messages: Send targeted message to customer based on their activity
  • In-App messages: Message user inside web and mobile app
  • Team Inbox: Re-engage users with automatic & on-off emails
  • Segmentation: Target customers based on behavior
  • Automation: Automatically send every lead or user a series of emails to drive them to take an action
  • Metric & Goals: Set up specific goals and analyze the goal conversions

Elements of a Drip Marketing Campaign

The focus elements of a drip marketing campaign are predefined and pre-written emails. So, you need to plan a good automation campaign, for which you need to understand a few elements. What the elements would be called depends upon the drip marketing tools you use, but the nature and the function of these elements should remain the same.


These events cause the entry of lead into a drip marketing workflow or a lead's movement down the funnel to the next stage. These Triggers can be anything- the creation of a lead, a first-time user registering on your site, someone subscribing to your blog, or someone leaving an item unpurchased in their shopping cart. Drip Marketing Triggers


While triggering the drip campaign in motion, few terms need to be fulfilled for the engagement actions (emails in this case) to begin. Example: when a lead is generated wait for three days to send him the first email, and after the first email has been sent out wait for the lead to click on a link in the email to send out the 2nd email. Drip Campaign Conditions


These are the focused engagement elements – automatic emails in this case. Let's say you're a travel-based company. So your target audience includes travellers, travel bloggers and people interested in travelling. The customer analyses emails that come to the prospective travellers when they show an interest in a travel package, the cart abandonment emails (e-commerce email automation), or the movement of lead down the sales funnel when they get the positive call (sales automation), are all Actions. In case of drip marketing, they will be emails, SMSs, or social media messages. What is Drip Marketing and What are its Elements?

Benefits of Drip Marketing

  • Promote a product or Service: whenever the company launches a new product or service, it should be promoted in the market in a way that people are aware of it
  • Manage and convert leads into sales: whenever the company gets the leads, it should be converted into goal since it's the main aim and objective of any company
  • Drive and attract the customers: The product or the service should be promoted attractively and intelligently to leave a good and long-lasting impression on the audience

Best Practices For Email Drip Campaign

Personalize it as Much as Possible

One of the major benefits of online marketing techniques like email drip campaigns, especially when compared to traditional marketing methods is that drip emails can trigger by certain situations, including user activities or the duration of time since you last communicated, reaching out to particular audience who take specific, sure actions— again, without you having to do anything— which is the best way to generate leads.

Keep it Interesting

Don't send customers boring or repetitive content. They may unsubscribe. Retain your users by providing them with interesting, valuable and important information that connects with your company's contributions. Your emails can contain different formats and methods for capturing your customer's interest, including stories from a blog. If you have an ongoing blog, your email campaign is the best place to include blog posts on your services Product or customer highlights. If possible, include the testimonials from the shoppers — those which make your company look good.

Split Your Emails

Change up particular parts like images, headlines, formats, presentation and anything else that can be tracked to improve the campaign.

Trace Everything

Split tests are only worth if you are tracing the results and using this information to make decisions. And if you are going to track your split tests, you should probably track everything else associated with your campaign. As we mentioned, email campaigns and online marketing are filled with data that the team can put to good use.

Do not go Overboard

As stated, email communications with your customers should not continue forever — they will steadily lose attention and be small possible to open future messages.

Slow down Unsubscribers

If any of your email recipients decide to opt out — even after you have followed all of the best practices you can yet keep them in your system by offering multiple unsubscribe options. As summing-up, Drip marketing is a strategic technique that allows you to build and strengthen relationships with your customers. This then puts you in a great place when you will start selling them your products or services. This marketing method is definitely worth your time and effort if you're serious about seeing positive results for your company.

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