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What is Deep Learning? As a Digital Marketer What Do You Need to Understand?

What is Deep Learning? As a Digital Marketer What Do You Need to Understand?
January 22, 2018

What is Deep Learning? As a Digital Marketer What Do You Need to Understand?

Jan 22, 2018
Reshma Mandal

Deep Learning is the hot topic nowadays and is earning huge popularity now. The buzz is all around and has significantly increased over the past few years. All business ventures are using this technology for their better results. Understanding deep learning would not be much tough for you if you know the Machine learning basics. In this article, we will discuss deep learning and what you need to know regarding this booming topic. Let’s start with the definition of deep learning.

What is Deep Learning?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, Digital Ready

Deep learning is becoming a huge and popular topic in Artificial Intelligence and also known as improvised learning. Before defining deep learning, you need to know the important terms of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is the replication of human intelligence in computers. The science by which computers act without being explicitly programmed is called as Machine Learning. Machine learning allows the computers to learn by themselves and they can process a large number of data sets without any hardcore rules. Deep learning includes the use of neural networks to improve speech recognition, language processing, and vision in computers. Deep learning is a significant part of machine learning methods which is based on learning data representations. It allows us to train an Artificial Intelligence to predict outputs, by giving a set of inputs. It can be stated as a subdivision of machine learning that maps the artificial neural network. The mapping is done to replicate or recreate the processes performed by the human brain. Deep learning also plays a key role in identifying the speech patterns, images, algorithms, and data analytics.

Deep learning benefits Digital Ready

Here is a video by NVIDIA explaining deep learning and why is it a hot topic nowadays.

Deep learning in Artificial intelligence is the fastest growing field. Deep learning solutions today will rely on speeding up the challenging applications such as handwriting, voice identification, and image. Computers now have the ability to see, learn, and react to a complex situation with the help of multiple levels of neural networks. Deep learning has countless applications ranging from Medical Diagnosis, Robotics and Engineering, Automated Safety to Speech and Text Recognition and it’s going to be applied in lot more application in next several years. The exciting point about deep learning is that it is taking a lot of problems that used to be very specialized and sort of hard problems that people with lots of different domains don’t understand, and transferring them into an engineering problem so that people without any domain expertise will be able to solve hard problems in many different domains. Deep learning because of this is going to be applied very widely in lots of surprising places and domains involving text and speech.

What Marketers need to understand about Deep Learning?

Deep learning can transform your business process to a great level if implemented in a right way. Deep learning software can understand sentences and respond accordingly and is much better than any AI technique. So what would be the role of deep learning when it’s about the future of marketing? Deep learning is transforming the business world. Here are few topics that show how is deep learning transforming businesses.

The above video by Brent J Dreyer explains what is machine learning and what should marketer should know and how to use it in marketing.

1. Automate end-to-end Customers Journey

Deep learning will allow the marketers to access the insights from the unstructured data sets such as video analytics, images, speech recognition, text analysis, facial recognition and many more. The customer’s expectations and feedbacks which can be gauged in real-time basis and organizations and businesses can upgrade their product and services on the basis of the information of customers feedbacks and expectations. So deep learning now is becoming a way to understand the voice of a customer accurately. Brands now can articulate right message to the right customer with the help of the insights by deep learning.

2. Use of Chatbots to Enhance Customer Experience

Chatbots for Customer Experience Digital Ready

A chatbot is an artificial conversational entity and is a computer program that conducts a conversation or interaction in auditory and textual form. The revolution of chatbots has changed the marketing revolution to an extent level. It is used in customer service and information acquisition. Customers have the opportunity to engage as in personalized communication with the help of chatbot. It leverages natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and data mining and thus providing new ways to interact with the end user. Chatbot provides help to any organization to interact with their users time and to provide them with suggestions and recommendations as needed. You can create your marketing strategies and offer your customers with your targeted products.

3. Effect on the areas of Digital Marketing

Deep learning in AI can assist with the setup of advertising campaigns, categorize and escalate customers issues, optimize lead score, personalize emails, and help with anything that required data processing. Deep learning can be applied in many areas of digital marketing, provided you have the sufficient data called as “training” data (the neural network data from multiple website visitors). Once you extracted data from various marketing tools, you can start experimenting with AI and deep learning.

4. Future of SEO with Deep Learning

The steps moving towards deep learning is going to have crazy implications for the future of SEO. This is going to be something huge that all marketers need to know and should be caring for these days. Machines are going to overtake engineers shortly in prediction ranking optimization field. Searching is going to turn into a whole new world, and it’s a big buzz for all online marketers. Google is going to make deep learning a bigger part of the search, which is something that marketers need to take attention and serious.

The above video by Moz explains the meaning of machine learning and deep learning for the future of SEO.

5. Predictive Analysis

Benefits of Predictive Analytics Digital Ready

Predictive analytics for the customers is mean to gain insights in real-time into their business data and use the information embedded in the data for advantage. Deep learning plays an important part in the data analysis process. Successful data analytics is essential whether it’s a small or big business. With deep learning, predictive analytics becomes much easier, and you can develop your clear ideas of customer preferences, and it allows distributed representation of data.


Google was running only two projects on deep learning in 2012, but now the number has changed to 1000. So you can understand how important is to learn this booming topic and include it in your business strategies as it’s the future of marketing. Google was first to start out the change, but now a lot of tech firms are getting involved in deep learning to see the results that how far it’s taking them towards their business goal.

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