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What is Content Marketing? Why is it so Important?

What is Content Marketing? Why is it so Important?
January 17, 2019

What is Content Marketing? Why is it so Important?

Jan 17, 2019
Rashmi Rao V
V Rashmi Rao, a Digital Marketer with 7+ years of experience in creative Content writing, proofreading and a SEO professional. Rashmi is a veteran for creating and managing digital content across mediums to help build relationships for organizations and individuals.

Content is King. Content is everything. Content is the only key to reach your audience. You must have heard or read these statements somewhere. Thanks to Content writers who have been trying to reach you in every single way possible. Because of exceptional content writers, companies have been able to market their products & services across the globe in no time. Today, Digital marketing teams rely majorly on content writers or content specialists as these are the people who help in attracting the audience and retain them. Content Writers create posts in the form of blogs, images, videos and are the face of the brand.

A content writer is not just a writer who writes each and everything about the brand but at the same time, a content writer is also a:

Creator – as they need to create original content every time they write, it is necessary for writers to create original, unique and fresh content.

Designer – their responsibility to check whatever content they write is properly displayed on the websites, social media, in blogs, images, and videos. They create an entire story from start to end and make them readable, understandable by the common audience.

Promoter – as they promote the entire brand through their content.

Social media manager – to keep the audience posted with the latest updates from the brand and to keep the audience engaging. They have to be active on all the social media platforms and need to post regularly.

Content is a generalized term used for everything that is displayed on a web page. A plain web page with just a few details isn’t helpful for the reader. Content is the information that adds value to a webpage. It enhances the website making it interesting and attractive so that readers can come and stay on the site. Another aspect of the content marketing is to create a content that best suits the middle of the content funnel. Now wondering what is middle of the content funnel?

Content Creation in Digital Marketing

Content creation process can be divided into 3 stages as “Top, Middle & Bottom” in the content funnel.

Top of the funnel content’ that which includes designing of the initial content that helps in attracting audiences and generate leads and ultimately moving towards sales. Eg: blogs, eBooks etc.

Once the audience or consumer moves in the funnel and is aware of your brand you need to keep the consumer engaged and hence you need to create ‘Middle of the funnel content’.  These type of content helps to minimize the gap between the brand and the consumer. Eg: brochures, case studies etc.

Lastly, once the consumer becomes familiar with the brand, it’s the time he/she makes a decision of making a purchase, which means that a consumer should be well informed about your brand. This is the time you need to create ‘Bottom of the funnel content’. You need to create a content that is appealing and that which creates an impact on the consumer and motivates them to make a purchase. Eg: demos, presentations etc.

Why is Content Marketing so important?

As I said earlier, content is everything, good content helps in yielding good audience. Thus, companies are investing in content writers and marketers who can create that unique brand value through various content.

  • Relevant or appropriate content attracts the right audience at the right time. As content helps in creating brand awareness, once the audiences are aware of the brand they will easily come to it. Appropriate content helps in making your audience familiarize with your products & services. They know who you are, what your brand is about. Just seeing your logo, people recognize your brand, they constantly follow you. This is the kind of awareness a content can create for your brand.

  • SEO friendly content helps in the ranking of the website well and also helps in improving search results. The search engines love clean, original and fresh content. SO whenever you post a new content search engine views it and at the same time, your audiences also view it. A brand feels proud if they are ranking on the top of the search engines results. It clearly means you are best compared to your competitors and are more visible. Good usage of keywords, fresh content improves your presence in the search engines and is considered as the best practice in digital marketing. Top search rankings attract more web traffic and more traffic means more visitors and more chances for generating potential leads.

  • Content that is informative helps in engaging the audience and allows to build brand loyalty. Role of creating content is to create demand, attract customers and to motivate sales. But it’s not enough to just create demand and attract customers, you need to keep them engaged on a continuous basis. Good content helps in creating an interaction between the brand and consumers where the consumers can talk with the brand and even ask answers for their queries and review the latest updates from the brand. Thus, consumers believe in having a kind of trust and long lasting relationship with the brand and good informative content help in doing so.

  • Content marketing revolves around experiences. All kinds of experience which include customer, brand and user experiences. A better understanding of the customer helps in creating better content that ultimately helps in creating better user experiences. Content that looks same across different devices, easily readable, clearly defined helps in attracting more traffic.

  • Content can be shared everywhere. It doesn’t matter which business you run you can share your content with your audiences. A writer is also a social media expert as he helps in sharing all types of content on various social media platforms where the brand audiences can easily interact with the brand. Share the content on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. These social networks allow you to share and promote your content.

  • Content can be easily measured. When a content writer uploads a blog, a video or an image, he/she can check for the number of views for the content uploaded. Isn’t that a great way to analyze the marketing efforts performed by a content writer! Google Analytics, a wonderful tool helps content writers to measure all the different content uploaded, shared online and it also allows them to generate reports for the same.

  • Content and email-marketing go hand-in-hand. Email marketing is one of the effective digital marketing tools that helps in reaching maximum audiences through a single email. Precise and clear content send across target audiences through email marketing helps in creating a good impact and at the same time convey your message to a larger audience at one go.

  • Content marketers are the voice of Influencers. Influencer marketing is one of the trending concept these days. Influencers are the eminent personalities who are well-known in their like fields like actors, businessman, sports persons etc. Influencers create a huge difference in creating brand value. Consumers trust these influencers and make purchases just by listening to them. Thus, content writers either can be influencers themselves or can be the voice of these influencers.

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