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What are Infographics Work and How To Use Infographics?

What are Infographics Work and How To Use Infographics?
December 27, 2017

What are Infographics Work and How To Use Infographics?

Dec 27, 2017
Reshma Mandal

There’s a huge competition around, and more than 2 billion contents are updating on a daily basis. It’s very easy for your content to get lost in the crowd and ignored by the most users. Users show less interest in contents that are not attractive or does not show any interest. So you must have content that can win just by its looks. Infographics do it for you. If you are not dealing with infographic content in these days, then you should be at high risk of losing your target audience. So if you are doing content writing and is not satisfied with your results then its high time for you to modify your content and consider infographics to your current efforts. We will discuss infographics, why infographics work and how to use infographics. Let’s start with its introduction.

What Is An Infographics?

what is infographics

Infographics are the visual graphics with data relevant to your content. An infographic website is the most efficient way to attract your targeted audience. You can use them either to address specific topics or as a PR tool for your business. Infographics are an excellent way of gaining your user’s attention and is the best content marketing strategy. It can turn your boring content into an attractive one. Infographics are a quick, easy and efficient way of delivering information to your targeted audience. A great content marketing campaign needs an excellent and attractive content. Infographics are one of the great ways to get an epic content and are the core of your content which holds the complete summary of your content and always wins the race.

Why Infographics Work In Your Content Marketing Strategy?

why infographics work

Infographics are Eye-Catching

People love facts, figures and statistics. Visual experience always wins the race and attracts more audience. Text and images or graphics both are very important methods of communication. Graphics alone can be easier for the user to understand but are less effective in the communication of abstract and complicated concepts. Text alone is very boring. No one is interested in going for a long and boring text content until and unless it doesn’t include any image or video. But combining text and graphics can take advantage of each medium’s strength and can turn your content into an attractive piece of information that can be easily shareable.

Infographics are Easily Portable and Embeddable

Infographic design involves developing an infographic code and publishing the same to your website. This whole process is known an embedding. You can include that embedded code with your post, and people can easily integrate that code into their blogs. Infographics are easily portable as it includes easily understandable text. It helps people who have language problem as they can easily know your brand through pictures instead of text.

Infographics help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

An interactive infographic can increase traffic, and an increased traffic means you are doing justice to your business. A quality content can convert your traffic into sales and increase trust and credibility. 60% marketers find infographics as the best way to attract more customers than any other way. It’s the best content marketing strategy which you can apply to your business to gain more and more traffic. According to David O'Neill, “Infographics are an ideal way of quickly delivering your data and have the added benefit of supporting the voice and look for your brand.” Best Infographics make people link to your site, and as a result, Google will index your website higher due to Google’s “Pagerank” algorithm. This increases the importance that search engines pace on your site.

Infographics are Easily Scanned and Viewed

People go through all web pages in search of content that attractively contains information. They can easily land to a different page by leaving your website page if they don’t find your web page interesting and relevant. By adding infographics to your content, you are helping your content to win the race in scanning and gaining the impression of a reader.

Infographics are Easily Shareable and Linkable

Visual content always comes first when it’s a question about choosing a content. It gets 94% more views than a normal content from the right audience at the right time. It is easily shareable and linkable anywhere.

Infographics help in Brand Awareness

An Infographic contains your company’s logo, your brand information, your website address, email and your contact information. It is very useful for your brand’s promotion and awareness.

Infographics Show an Expert Understanding

Infographics are a powerful visual tool. It includes relevant and easily understandable information. It makes your content more attractive and gives the complete overview of your content quickly. People with language problem can easily understand your infographic content as it includes images of your product. An Infographic displays your knowledge and positions you as an expert on your topic.

Infographics Increases Traffic

An infographic website is attractive enough to attract more users. Text combined with graphics can generate more views, leads, and conversions than a normal content do. Infographics force your audience to like and share your information with their peers and networks. As a result, your brand will go viral throughout the web, and you will get more subscribers and followers.

Infographics are helpful for Complex Industries

Industries like Fuel, face difficulties in writing contents. These industries can show their services in an efficient and effective way with the use of infographics.

How To Use Infographics For Digital Marketing?

There are different ways to use infographics in your digital marketing process and content marketing strategies. Let's discuss some of them.

As Technical Information Guide

infographics as technical information guide

Infographics is a medium to share all your valuable information efficiently. It can include highly-technical information too that are very hard to communicate with other media. You can design a technical guide on one infographic using a diagram or other visual elements, that will serve as a reference to your target audience who had purchased your products. Infographics can cut down many customer service calls, queries and request that you do to know about products and services. You can eliminate lots of confusions by creating a visual guide,

As Video Infographic

You can use infographics in an integrated media approach for creating a video infographic. Video infographics are the infographics in video form. They take information and graphics from the original infographic and producing video content from that. It is useful for the people who might not see your infographic in static form. You can reach to people who are looking for videos. Many people prefer motion graphics or video form content to get that in action. Some find it more useful in understanding the concepts due to the video format.

The above video by Kissmetrics is a video Infographic example which shows the benefits of using infographics for content marketing

As Social Media Share Item

infographics as a social media share item

Sharing your information is the essential task. It’s necessary for you to have shareable content for a successful digital marketing. You can get more people to share your piece of information in the form of infographics. You will get more views, shares, subscribers, and followers by including infographics in your content. Useful, relevant and attractive contents always get more views and shares that the content that only includes facts. So turn human response by just including infographics in your content marketing strategy.

As Lead Magnet

infographics as a lead magnet

Creating a lead magnet is another way to use infographics. A lead magnet is anything that attracts new leads and generates conversions and interest in your brand or website. Infographics no doubt has proved its potential of drawing viewers. Place your infographic at the center of your web page. It will help in focusing reader's attention on your message that you want to share and your customers to know. You can put the infographic in an entirely new page that can only dedicate to the infographic. An infographic website helps you in gaining people’s attention who are searching for the content and Google will index your infographic page separately.

As Standalone Asset

Infographics are your valuable assets that you can use on many platforms. Many organizations use them as a standalone asset with the belief that it will make money for them and people will share their infographic with others through social media. But experts believe that rather than using it as a standalone asset, Infographics are best when used in conjunction with other assets.

Types Of Infographics That You Can Include In Your Content

When using Infographics, you should keep the following types of infographics in mind:

  • Social media Infographics
  • Video Infographics
  • Static Infographics
  • PowerPoint Infographics

All these types of infographics are unique types and add value to your digital marketing strategy. They all are digital assets that contribute uniquely to your plan and your content marketing strategy. Social media infographics are explicitly formatted to meet social media outlets requirements. Video infographics use videos to capture your infographic data and information, and they often employ the use of motion graphics and fonts. Static infographics are graphics that you can place on your websites, blogs, or social media. You can create PowerPoint infographics for presentation to a moderate-sized audience, and you can also save them as a .ppt file, making them a storable data type for later distribution and use. Think about your content type and what infographic type can help you better in promoting your brand or service. Create best infographics. If you have not created and included infographics yet, then start including them and drive traffic towards your site like it never happened before. The marketplace today is highly competitive and information flooded. The key to success in this competitive world is to get the attention and interest of your targeted audience. Keeping all this in mind, Infographics became vital and an effective tool that every business should incorporate to keep their customers engage and business up and running.

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