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Twitter Blue: What Does the Premium Version of the Micro-Blogging Platform Bring to the Table?

Twitter Blue
June 12, 2021

Twitter Blue: What Does the Premium Version of the Micro-Blogging Platform Bring to the Table?

Jun 12, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

By many professionals across the globe, Twitter is considered to be the platform where news breaks. What we mean by this is that any news or major happening, no matter where it takes place worldwide, the micro-blogging platform is the place where it is reported first.

While we don’t really know whether this statement is true or not, it doesn't take away the importance of this platform in our country. It came as a pretty rude shock to many when it was ‘almost banned’ a few weeks back.


The latest news about the platform is that it is all set to release Twitter Blue, a paid service provided by Twitter, that will help users to express themselves better and customize their experience. It has already been released in Australia and Canada to see how it is received. 

Today, we’ll be going over what Twitter Blue is really all about. 

What is Twitter Blue?

The first-ever subscription-based service being launched by the platform, Twitter Blue will give users access to several premium features. These will include tools that will help users in organizing their bookmarks, reading threads in an easy-to-read and clutter-free way, and even use the 'Undo Tweet' feature. 

While the introduction of this service by the platform, already released in the two countries (Canada and Australia), was being speculated to launch for some time now, it's still not clear whether it will launch globally or not. Depends upon how well it's received. 

Why is Twitter Blue

Source: XDA Developers

In an interview, the company said that it chose the markets of Canada and Australia to experiment because they wanted to understand whether the features that already exist will satisfy the needs of those users looking for a more customized experience. 

They also wanted to propagate discussions around its features, the ones that will help them in determining which ones to prioritize for the future iterations of Twitter Blue. 

A spokesperson of the company said, “We are going to continue to iterate on different tier and pricing opportunities as we continue to learn more about what is and isn’t working.” In Australia, the subscription has been priced at $4.49 AUD while in Canada, it is $3.49 CAD. 

What features does Twitter Blue offer?

Bookmark Folders

Apart from the basics, there are also a number of other features that Blue provides. The Bookmark Folders feature, as mentioned earlier, has been introduced in order to help users organize their saved content better. 

Bookmarks Folder

Source: How To Geek

When the bookmarks option was introduced back in 2018, it added to the experience of users because now they could save content they wanted to read, and then do so at a time best suited for them. Now with the Folders option, they can segregate their content further.

As they will now be able to create subfolders, users will be able to save the long-form content they wish to consume at a later time and these folders are even color-coded to make them easily accessible at a single glance. The 'Add Bookmark' feature will let them add to their bookmarks collection directly. 

Reader Mode

Moving on to the Reader Mode feature, it isn't exactly as users using the platform were expecting. Before Blue's launch, Twitter acquired Scroll - a reading service that lets readers do so without any interruptions or distractions such as ads and other clutter, to improve the reading experience. 

The CEO of Scroll, Tony Haile, had even tweeted that their product's features will be merged into Twitter's subscription-based service sometime later in the year. However, Twitter has clarified that the Reader Mode is in no way related to its recent acquisition - Scroll. 

Reader Mode

Source: TechCrunch

Instead, it was built separately for what Twitter Blue is going to be offering. At the moment, the Reader Mode is centered around making the reading process of long Twitter threads easier. Essentially, a separate third-party app - Thread Reader App.

Whenever the user taps to view the tweet's detailed view, the full thread, those subscribers will click on a button that will change their screen and show the long-form text in a different window. This Reader Mode can just as easily be exited from as well to see the original format. 

Coming back to the Scroll acquisition, the company says that to enhance the reading experience. It will be brought to the platform and incorporated into Twitter Blue but not just yet.

Undo Tweet

The most anticipated feature that will be a part of Twitter Blue, the Undo Tweet option, has been a crowd request for a long time. Even though they wanted the platform to come out with an edit button, the Undo Tweet feature is as close to that as it gets. 

Undo Tweet

Source: BBC

If a user feels that they have made some type or made some other error, they can tap on the feature and 'unsend' the tweet. This feature is one of the salient features of Twitter Blue because it will act as a godsend to all those regular Twitter users. 

Paying a few bucks to avail this feature and save themselves some embarrassment will not seem like a big deal to those who use the platform a lot. 

When will it be released Globally? 

The company hasn’t released the date and refuses to comment about the same. But the thing to focus on here, and this point has been emphasized by Twitter, is that none of the existing features on the platform will be changed in any way. 

The subscription is going to keep working on coming out with enhancements and other features for the free version of the platform. Over time, it is only going to grow and get better. 


The whole reason behind this launch of Twitter Blue is to generate more revenue. The platform is working towards expanding their income by not depending on just ad revenue anymore. They are smartly planning to do so by releasing Blue in a bid to make the lives of regular Twitter users easy, and therefore, gently coax them into buying the premium version. 

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