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Top Ways to Get Ecommerce Social Media Done Right

Top Ways to Get Ecommerce Social Media Done Right
October 20, 2018

Top Ways to Get Ecommerce Social Media Done Right

Oct 20, 2018
Rekha Pant

The best way to increase revenue when it comes to your e-commerce website is taking advantage of social media. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, some people even digital marketing experts are struggling to understand how to use Ecommerce Social Media correctly. It should be done correctly and not wild guesses. 

In here, you will learn the top ways on how to get your Social Media done right.

Inspirational Quotes

Use Inspirational Quotes to Promote on Social Media Channels

If you want to get a lot of attention from social media users, then posting an inspirational quote would be your left hook. There is over 20% of chance that your inspirational quote will gain likes, comment, shares, and retweets. Quotes are very shareable. Keep it short and sweet. Oh, by the way, never settle of copying the images through Google. The best way to post inspirational quote is by creating it by yourself by using tools like Canva or PicMonkey.

Try to implement it by posting an inspirational or motivational quotation with an image. You can include your products on it for example. For better effect, take advantage of including a call to action button or link back to your e-commerce site. 

User-Generated Content

Use User Generated Content on Social Media Channels

Creating your very own user-generated content is another excellent way not just to encourage users but also less work to put together your creativeness. You can do so by asking your customers to take a picture of themselves using your products and curate the best image as much as possible. You can then send out the images to social media networks. Or, you can retweet, requote the posted images in the best creative way as much as possible. 

This is a chance to get your products shine and at the same time your customers will get more engaged towards your products. It is also your opportunity to connect with them by sharing or giving back and say thank you.

Upcoming Products

Use Upcoming Products to Promote on Social Media Channels

Aside from images, you can also take advantage of short video clips. As the name suggests, it must be short and straightforward. Include the upcoming products you are going to launch in a season. For example, this holiday season, how about featuring a model wearing the clothing and accessories that you will launch. You can make use of social platforms like Vine or Instagram when doing this. 

Include Hashtags

Include the Trending Hashtags to Promote on Social Media

It is always wise to keep an eye for the latest trends and fashion. This also includes the trending hashtags through social media networks. As an online entrepreneur, it is important to keep tabs on what’s hot and what’s not on Twitter and other social media networks. You can use hastagsforlikes or in order for you to keep them on track. 

Use Call to Action

Use Relevant Hashtags to Promote on Social Media

Of course, you need to use a very attractive yet not sophisticated image that somehow directs the users to click the call to action button. You can use arrows if necessary or how about just creating an instruction from the message post. You can even present the link that points the users back to your main website with a clearer and shorter look using By all means, improve your call to action button by implementing power editor tool such as Shop Now button. 

Ask Questions 

Ask Questions to Promote on Social Media

Questions are an excellent way not just to understand the needs of your target audience. It is also your chance to connect with them and turn them into your regular customers. The most important thing when posting some questions through Instagram or other social media account is by putting yourself to their shoes. 

Asking your customers with relevant questions can increase or improve your customer engagement and comments. This is why you need to start doing some social media questionnaires. Be always specific when asking some questions. It can be answered by yes or no, or perhaps a comment. 

Post Memes

Post Memes to Make More People Engage on Social Media

Memes are more than just making your customers laugh or put a smile on their face. Memes are in great trend these days and these are considered as one of the best ways to make your brand known to others. You can do this by actually observing the social media networks of what are the most common memes most people use. All you have to do is to edit the images and include your products or something relevant to your services or products that you offer. 

This will only take a matter of time, whereas you can gain a lot of comment, likes shares and even inquires. 

Use Promos

Use Promos to Reach More Audiences

Finally, another great way to increase your brand’s popularity, making some noises to social media and increase conversion to your e-commerce site is by taking the advantage of promos. It is highly recommended to always feature or create valuable content whether it is meant for YouTube video or simple post images through social media networks. By this way, you can keep your customers and potential customers engaged and keep them receptive to the future promotion that you are going to feature. 

Unlike, posting about the products and promos, you can use Facebook to share valuable content which educates users not just about your promos but also your service or products that you offer. 

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