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Top SEO Tools for a Digital Marketer in 2019

Top SEO Tools for a Digital Marketer in 2019
February 9, 2019

Top SEO Tools for a Digital Marketer in 2019

Feb 09, 2019
Rashmi Rao V
V Rashmi Rao, a Digital Marketer with 7+ years of experience in creative Content writing, proofreading and a SEO professional. Rashmi is a veteran for creating and managing digital content across mediums to help build relationships for organizations and individuals.

Awareness in the Digital space is increasing like never before. You need to be updated every second so that you don’t miss anything. For Digital marketers, SEO is like their best friend that rescues them from every situation. With a large number of websites coming up and crowding up the internet SEO executives need to really fight for their space, web traffic and good rankings. SEO Tools act as helping hands for digital marketers as they make them quick and updated in the market. Here are Top SEO Tools for a Digital Marketer in 2019

If you use the right SEO Tools, your website will rank better, you see improved web traffic, increased visibility, ultimately enhancing your total online presence. So, which are the SEO tools for 2019 you will benefit from?

1. SEMrush

A common tool used by most of the SEO experts, SEMrush is a wholesome marketing suite that allows SEO experts to run competitor research, analyze content and it also comes with a keyword research tool. It does some amazing work; you can research a keyword in more than 10 ways. You can also run a backlinks analysis tool. It works seamlessly with other applications like Google Docs, Search Console, Google Analytics to refine your keyword search and the entire content. 

Features: Mainly used for keyword research & competitor analysis, conducts a deep backlinks analysis, discovers new competitors and much more.

Pricing: Available on Monthly & Annual basis

Pro Guru Business Enterprise
$99.95 Mo
$999.40 Annual
$199.95 Mo
$1999.40 Annual
$399.95 mo
$3999.40 Annual
Contact SEMrush


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2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking - One of the Top SEO Tools for Digital Marketers

SE Ranking is one of the proven Google Ranking’s checkers that provides 100% accurate results and it is a fully automated tool. It also provides results for competitor keywords, ads, and organic search results.

Features: Keyword rank tracking, Website audit, On-page Audit, keyword suggestion tool, Backlinks checker and Backlinks monitoring, marketing plan and more.

Pricing: All the prices are billed annually.

Personal Optimum Plus Enterprise
$7.00/month $39/month $89/month $189/month

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3. MOZ Pro

A tool that helps you to understand your customers! Yes, MOZ Pro is a tool that allows you to search for keywords used by customers to search for your products or services. You can target the exact keywords by using the keyword explorer tool. You can track the ranking for all your keywords using the search visibility score. MOZ Pro helps in checking for issues that keep the search engines away from your sites without crawling it. It shows alerts whenever there are issues with the site. Optimize the entire content through frequent Content Audits offered by MOZ Pro. It does more.

Features: Keyword Competitiveness, know the latest keyword trends, Competitor analysis, keyword research tool, Find new links.

Pricing: Available on Monthly and Annual basis

Standard Medium Large Premium
$99/Mo $179/Mo $249/Mo $999/Mo
$950 Annual $1,719 Annual $2,390 Annual $9,590 Annual

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4. SEO Powersuite

You can track almost everything using SEO Powersuite that includes links, keywords, website rankings and more. It is an all-in-one toolkit for SEO beginners and experts. 

Features: It comes with some essential tools – keywords, backlinks, on-page and content, mobile, social media along with analytics & reports.

Free Professional Enterprise
$99/Mo $179/Mo $249/Mo
$950 Annual $1,719 Annual $2,390 Annual

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5. Raven

Raven is an amazing SEO reporting toolkit that helps in boosting your search ranking on the SERPs. It improves your web traffic and also helps in retaining your clients. 

Features: Site Audits, Keyword & Competitor Research, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracking, SEO Data, PPC, Social Media & Email Marketing Reporting

Freelancer Start Grow Thrive Lead
$99/Mo $179/Mo $249/Mo $999/Mo $999/Mo
$950 Annual $1,719 Annual $2,390 Annual $9,590 Annual $9,590 Annual

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6. Netpeak Spider

As the name suggests, Netpeak Spider just walks through your website and looks for different SEO issues and gives a detailed report. Netpeak Spider is your personal crawler for your website. 

Features: Checks for broken links, duplicate content, Meta description, Meta titles, error pages, broken images.

12 months 6 months 3 Months 1 Month
$99/Mo $179/Mo $249/Mo $999/Mo


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7. Yoast SEO

If you are using Wordpress, then you ought to have this plug-in Yoast SEO. It allows you to optimize keywords & keyphrases. Attract more visitors from various digital platforms and increase your visitor engagement. It is also available on other platforms like Magento, Drupal TYPO3.

Features: Optimize keywords, preview your page in Google & Social Media, get suggestions for internal linking, avoids creating duplicate URLs, get content insights and more.

Pricing: You have two options. You can use Yoast SEO as free plug-in with limited features or you can purchase premium edition at $89 for 1 site.


8. Wordtracker

Optimize your page with keywords that work just for you. Get more than 10k+ keyword suggestions. Wordtracker is an effective keyword research tool. It gives suggestion with similar words along with SERP preview and from multiple sources. 

Features:  Get a leap of actual keywords, SEO competition metrics, SERP comparison, related or lateral search, live chat option, Amazon, YouTube keyword research and negative keyword search.

Pricing: You can try Wordtracker for 7-days for free. 

Bronze Silver Gold
$27/mont $69/month $99/month
- $449/year $640/year

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9. Contentbird

Contentbird, a purely content marketing tool that helps in building better content, improved SEO, link building and a better online presence.  

Features: Get content ideas, organize content, Workflow management, content distribution interfaces and more.

Pricing: Get a 14-day free trial before you buy the product. You can unlock all the features only in paid versions.

Start Grow Business
300€ /month 500€ /month 1000€ /month
- $449/year $640/year


10. KW Finder

KW Finder is  a keyword research tool that comes with a keyword difficulty score. You can search for several long-tail keywords with exact keyword search volumes. 

Features: Search keywords based on locations, create keyword lists and organize them, filter keywords base on usage and relevancy, import keywords, search trends and keyword metrics

Mangools Basic Mangools Premium Mangools Agency
$49.00 /month $69.00 /month $129.00 /month
$29.90/month billed annually $39.90/month billed annually $79.90/month billed annually


11. Linkio

Linkio is a backlink analysis tool which suggests the next anchor text you should use for your link building. Based on insightful data, Linkio suggests the anchor texts.

Features: Anchor text profile planning, automated backlink importing, anchor text categorization, backlink crawling and validation, backlink index checking, disavow file management and more.

Personal Starter Standard Plus
$19.99/MO $49/MO $99/MO $149/MO
$16.66/MO billed annually $41/MO billed annually $82.50/MO billed annually $124/MO billed annually


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