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Top Job Opportunities For a Fresher in Digital Marketing

Top Job Opportunities For a Fresher in Digital Marketing
October 18, 2019

Top Job Opportunities For a Fresher in Digital Marketing

Oct 18, 2019
Chiranjeevi Maddala

Chiranjeevi Maddala is an award winning digital marketing strategist with over 18 Years of experience in Digital Media and Marketing. He is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Digital Ready.

So you want to be a digital marketer. That’s a great career choice. 

Let’s face it. Each year, thousands of new websites are made, and millions more are updated. And who optimizes their SEO strategy? Who brings these sites to the forefront for people to see? Digital Marketers! 

As you can see, your job as one of them shall be pretty important. An audience can not see websites if they are not ranked on Google. And even if your website is, if it is not ranked high enough, the effort might be fruitless. 

This is because unless you’re a data scientist or a data hunter, most people look at just the first three pages. Most of the time, it is even the first two. This means that if your website is on page 4, you may not get as many customers as you may want. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Before to start seeing what some of the hottest opportunities in Digital Marketing are, let us know what it is.  

Digital Marketing includes all online marketing efforts that involve the use of the Internet and electronic devices. Digital Marketing achieves that through leveraging search engines, email marketing, social media marketing, and connecting to other websites. 

Thus, it seeks to reach its target customer group in the home that they shall buy the company’s products, services, etc.

Why is it So Crucial in Today’s World? 

The problem with offline marketing methods like print ads is that these are too inflexible and involve physical marketing. Online marketing methods have the upper hand because the possibilities online are endless. As a digital marketer, your work can include website marketing, video marketing, and email marketing, and so on.

Since the possibilities are endless in digital marketing, so are the opportunities to be creative. You can experiment with various tactics and pick one that suits you best.

What are the Jobs in Digital Marketing?

Let us now see what the top jobs in this field are. Many of these are high-demand jobs that desire highly experienced candidates. While that is so, it will give you an idea of the popular areas and in which you may wish to specialize in later on. 

1) Digital Marketing Manager

Don’t worry just because the title says ‘Manager.’ While digital marketing managers are, of course, senior or at least highly skilled members of an Digital Marketing team, even they had to start somewhere. 

Digital project managers have a critical role to play in the implementation and overseeing of a company’s digital campaigns. It is they who are responsible for mapping out a project, assigning a timeline to it, setting its milestones, maintaining the project’s budget, and various other things. 

This job is in high demand as such managers need to have excellent communication, organizing, and collaboration skills. In the USA, the starting salary for a person in this role is $42,576.

2) Content Strategist

Of course, Digital Marketing teams in any company work closely with content writers. These content writers are the ones who incorporate keywords and create content that seeks to engage the readers on so many levels. 

However, at their head, sits a content strategist. In short, every aspect of content writing and even marketing the same content falls under the purview of a content strategist. He looks into the needs of the company’s target audience, trending optics, conducts content analysis, refurbishes blog posts, maps out a content calendar, and ultimately drive traffic down a company’s website. 

As a content strategist, you need to have a firm grasp of SEO as well as writing skills.

3) Virtual Reality Developer

VR or Virtual Reality products are in their infancy right now and have a lot of room for growth. However, this line of work is already popular. Many companies are investing in VR for their digital marketing campaigns. As you can understand, this is a high-level technical job that is ideal for those with solid backgrounds in creative arts and technology. 

What does VR have to do with digital marketing? That’s quite a loaded question, so hold on tight!

According to Smart Insights, VR is set to influence and even disrupt every existing industry sector that homes to reach out to millennials. The young generation desires experiences over products, which is what VR can provide.

To know how VR Marketing words, go here.
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VR developers may not seem to be possible for a fresher. However, all you need is excellent training. With high-demand skills, companies shall be clamoring to hire you.

4) SEM and SEO Specialist

If you want to focus on bringing traffic to websites, these are the roles you may want to consider. As an SEM and SEO specialist, your job will be to ensure that a website is ranking high and is getting enough traffic. Search engine metrics are always changing, but SEO and SEM specialists always update themselves with tactics that work and bring results. 

5) UX Designer

This one might stump you. After all, what does a UX Designer have to do with SEO? The short answer is, such a role is a supporting one, if not a central one. 

Have you ever wondered why graphic designers work in tandem with SEO teams? Because for promoting content and other things, graphics are essential to attract readers. Similarly, if you want more people to stay at your website longer, you need a better User Experience designing. 

Visitors will decide within the first few seconds whether your site is impressive. Sure, traffic funnels and content are essential, but so is a good UX design. As you can see, this is a pretty significant line of work and is in considerable demand now. 

6) Data Analysts

Without data, few things can function. A digital marketing campaign is not different. Let’s say that you are marketing your company’s products. You have a rough idea of whom you want to sell, but that data is still not clear. 

In this case, you may spend all the marketing money your company gives you, but you still may not get a cent worth or result. Why? Because starting an online campaign without enough data is like finding a proverbial needle haystack and trying to find it again!

Data Analysts deal with technologies like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. They collect data from various sources, categorize, and analyze them. As a Data Analyst, you will be in charge of creating systems to organize and then study this data. This will ultimately help the company in data interpretation and its final application in its digital marketing campaigns. 

7) Email Marketing Specialist

Do you enjoy it when someone opens and reads your emails? When someone mails you back or subscribe to your newsletters, does that make your day? If so, you may have what it takes to be an email marketing specialist. 

As an email marketing specialist, you’ll be responsible for developing and launching multiple email campaigns. This shall be in addition to maintaining an extensive database and lists containing customer information. As an email marketing specialist, you need to have persuasive writing and editing skills. Having copywriting skills is a massive plus, as you need to influence readers.

8) Internet of Things Marketing Specialist

This may sound very complicated enough to jump over to the next point, but this field of work is exciting. Of course, you’ll have to know devices and the latest technologies quite well. 

They study data from people’s usage of smartwatches, smartphones, and various other web-based devices. This data is then used to develop marketing campaigns targeting the owners of these devices.

9) Bot Developer

Bots, especially chatbots, are becoming critical to get new customers online and improving the user experience. AI specialists and Bot developers develop and program these bots to encourage customers to make a purchase. 

Bots can converse with customers as well as a live human nowadays. Take any major marketing company in the world, and even in India. They have their dedicated bots.

10) Social Media Marketer

Social media is a goldmine from which companies can get new customers, and keep engaging existing customers. On social media, companies can build a loyal following, a ‘tribe,’ and brand awareness. 

Social media is a collection of the dominant platform. No wonder every digital marketing company is hiring social media marketers. As a social media marketer, you will create campaigns to attract and engage both new and existing customers. 

As you can see, there is no shortage of opportunities in the digital marketing arena. All you need are the skills for which companies will hire you. Remember that you still need to master the skills in your relevant line of work to get a great job.

Which Field is the Best in Digital Marketing?

There is no best or perfect line of work in digital. It all depends on your skills. You can shine as a Social media marketer or as a content marketer.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in India? 

Here are some stats that prove that demand for digital marketers is only increasing as the years go by.

  1. Job postings for digital marketers have doubled between 2011 and 2016.
  2. During the above period, demand for content marketers and digital analysts has risen by 450% and 152%, respectively.
  3. According to Forrester Research, 35% of a company’s budget shall be given to digital marketing by 2019 and beyond
  4. Digital marketers will be paid around $7000, which is more than other marketer roles.
  5. Mobile marketers get the highest salary, around $88,681, while multi-channel marketers get $82,782.
  6. Digital marketing jobs take 16% longer than other jobs to be filled as candidates are not easily found.

Here a few more tips that can hearten you when deciding on this line of work. 

How to Know if Digital Marketing is for you?

  • Are you creative?
  • Do you like solving problems?
  • Do you love writing?
  • Do you like helping people and finding solutions to their problems
  • Are you analytical?
  • Do you enjoy conducting digital research?
  • Are you social?
  • Do you thrive on challenges?
  • Are you an objective thinker?

If you answered Yes to any of these, the chances are that you may have what it takes to be a Digital Marketer.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

You may be the ideal candidate if you are:

  • passionate
  • innovative
  • patient
  • have conversational finesse
  • have strong listening skills
  • goal-oriented
  • are socially gregarious
  • are intuitive

How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing?

You can consider taking a Digital Marketing Course to get yourself equipped with the required skills. Also check this fantastic article on this subject. If you follow these tips, you shall be well on your way to find a job faster than your peers. 


Digital marketing is an exciting and rewarding field of work. But most importantly, demand for digital marketers is only growing as the years go by. In the end, we wish you all the best in your first job search as a fresher in digital marketing.

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