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Top Digital Marketing Trends Predicted for 2019

Top Digital Marketing Trends Predicted for 2019
December 8, 2018

Top Digital Marketing Trends Predicted for 2019

Dec 08, 2018
Rashmi Rao V
V Rashmi Rao, a Digital Marketer with 7+ years of experience in creative Content writing, proofreading and a SEO professional. Rashmi is a veteran for creating and managing digital content across mediums to help build relationships for organizations and individuals.

Ever wondered where are we leading to? What’s stored in for us in the future? Do you imagine robots around you? How cool it would be to just think what to order and your phone does it for you? All this would be just real one day and that day is close. With digital space increasing by every inch humans are turning technology into reality. Whatever you imagine today will be there in real-time tomorrow. Digital Marketing landscape is also growing and accommodating our lives, thus we need to be updated with what’s trending and what’s not. In this blog I would be sharing some top digital marketing trend predicted for 2019.

Speaking to Your Devices - Voice Search

My childhood dream has come alive, just speaking to your phone and telling it to do things for you. Amazon ‘Alexa’ and Google ‘Home’ have made it possible for us through their voice search enabled devices. We can do our daily activities like order food, book a cab, ask information and much more by just speaking to these devices. Google Assistant on our phones are also proving to be a great help for us. Gartner has predicted that by 2020 around 30% of web searches would be through voice enabled devices. Isn’t that amazing!! Just say to your phone and it will do things for you.

Visual Recognition or Search

Billions of people upload some billions of images and search engines would soon use these images to understand consumer behaviour, his journey and his interests. Although this technology is still in the initial stages as wee need to do more research in Machine learning and prepare an effective mind’s image processing tool that would further help us in designing a better visual search application that identifies and processes images, colours, patterns and shapes. According to kissmetrics, 93% of consumers prefer visuals before they decide to purchase a product. This surely means Visual search is going to play a vital role in the retail or e-commerce industry.

Multiple Realities with Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Audiences to day expect more of involvement and engagement in the buying process. Hence if we give them they are happy and loyal and companies can create better customer experiences. Brands like IKEA have already started the use of AR & VR for their home decor brand. Consumers can try the products and check how it looks in their house, before they even purchase it. AR & VR are booming areas that will transform the digital marketing arena and the way people buy things. Statista predicts that the AR and VR market will rise approx $200 billion. That’s a huge figure. 


Chatbots are the most implemented form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) have become a crucial part of customer interaction as they are available 24*7. With the help of Chatbots you can stay in touch with your customers all the time. You can reply to their queries and answer all their questions. It is one of the easiest and quickest two way communication channel a company can have to stay connected with their customers and grow its business.

Increase of Social Media Interactions

Every individual or brand has a social page today, be it Facebook, LinkedIN or Twitter everybody has followers. All these social media platforms are attached to other third-party platforms sharing our data with them. There are 4 billion+ social media users who are just glued to social media all day long. Social media influencers are also on a rise who create a brand image for your products. You need to create an effective social media strategy and you need to promote on several social media platforms. Social media can create a lot of impact that you can even imagine. Know your audience well and the create social media pages and share relevant content on relevant platforms.

Single Platform Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Have you heard about them? May be not! They are in the progressive stage, these apps are built on a single platform which a developer need not create apps for separate platform i.e. one for native and one for web. With these kind of apps you can browse pages offline and on a faster pace and also push notifications. As PWAs take up less space they can easily downloaded and stored. It is predicted that even the payment gateways would be soon attached to PWAs. 

The Growing Need for Videos 

Everybody wants to showcase themselves as the experts in what they do and just connect to the world more personally and hence the invention of Videos. All thanks to YouTube, videos have increased largely in the last few years. People just shoot and upload. Majority of the audience fall in the age band of 18- 60 all watch videos daily either on YouTube or any other social media platform, which means brands should focus on creating videos as part of their digital marketing strategy for 2019. Video Ads are also increasing rapidly and are predicted to account for 70% of ad impressions on social media.

New Concept of Snack Ads

Ahh! These are not any food related ads. These ads are short/tiny videos that are less than 10 secs. A research suggests that attention span of audiences are decreasing as such nobody would watch long videos. Thus, we need to create short, simple, precise videos that helps us reach our audiences quickly. YouTube is the best example that uses these snack ads in between their videos. This soon will become a trend in 2019.

Authenticity & Transparency 

People know what they want and how to get it. Therefore, brands need to be ultra careful when selling something to their consumers. With increase in Influencer marketing, consumers are even checking the authenticity of the brand, the product and the influencer as well. Being honest and transparent is the key to winning loads of consumers and followers. 2019 would be a year where brands would be more open in accepting their faults, having two way communication channel and trying to reach all customer doubts with the necessary facts.

Personalization & Smart Content

Your audiences are watching you every second, they see a video, they see a review, they read a blog about you. They know you very well. Thus it becomes necessary for you to share valuable, personalised and quality content across all your digital channels. There are some personalization tools that can be used to customise and personalise content  for your specific audiences. Proper personalized content can help you in attracting relevant audience. 

2019 is just few days away, you need to start designing an effective digital marketing strategy that would help you reach maximum audience. To know how you can make optimum use of these trends in your digital marketing strategy reach us on 9885753885 or send us an email at [email protected].

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