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Top Digital Marketing Campaigns from India on Mother's Day 2019

Top Digital Marketing Campaigns from India on Mother's Day 2019
May 16, 2019

Top Digital Marketing Campaigns from India on Mother's Day 2019

May 16, 2019
Soundarya Durgumahanthi
Soundarya is a Digital Marketer

Mother's day is the most celebrated international day throughout the world on the second Sunday of May. This is the day when we take a halt from our daily chores and honor our moms for their selfless love. While we are celebrating Mother's day searching for the perfect gift for mom, brands, on the other side, create an emotional connect by relating real-life moments for advertising their services and products. Be it a giveaway, special offers for particular products, or an authentic user-generated content, brands try every way to enhance user-engagement through eye-catching and innovative Mother's day digital marketing campaigns. 

Mother's Day 2018 was perfect for brands and their Mother's Day digital marketing campaigns. As Mother's Day 2019 has ended, we round up the enthralling yet emotional Mother's Day digital marketing campaigns of the year. 


The food giant’s Mother’s Day digital marketing campaign conceptualized a film named; “What Moms Say vs What Moms Mean”, which focussed on the untold feelings moms depict while talking to their children. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Swiggy perfectly captured the emotions of an Indian Mom and told us how we should honor her for her selfless love. 

The video garnered 609k views in two days. 

Hyundai India 

Hyundai India innovatively combined the hype for voting with the occasion in its Mother’s Day digital marketing campaign. In the video, you can see two kids taking their mom for a surprise ride on Mother’s Day. On continuously questioning, the guy answers that they’re going to see their first mom i.e., Mother India. With this digital marketing campaign, Hyundai successfully pulled out on what can we do for our motherland. 

The video garnered 8 million views worldwide.

Star Plus

Star Plus is best remembered for its Mother’s Day digital marketing campaign in 2016 when it took its campaign #MadeByMom to the next level by partnering with BCCI. The cricketers wore jerseys with their moms’ names on the back on the final ODI of INDvsNZ. This year too, Star Plus came up with an emotional concept that said Moms should not only be remembered when in pain, but also on occasions like this.  

The video garnered 135k views worldwide.

Shoppers Stop 

Shoppers Stop in association with an NGO Goonj, came up with a heart touching Mother’s Day digital marketing campaign which takes us to the lanes of nostalgia. The video starts with a lady with her mom’s saree, trying to dress up like her mom. Following that, the video ends up with the message that everyone should be pampered with the extravaganza of mom’s love. The video ends with showcasing the concept of recycling old sarees by Goonj and distributing it to the poor and needy.  

The video garnered 1.6 million views worldwide. 


The fun learning app Byju's promoted its DIY tutorials through a Mother’s Day gifting idea. As moms always love to fit things into the budget, Byju’s idea of its DIY gifting tutorials in its Mother’s Day digital marketing campaign was quite strategic. 


The food conglomerate, Zomato came up with the most left-out question in the world in its Mother’s Day digital marketing campaign. We can never forget our favorite dish made my moms. However, we unintentionally do not care about our moms’ favorite food. Taking this heart touching concept to Youtube, Zomato came up with never raised question to our moms. 

The video garnered 5.1 million views. 


Who was your first friend? Questioned Airtel with its Mother’s Day digital marketing campaign. Moms have always been there listening to our cock and bull stories from school, college, and even after getting married. Airtel’s digital marketing campaign featured such unnoticed nuances of a mom as she proved to the first friend and the best friend to us over the years. 

The video garnered 1 million views worldwide. 

Occasions like Mother’s Day are a great opportunity to get your users emotionally connected to your brand. All it takes is a heart touching real-life incident that can be associated with your brand. Want to create social media campaigns like this? Join our comprehensive Digital Marketing Course

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