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Top Content Marketing Tips for Every Modern-Day Marketer

Top Content Marketing Tips for Every Modern-Day Marketer
October 9, 2018

Top Content Marketing Tips for Every Modern-Day Marketer

Oct 09, 2018
Tejasvi Kota
Tejasvi is a Digital Marketer

We all know what would happen if there’s a power outage for a day, but have you ever imagined what it would be like if your freedom of speech or the very means of communication has been wiped out from existence? Imagine a world without any script, how would we jot things down? How about a town with blank billboards, empty pamphlets, magazines and newspapers with nothing but pictures to depict the news? Frightening isn’t it? Doesn’t it make you think of the famous saying, “only when you lose something do you realize the value of it?” writing may not make any noise but it has a powerful impact on people and cultures when the content of that writing has a strong message. 

Promote Your Content Through Social Media

Promote Your Content Through Social Media To Be A Part Of The Successful Content Marketing Race

Social Media Outreach, which is nothing but reaching out to scores of people through content posted on Social media, has grown at an exponential rate since the development of the internet. Creating content is one thing, but pushing it to people from every nook and cranny has been made possible by social media platforms and if you want to be a part of that successful Content Marketing Race, you MUST familiarize yourself with tools that make it possible.

Be Clear About What You Communicate

Be Clear About What You Communicate To Build Your Brand Image

Before you decide to get into the game of Marketing or Content Marketing to be specific, you must know what you represent, where your passions lie and what message your brand is trying to convey. If you have no clue what your brand Identity is about, then it is better to take some time off and think about what your brand is about, because when your brand’s name pops up, people should be aware of what it stands for. 

Choose the Topics Wisely

Choose The Topics Wisely For Long Term Sustainability

Long term sustainability – If you decide to contribute on a topic that has already been talked about for long enough to cause people to lose interest in it, your content must really stand out for people to take notice. Otherwise, just choose to go with topics that are relatively new or evergreen ones such as politics or sports, but make sure it is about ongoing issues or Hot Topics in other words, Current Affairs. 

Invite a Guest Blogger to Contribute on Your Blog

Invite A Guest Or A Fellow Blogger To Contribute On Your Blog

There’s always a possibility of people getting tired of reading your work alone, so invite a friend or a fellow blogger to contribute to your website so it adds a different narrative and a different perspective to your blog page. 

Offer the Solution People Are Looking for Their Problems

People Are Looking For Solutions To Their Problems Offer A Solution On Your Website

Think you have gained enough traction on your site, so you proceed to introduce a sales portal? Think twice before getting on this bandwagon. You must provide the means to the customer to get to the final stage that is the purchase. Basically, how this begins is: People have a problem, they come looking for a solution and you have offered exactly that, a solution on your website

Tailor a Form on Your Website Capable of Exchanging Contact Details 

Provide A Form And Pop up Chat Box To Provide Information On Your Website To Exchange Contact Details

The next step is for them to get in touch with you. Provide an email or a phone number where they can reach you for more information regarding the product or service you are providing. There’s still a chance to lose customers if this is all you provide, so include a form on your website so they can provide you with their details so you can get back to them. Also, include a pop-up chat box to provide information immediately during office hours. 

Provide Alluring Offers to Cement User’s Loyalty

Provide Appealing Offers To Cement User’s Loyalty And Your Brand Value

Now that you have provided the potential client with enough information for them to have come to a decision, it is time for you to reveal appealing offers that would further help them make the final decision to choose your brand over your competitors. 

Be at the Beck and Call of the Potential Client

Be At The Beck And Call Of The Potential Client To Strengthen The Bond Between Your Customer And Your Brand

If you have been successful so far, make sure the process of the sale goes just as flawlessly. Make yourself or a sales assistant be present while the transaction happens and try to engage the customer in insurance if you provide it along with your product or if that isn’t what you specialize in, offer to always be available in case the customers have any queries or give them a business card or a service center card or information and guide them on how they can always reach out to you even after the sale is done. This strengthens the bond between the customer and your brand and it will result in a word of mouth, which is exactly what you need. A Free messenger to get the word out about your brand. Let’s elaborate on this another time. 
Remember that ALL OF THIS is CONTENT. Content on your website that will keep your client’s faith in your brand. Content doesn’t have to be just great writing, it has to be supplemented with tiny details like these so you are thorough from your end. 

Include Visual Content Where Necessary

Include Visual Content Where Necessary To Boost In Audience Engagement

Content does not just include good writing, if bolstered with apt images, it gets a boost in audience engagement, after all a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether it requires the help of a professional photographer or images you find online, do add images to depict what you’re trying to mediate. 

Titles Are What Lure a New User to Your Website

Lure A New User To Your Website With A Catchy Title Or Tagline And That’s Half Your Work Done

What is the first thing that draws you to anything? A catchy title or tagline! Whether it is an application, a telecommunications service provider, a jewelry store or an already successful multinational sports corporation like Nike, all of them need something that catches the attention of people. That title or tagline represents what your brand endorses. Your continued support for the advocacy of what your brand believes in comes through during politically charged events or during a controversial outburst when you have to take a stand and voice out your brand’s standpoint on the ongoing issue. There’s nothing more that convinces people to join your community than being vocal about your support for causes they believe in. Come up with a fitting tagline and that’s half your work done! 

Consistency Is key

Consistency Is Key To Be Discoverable By The Search Engines

This is probably the hundredth time you are reading this, but one cannot lay more stress upon how vital posting on a regular basis is and sticking to the schedule and posting on the days you promised you would. People love it when you post on the days you promise to post on, your dedication will get you more subscribers and more shares, which means your post is accumulating more leads and hence traffic which is the KPI for a digital or content marketer.  Optimization of your website for being discoverable by the Search Engines and ending up on the Search engine results page (SERP) is important to be discovered, but once you have been discovered you must have enough engaging and quality content to keep your new followers interested in you and your brand and keep coming back for more. 

Use Other Platforms to Complement Your Blog Posts or Website Content 

Complement Your Blog Posts Or Website Content Through Other Platforms And Channels

Look for opportunities to post content on other outlets such as videos on YouTube which focus and extend on the written content you share on your blog, but in video format, so it can reach audiences that may be more interested in watching your content rather than reading your content. 

Use Podcasting to Reach Newer Audience Base

Use Podcasting To Reach Newer Audience Base And Make Them Repeated Audience

A prime example of someone multitasking and nailing on two platforms is Timothy Ferris. He’s the author of the world-famous self-help book on the 4-hour theme. He has published books that ranked as number one best-sellers on New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He’s the most sought-after self-help guru of this generation. If anyone needs assistance on how to manage to produce content on two platforms and succeed at everything else in life, refer to his book Tools of the Titans. It is a compilation of methods successful people employ to juggle between a successful career and also handling promotions and other demanding commitments and also having time left to nurture other interests and hobbies. 

Set a Mass Post Trigger Using Marketing Automation Platforms

Use Marketing Automation Platforms Like Buffer To Trigger Your Posts On All The Social Media Platforms

Use tools such as MailChimp and Buffer to trigger mass posts on various platforms. MailChimp enables you to add multiple recipients. This tool pushes the same mail to several people at the same time. Similarly, Buffer is used to trigger posts from the same event on all the social media platforms that you wish to post on.

As Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes, Content is King, but Context is God if you have content that gets people reading and talking about it, but doesn’t turn them into leads and subsequently customers, then you’re doing something wrong. It could be because despite your content being articulate and interesting enough for people to consume it, they may not be able to get the message through because words pulled out of context don’t have any weight, just like empty promises. So, remember, put out content regularly, but make sure you have also set up a context.

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