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Top Companies in Hyderabad Recruiting Digital Marketers

Top Companies in Hyderabad Recruiting Digital Marketers
January 16, 2018

Top Companies in Hyderabad Recruiting Digital Marketers

Jan 16, 2018
Sonal Sai
Sonal Sai is a Digital Marketing Professional.

So, it’s finally 2018. With that, an array of new opportunities have opened, including various trends Digital Marketing. If you are unaware of the term Digital Marketing, then we’re here to make things easy for you. Digital Marketing refers to the marketing, or the promotion of a brand, a product or a service on a digital media, such as the Internet. In this technical and technological era, Digital Marketing has become quite a revolutionary and game-changing marketing strategy, which is pretty much one of the best techniques for the present and the future market. In fact, it has gotten so big and widespread, that majority of the companies, both the big-shots as well as start-ups have implemented Digital Marketing as their primary marketing strategy. So it’s quite obvious that with the growth of Digital Marketing, there’s also an increasing demand for digital marketers. But before we go into some of the best companies that recruit digital marketers, let’s check out how learning Digital Marketing can be beneficial for you.

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

So we talked about how Digital Marketing is one of the top marketing trends of 21st century. Now, I’m pretty sure you want to know how going for Digital Marketing as a career can help you. Let’s check it out!

Digital Marketing is a Chart-topper

It’s no news that Digital Marketing has been in the market scene for so many years now, thanks to its greatly efficient abilities to produce the required results. If you are that digital marketer who has a quest for learning the market trends, then the field is all yours.

Digital Marketing is Futuristic

The Great Recession of 2008 rendered many companies bankrupt, or on the verge of bankruptcy. While that was a critical period for the market, today, the things are changing. While it’s still quite impossible to predict market fluctuations, however, implementing Digital Marketing provides quite a survival leverage. To be able to handle such market situations is quite a feat.

Digital Marketing Fits Budgets

Traditional marketing such as TV, billboards, radio, print media etc cost a lot for simple advertisement purposes, while still providing almost no results. Digital Marketing, on the other hand, is not just effective, it also highly cost-effective in comparison to traditional marketing. Learning Digital Marketing enables you to come across various cost-cutting strategies which can also prove to be very beneficial for the company or the client you are working for.

Digital Marketing Provides You With Better Exposure

Digital Marketing provides you with ample experiences and opportunities that help you learn market fluctuations, market trends and the strategies that can be applied in certain situations. Apart from that, it also lets you understand your client’s requirements with a better perception and also allows you to provide your valuable inputs that can work out positively for the client.

Digital Marketing Lets You Earn More

In current times, where the sword of unemployment keeps hanging on many people, Digital Marketing offers quite a decent payscale, as compared to various other contemporary fields. Great, isn’t it?

Digital Marketing is Ever-growing

While Digital Marketing has been around for quite a while now, it is ever-growing. Statistics say that with the rise of Digital Marketing, market scenes have grown much better in a couple or so years, in comparison to traditional marketing trends over a span of 50 years. As Digital Marketing keeps growing and evolving, it brings along with it bigger and better marketing trends, which help learn more about the marketing tactics.

Digital Marketing is a Silver Platter of Jobs

Digital marketing is one of those unique work-fields that have an extended arena of sub-areas under them. Digital Marketing introduces you to techniques like SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Google AdWord, Google Analytics, SMM, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing- all of which are potential career opportunities in themselves. So, while you learn Digital Marketing, you can prep up for any of the various fields it provides, or even better, you can gain expertise in all of the fields.

Digital Marketers are in High Demand

You’ve waiting for this one, weren’t you? As you might have already read above, as Digital Marketing is making it big as a marketing trend, there has been a growing demand for professionals, or digital marketers, who can help assist brands and businesses in conquering the market digitally and stay ahead of their competitors. This could be the job that might change your life, so go for it!

Top Companies in Hyderabad Recruiting Digital Marketers

Media Mint

Started in 2010 as a small digital marketing shop, today, almost 8 years later, Media Mint is one of Hyderabad’s most sought after digital marketing companies, with great opportunities for budding digital marketers. Boasting of over 40 global clients more than 500 employees over the years, Media Mint offers its employees a learning experience which is a class apart. Media Mint has an in-depth specialization in digital marketing trends that include sales, marketing, operations, development, customer support and financial accounting. Media Mint has some great job profiles which help a lot in shaping your growth curve as a digital marketer.


Accenture has been one of the leading companies that provide excellent IT solutions in the 21st century. But with the gradual rise in Digital Marketing, Accenture has very enthusiastically implemented digital marketing for providing better business solutions to clients all over the globe. The digital services of Accenture include strategies related to market performance, media planning, analytics, user journey experience and user map optimization. One of Accenture’s most brilliant job profiles is that of a Senior Analyst. Go, check it out!


Back in 2001, when it was the beginning of a new millenium and while many companies were dwindling under the dot-com boom, Trianz took its first steps to provide clients with IT solutions that would help them gain better results in the market. Fast-forward to 2013, Trianz rebooted itself and became a multidisciplinary company, providing IT as well as digital marketing services. Today, it is considered as one of Hyderabad’s top digital marketing companies. The best part is, it has some really exciting jobs to offer.

Report Garden

One of the reasons why I absolutely love startups is that they provide a lot of experience and exposure to learn and work on various fields. Started in 2013 as an AdWords reporting tool, Report Garden has moved on to become one of Hyderabad’s leading companies that help various digital marketing agencies prepare analytics and performance reports for the clients. Report Garden is exceptional in what it does, and it provides digital marketers excellent job profiles that they can add in their resume.


With as many as 400 clients from various sectors, IMarks is a digital marketing wizard, providing top class digital solution to various businesses. IMarks has a vision to be a qualified, preferred partner for its global clientele while making sure of employee growth and satisfaction. Its tremendous performance has led it to become a great attraction for digital marketers who have a dream of working with the best and for the best. With its great job opportunities, no wonder the employee base of IMarks has been growing quite swiftly.

Emblix Solutions

Highly focused in its digital marketing tactics, Emblix Solutions is one of Hyderabad’s most terrific digital companies, and it not only provides some of the best digital solutions to its clients, but also possesses great in-depth knowledge about the core areas of digital marketing. Providing digital marketing solutions ranging from a simple website building to advanced advertisement campaigns on digital media, Emblix is a great learning place for digital marketers from all fields.

Pyrite Technologies

There’s a very huge misunderstanding that people have, thinking that startups can’t achieve much. However, Pyrite Technologies proves that with determination, nothing is impossible. Launched in 2010 as a startup, Pyrite has worked on to become a company today. With its main subjects of focus being SEO services and web development, Pyrite has optimized the web rankings of over a hundred organizations. Think you belong in Pyrite? Apply for a chance to become the best digital marketer.

Shoot Order

Shoot Order is an example of how great things can be achieved in a short span of time. Established in 2012, Shoot Order specializes in social media marketing and web development. It also works on PPC ad campaigns and has provided a great deal of positive solutions to its client. It’s list of job profiles have proved to be a great teaching experience for digital marketers, encouraging them to give their best in each project they receive.

Rabbit Digital

A part of Associated Advertising, Rabbit Digital is one of the best branding companies of Hyderabad. Basic website building, content, UX/UI, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, CSS, HTML, SMO, Ad Campaigns- Rabbit assists brands from the beginning to the end, till the brand reaches a recognition. One of the best things about Rabbit Digital is its immense creativity, which is why creativity is an important criterion when they hire digital marketers. Show your creativity at Rabbit Digital and be a great digital marketer.

Spark Innovations

With more than a decade of experience in web development, Spark Innovations Pvt Ltd has become one of the best SEO solution providers in Hyderabad. The company’s long presence in the market has helped it gain expertise in and knowledge of the various trends and needs of the market. Also specializing in app development, Spark provides its clientele with the best marketing solutions and boosts their online presence. Digital marketers at Spark are in for a great ride, filled with knowledge and experience. So, go ahead and show your talent as a digital marketer.

While we may have shortlisted some of the best digital marketing recruiters it solely depends on you as to how to excel in the field of digital marketing and show your feat by bringing outstanding solutions to your clients. So, are you ready to be the best digital marketer?

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