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Top Career Options for B.Tech Graduates in 2019

Top Career Options for B.Tech Graduates in 2019
March 13, 2019

Top Career Options for B.Tech Graduates in 2019

Mar 13, 2019
Soundarya Durgumahanthi
Soundarya is a Digital Marketer

Yes, I agree. B.Tech life is the most colorful and carefree life when compared to all other undergraduate courses in India. But, as they say, life reveals its magic, once at a time, as time passes and you're finally in your 4th year of Engineering, the pressure to get placed in campus placements piles up. As if the pressure was less, you're bombarded with questions whenever you're at a social event with all your relatives around. Questions like "How are your placements going on?", "Did you get a job?", are endless. In return, you're sandwiched between choosing your passion as a career and the going as per the society's high standard, sophisticated life.

Well, at this point, you ought to question yourself. Is getting placed in the campus placements only the option after B.Tech? Are you mentally prepared for your dream job? Or are you not yet tired of studying further? Do not get bewildered with the career options in front of you. With this article, you'll be able to decide which career option is the best for you among the plethora. 

Promising Career Options for B.Tech Graduates in 2019


While the previously-mentioned fields are the same mundane desk jobs stuck into the computer screens, by choosing a career in Aviation, you would never look back. A career in aviation in 2019 is a perfect mix of science, technology, and travel, especially if you're looking to get rid of the 9 to 5 world. All you would need to become a commercial pilot is to take command of the flight controls and be in charge of the carrying of passengers and cargos safely around the world. You can also take up aircraft maintenance as a career option and work at major airlines, airport authorities and aircraft manufacturing firms. 

Digital Marketing 

With the advancements in Digital media, Digital Marketing is now one of the most sought after as well as a promising career option in 2019. The varied yet intriguing career options available only in this field is enough to drag you from your B.Tech background to a more in-demand and interesting career choice. You can choose among SEO, SMM, Content Creation, PPC Advertising, Email Marketing and many more.

Depending on your niche, you can choose any one of the varied specializations or Digital Marketing as a whole. Plus, coding is not required as it is not a practice of digital marketing. All you need to have are some basic skills and knowledge of the concepts and practices of Digital Marketing and you’re ready to become a successful Digital Marketer. 

Mobile App Development 

With so many people clinging onto their mobile phone screens, have you ever noticed what that magical masterpiece is to have made them forget the world around them? Mobile Applications. From food to fitness and work to traveling, apps are the solution to every query you have. If the design and processing of mobile apps have always intrigued you, why not try creating the next mobile app based on your novel idea? There are many mobile app development courses online through which you can gain enough knowledge to create a mobile app on your own. And who knows, it can be the next top app of the decade. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is going to be the near future of Earth. Be it everyday life or special digital set-ups, machine learning and artificial intelligence are to take over the next game changer tag to their name. Recently, IT firm Tech Mahindra stated that collaborative robots would complete nearly two-thirds of all work in factories, which indicates how fast Artificial Intelligence and, Machine Learning is going to take over technology. Do you have the zeal to experience the upcoming future of technology? Choose artificial intelligence and machine learning as a career option and integrate AI with reality.

Government Job

This is another most sought after career option after pursuing B.Tech. As per the Indian society, working for the Indian Government is tagged as 'well-settled'. Well, that’s obvious, as the facilities government officials in higher grade get are no less than a VIP treatment. However, clearing government exams are a little tough. The questions asked in the exam are not rocketed science but simple formulae based. We all overestimate government exams so much that we forget that the questions are designed to be solved by the candidates and not to get tangled in the confusing process. Like any other exam preparation, these need dedication and time management and then, you’re on the way to excel as a government official. 

Start Your Own Venture

India has been a hub for a versatile range of startups recently. So, taking entrepreneurship as a career option in 2019 is as far the best, if you wanna become your own boss. Yet, entrepreneurship doesn't only mean coming up with a unique business idea. You have to be ready financially and emotionally which also includes how you will reach to the clients and customers in an affordable & effective way.

Also, if your idea is brilliant, there are many crowdfunding platforms online where you’re provided some funding for your idea by top businessmen. If you're afraid of entering the market without any experience, you can try pursuing entrepreneurship courses. You can get a diploma, certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in this field.

These were few of the trending career options for B.Tech graduates to pursue in 2019. Interested in taking Digital Marketing as a career option? Join Digital Ready's Certificate Course in Digital Marketing and get yourself trained on Digital Marketing concepts like SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Ads, and many more. 

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