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Top 20 Tips for Improving Conversion on Your Website

Top 20 Tips for Improving Conversion on Website
January 27, 2017

Top 20 Tips for Improving Conversion on Your Website

Jan 27, 2017
Satish Ch
Satish is a digital marketing professional.

As we all know that is everything works on determinate objectives to meet the metrics to scale up the overall performance of work done and of course nothing is there if there isn’t this quantification on what we accomplish. The same thesis applies to the online assets like websites, blog sites etc. Here the conversion is the rate at which your potential visitors go on what you wish to do on your website. It may be to make them to purchase your products or to fill up the contact form, so called call to action (CTA). Thus your conversion rate indicates your overall online market performance to meet your predefined goals. Here the top 20 tips to enhance your conversion rate on your website.

1) Trust Is a Key

Trust leads to conversation and commitment and that impact over your conversion rate. To build the trust you have to define your brand's voice to which people you want a target.

  • Utilize your social media presence as a proof that means you have to improve your brand’s trustworthiness
  • Show the real images of your management people and their contact details
  • Use your product reviews and testimonials of existed customers to nurture belief with new potential customers
  • Show the recognitions of your brand and your organization including with pictures and official address

2) Define your Unique Selling Point

To know your unique selling point you should have a clear idea about your business goals with respect to your targeted audience. Observe your competitors and their activities towards their conversion objectives to determinate your forte from them to highlight. Identify the benefits of your product value to propel your targeted customers. Highlighting your new products features tell how you are unique value proposition from your competitors.

3) Make Your Visitors Eager

Using more convincible language to communicate with an effective call to action in landing page to complete on your website. Explain potential customers about your product value and its benefits and how it is unique from other similar products in the market.

4) Provide Various Payment Choices

Offer different payment choices using different payment integration platforms like Paypal, using discount opportunities to grab their attention to doing something about your business. Provide your customers' installments to make easier when they like to be interested.

5) Examine Your Landing Pages with Different Themes

Using different landing pages with various color formats and themes to observe the audience response ratio in the point of view of what they want to buy on. The different color format can influence different kind of people's behavioral pattern and their feelings. Try different landing pages which connect to your main website see which is the best one gives the ideal output.

6) Use Different Content Size

Tailor made different lengths of contents in landing pages for a different type of audience to see which one performs better from others. Sometimes short line call to action will give you more result than a longer one.

7) Provide Effective Call to Action than Building Links

Emphasize proper call to action to your potential customers on landing pages that can give you the better conversion rate instead of building backlinks. Using link bait strategy will impact on your website authority to enhance online traffic but very few specific people reach your final goal by the resultant call to action.

8) Do Live Chat with Your Audience

Provide live chat option to your online visitors to answer their queries about your service or product to push them next level in the sales cycle.

9) Craft Your Site Easy to Navigate

It is very important to be conscious about the overall sitemap structure should be easy to navigate. Once the user came to your website online, he or she look has to pay attention to your web page content to reach the final stage of sales. Proper sitemap hierarchy will impact more on users’ engagement period with your product.

10) Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

As consumption of mobiles is increasing day by day, the users become so smart when they want to buy something like. Over 50% of the users from the mobile search drive better conversion rate. So why not we try to grab their attention as they are doing mobile search.

11) Create Useful & Engaging Content

Provide beneficial and fresh content on your website leads to the overall response rate of your business. Continuous updating of rich content in blogs make your potential users very excited to follow and re-engage time to time. It will lead to maintaining and keep wrap between you and your potential customers. By creating content and publishing articles about their pain points and suggest the best solutions in this entire phenomena.

12) Minimize Bounce Rate

Shorten the bounce rate by increasing the engagement time when your visitors reach homepage, by avoiding loading speed distraction and easily able to navigate from your home page to another one.

13) Draft Each Page as a Landing Page

Craft every web page as effective landing pages with a proper call to action to make your visitors what you want to do them on your website. Having each web page has its own theme of awesome content and try to make it clear concise of their attention by using different context with strategic color thematic formats.

14) Use Quality Images

Use quality images which are relevant to your business objectives to reach your conversion goals. Especially place the high-resolution images in the landing pages while offers discount with respect to the web page content.

15) Make a Clear Headline

Write an effective headline as it tells the whole story of a web page. Crafting attractive headline impacts more to catch your visitors’ attention to look up what is there on the web page. It brings to the potential customers to read further that will take over towards our ultimate conversion point.

16) Enhance Loading Speed

It is essential to eye on loading speed of your website as it effects on their engagement period. We need to optimize our web page context in each corner side at the site level optimization stage as the potential customers don't want to wait if your website loading speed is not up to their expectation.

17) Improve Social Presence

Utilizing social media presence to share recent updates and activities of your business can help you be always in the mind of your targeted audience. Also being in community forums to answer their queries about their interests and pain points of products they are using similar to products you offer extends your brand interaction.

18) Follow Constancy

Every web page has its own theme and core message to potential customers to do something valuable to your business. So follow response rate of the users whether they are supposed to navigate proper call to action or not. Prepare the paid advert campaigns which resemble your core message in your landing pages or web pages. So that they can identify your brand value as they interacted earlier through the organic search.

19) Optimize Frequently Visited Webpages

Analyze which web pages are most frequently visited by users in a whole website and optimize according to their interests and needs. Identify that from which pages the sales leads come often and optimize with proper call to action button to close the conversion.

20) Conduct A/B Testing

Create and test different versions of the target pages to see which one is producing the results. You can perform this with Google Analytics Experiments. Also check out these 100 Landing Page Examples to get some inspiration for your landing pages.


Conversion is an ultimate sale point in any business so we need to follow and implement these all tips to enhance the conversion ratio to meet our determinate objectives.

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