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Top 20 Best Practices for Successful YouTube Channel Management

Top 20 Best Practices for Successful YouTube Channel Management
December 6, 2018

Top 20 Best Practices for Successful YouTube Channel Management

Dec 06, 2018
Rashmi Rao V
V Rashmi Rao, a Digital Marketer with 7+ years of experience in creative Content writing, proofreading and a SEO professional. Rashmi is a veteran for creating and managing digital content across mediums to help build relationships for organizations and individuals.

One of the most prominent channels of Digital Marketing is YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine used after Google, which means it enjoys a large chunk of the global audience that is around billions of users. Video Marketing is the future of Content Marketing in the Digital space. Video Marketing creates both information and entertainment value, thus it becomes necessary to have a YouTube channel. 

Did You Know?

When I say that there are billions of people of watching videos all day long, it means there is a great chance you reaching your potential clients easily and quickly. In 2018, YouTube has reached 1.8 billion registered users accessible in 76 different languages. Researchers say that 59% of people prefer watching videos over reading text, this surely means that from teenagers to adults everybody watches videos. 

As we know YouTube works as a search engine, hence you need to optimize your channel regularly. With this blog, I would be sharing some best practices for successful YouTube channel management. 

Start with Building Videos Around a Particular Keyword or a Topic

It may sound a little weird but it is necessary to design a video around a specific keyword or a topic helps build a potential audience for your brand. Choosing a specific keyword allows you to construct a good amount of information for the video and it also allows you to keep using the same keyword across different content on your Channel making SEO an easy task and ultimately it helps the YouTube search engine to remember your keyword. You can use keyword tools to determine the best-suited keywords for your channel. Always optimize the Title and description as it helps in proper YouTube channel management. Do not forget to keep your video short and simple. The videos that are less than 5mins attract more traffic than the longer ones.

Working on the Existing Content

Creating a quality content for your videos is a must. This can be either done by building videos from scratch or just working on your existing content. Yes! Its possible to recreate existing videos through quality content already present on your site. For example, you can create a video from one of the best blog available on your site. A descriptive blog can be converted into an interesting blog and that will surely have more viewers than a blog.

Keep in Touch with your Audience

Give your audience a chance to be glued to your channel, making them loyal to your brand and your videos. As YouTube is a social channel and a platform where there is a continuous social interaction, engaging the audience in your videos helps you increase your reach and traffic. YouTube rewards channels for engaging audiences in different ways like the total time spent on the channel, likes & dislikes, number of subscribers, comments and reviews. Responding to comments on the videos helps in creating a personal touch with your audience.

Branding is the Key

How will you become famous? How will your audience identify you? Creating a specific, unique BRAND for yourself or your product is the key to running a successful YouTube channel. The uniqueness of your brand keeps you away from the crowd. This would be the differentiator and viewers would want to subscribe to your channel. As YouTube promotes more visual branding, use attractive images that would help viewers to immediately recognize your brand. Along with this also add customized URLs, an interesting small bio about the video and yourself. This surely helps attracts more traffic.

Share, Share, Share

Once you have created a YouTube video, share them everywhere on other social channels. Promotion helps in reaching your target audience in every possible way. Don’t leave any of the means of sharing the video. Choose from different channels like Facebook, LinkedIN, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and even in the blog sections of the site to promote the video. You can also share small teasers on YouTube and a full-length video on Facebook. More the sharing more the traffic.

Show Your Face to Your Audience

If you are an individual or an organization you need to have a face towards your audience as it will allow you to connect with them easily. Audiences relate to you when they see you. Bloggers like the fitness professionals, how to do crafts, motivational speakers etc. can include their faces in the videos to create more impact and attract more audiences. You can also use your photos in the videos.

Create Impact with Thumbnails

Yes, you read it right! Thumbnails usually are small but create a great impact on your audiences. YouTube uses thumbnails to advertise several videos on the right side of the page. Thus, a thumbnail that is clear, precise with a catchy title, rank higher in YouTube searches and helps in attracting viewers as they have high click-through-rate (CTR). To increase the CTR for your videos you can use highlighted large texts, arrows etc that create an impact.

Use the YouTube Cards Well

As I already stated in the blog above that YouTube rewards channels for long-time channel engagement. Longer the audiences stay on your channel, longer the engagement. Thus to keep you audience interaction more on your channel you can use YouTube cards, they are small interactive sessions that pop-up in midst of the video, wherein viewers can click on them and move to other videos but are still on your channel increasing the engagement time. These cards can be links, texts, and images. Different types of YouTube cards are - Link cards, poll cards, channel cards, fan funding cards, donation cards, and video or playlist cards. Use them wisely as you can use 5 cards at a time.

Compel for Subscriptions

You know your YouTube video is running well when you have a larger number of audiences as your “Subscribers”, the ones who have subscribed to your channel. Remind your audiences to subscribe to your channel in every single video you post. You can also view your subscriber's list. Always ask your viewers to subscribe to your videos, give them the reasons to subscribe by uploading relevant, unique and fresh videos.

Upload Videos Regularly

This may sound overwhelming but the frequency of posting fresh videos on your channel allows you to have a larger audience. If possible post one video per week. Don’t keep your audiences waiting too long for your next video. Plan a schedule and upload videos accordingly. Driving brand engagement through regular uploads allows you to create loyal brand followers. Consistency is one of the significant best-practices of posting a video on YouTube.

Choose your Category

Choosing a specific category for your videos allows you to be in the search list of the YouTube search engine. Thus, you are grouped with similar kind of content across the channel.

Make your YouTube Content Mobile-friendly

Optimizing your according to mobile functionality has become the need as majority audiences view the videos on their mobile phones. 

Create Trailers for new Visitors

Trailers help you to introduce yourself to the new audiences/visitors. Trailers can be seen by audiences who have not your channel subscribers. It helps in defining yourself and what your channel is all about. To describe yourself, be specific, clear and simple.

Customize Channel Layout

Organizing and customizing your channel layout helps your audiences with easy navigation and understanding of your channel page. Easy navigations and organized content make viewing your videos easy. Categorizing videos, creating playlists with good tiles helps viewers to move around your channel. You can take more help from YouTube Channel Help Guide.

Change Channel Art and Channel Icon

Use images that can be easily recognized and are consistent across the entire YouTube channel. If you have the channel as an individual you can use a perfect headshot. If the channel belongs to a company then you can use a company’s professional logo. 

Make Video Descriptions Descriptive

Writing an elaborated description of the video is necessary as YouTube can’t understand and extract information just from the video you published. Thus, writing a few lines about the video can be helpful in creating more user interactions as YouTube relies entirely on the information provided by you. I would suggest writing a description that is around 200 - 300 words with strong CTA (call-to-action) words. Also, include “Subscribe” link in the content. Share the URLs, share on social media. Finally, choose the right category before uploading.

Don’t Forget Tags

How will anybody search for you? Tags help the viewers to search you from the billions of similar videos. They help in providing valuable information about your videos and audience can easily reach you through these tags. 

Example: If you own a restaurant, you can give tags - Indian Food, Continental cuisine, Italian desserts, Free home delivery, 5-star ratings etc.

Featured Section

YouTube gives a space on your channel to share some of the videos on your page as “Featured Content”. Make proper use of it. Share videos that have been most viewed or you can also share the upcoming video. It just helps you in advertising all your content freely. You have the chance to choose which videos to be showcased.

Make Videos Relevant to Your Target Audiences

Your audience are your asset, you have to manage and engage them appropriately. Check for the user demographic, create videos as per user demographics and interest. This would help you to be closer to your audience.

Measure your Video Performance

The last thing you need to do after you create, customize, upload and share the video is to measure how much your video is running. You can do this by using YouTube Analytics. To understand YouTube Analytics you need to first determine the goal of your channel, why in the first place you wanted to start a YouTube channel? Thus finding an answer for your goal can help you ease in the measuring process. For example, Increasing traffic, increasing brand awareness, maximum social sharing can be some of the goals for your channels. You can find a detailed YouTube Analytics report on youtube.com/analytics

I hope you find these 20 Best Practices for Successful YouTube Channel Management quite helpful. Although these 20 may not be the only ones, you may find many more. If you still think you need more information on how YouTube Channel works? How can you create your own channel? Reach us at 9885753885 or send us an email at [email protected].

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