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Top 15 Social Media Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

Top 15 Social Media Marketing Interview Questions & Answers
January 8, 2019

Top 15 Social Media Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

Jan 08, 2019
Rashmi Rao V
V Rashmi Rao, a Digital Marketer with 7+ years of experience in creative Content writing, proofreading and a SEO professional. Rashmi is a veteran for creating and managing digital content across mediums to help build relationships for organizations and individuals.

Are you a Social Media freak who is constantly posting on social media? Are you aware of the concept called Social Media Marketing (SMM)? Being just a Digital Marketer isn’t enough, you need to be an expert in Social Media postings. Earlier social media platforms were only for social updates, friendly chats and for sharing personal pictures or videos, but today social media platforms are largely used by corporate and business to promote their latest products & services.

Companies today share live updates on their social media pages. Every hour news and updates are shared on social media platforms, which surely calls more social media marketing experts in the business. Cracking a Digital marketing interview be easy if you are able to answer questions relating to Social Media as well. Let’s check out some Top 15 Social Media Interview Questions & Answers that will help you to land in the desired job.

Define SMM – Social Media Marketing?

Promoting your products & services through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Social Media Marketing helps in creating a more personal touch with audiences. It allows you to reach your customers regularly and instantly. It also allows the customers to reach their brands as and when they want.

How can you measure Social Media success? If yes, explain?

Below are some of the parameter through which you can decide if your social media marketing campaigns was a success or not?

  • Increase in the number of followers or visitors

  • A higher number of potential leads.

  • Check for the total number of Inbound links that have come from other social sites.

  • The number of readers or bloggers who commented on the posts you shared.

  • The number of social media shares for the post.

  • Total traffic generated through the posts.

  • The total number of conversions or subscriptions gathered through posts.

  • Lastly, the total number of posts published.

While creating a Social Media Report, what are the KPIs (key performance indicators)you will mention?

Usually, KPIs are or should be linked to company goals so that you can achieve maximum ROI. Some of the KPIs you can mention –

  • The number of views

  • The number of shares

  • The number of mentions

  • The number of reviews, comments, opinions

  • The number of followers

  • Leads generated via social media sites

When I say, “the video is VIRAL”, what do I mean? Determine the key elements of Viral  Video?

A video becomes VIRAL when it is shared maximum through social media channels like YouTube and becomes popular. Usually to make a video viral you need to keep in mind some key elements –

  • Determine and understand your audience well. Because choosing the right audience is required to make the video liked by a maximum number of people.

  • Remember to keep the length of the video short and keep the first 20 seconds of the video more attractive and interesting.

  • A video should be both informative, precise and entertaining, otherwise, no one will watch.

  • Attention seeking is necessary, what can be better than a catchy caption that just connects with your audiences.

  • Approach all your social media Influencers and ask them to promote, share and market your video as much as they can.

  • Give your audiences a message or a reason so that they share your video more and more.

Tell me a few best practices that you should follow on Twitter

  1. Do not use more than 2 hashtags# for every single tweet. Use relevant hashtags always.

  2. Do not write stories on Twitter, use short, simple & precise tweets that are less than 200 words.

  3. Do not use poor images, always use rich media with good quality images.

  4. Do not tweet randomly, always schedule your tweets prior. Use TweetDeck or Buffer.

  5. Always check your Twitter Marketing activities with the help of Twitter Analytics so that you can improve the Twitter strategy.

  6. Engage with your audience through genuine polls and ask questions as possible.

Give some ways to boost Social Media reach?

  1. Always post content that answers readers queries. Post blogs like instructional videos, “how to do” articles etc.

  2. Native social media tools are best to post latest updates on your social media pages, as third-party tools can create risk while posting.

  3. Generating organic web traffic through targeted social media campaigns will help in boosting your reach to the maximum.

  4. Talk to your audiences regularly and keep them engaged

  5. Keep posting regular and original content.

You have initiated a Facebook Campaign and that isn’t running well, what will you do?

  1. Buy some ads always helps in boosting Facebook campaigns.

  2. Do not use third-party tools.

  3. Be vocal and visual.

  4. Post daily & timely.

  5. Get your likes up in exchange for some content.

Can you tell about some best social media marketing tools?

  1. HootSuite – Helps in social media dashboard monitoring.

  2. Zendesk – allows collecting messages from various platforms like emails and other customer engagement platforms.

  3. SproutSocial – helps in managing multiple brands, pages and also generates analytics, competitor reports etc,

  4. Crowdbooster – allows to measure user engagement over various social media platforms and also suggest what suits your brand.

  5. Radian 6 – a tool that helps proper social media management, helps in posting reports and analytics.

Someone commented on your post, and it’s a negative comment. How will protect your company from an online reputation crisis?

Negative comments create a negative reputation, it is necessary to answer them and resolve them as quickly as possible. Sending apologies and using humble words while replying helps a lot. There is nothing wrong in being sorry. Never make a mistake in deleting the negative comments immediately, delete them later after a few days have passed once you have resolved their issues.  Always follow a best practice protocol to be the best in the industry, but yes you will have to handle all types of customers and comments given by them.

Share some quick tips to promote a Blog on social media sites?

  1. Create a Social Media planner or calendar wherein you can organize your content and post accordingly.

  2. Post the blog on all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter.

  3. Re-share the links on other social sites.

  4. Use attractive title, images to promote them.

  5. Use hashtags on Twitter with selective keywords to promote the blog.

  6. If possible you can also create a small video clip about the blog and that can also be promoted on social media platforms.

Tell me some factors that will help you in deciding on a social media marketing budget?

A standard social media marketing budget can be from $500 per month, that can be affordable for any size of the organization. While deciding on a social media marketing budget, you need to keep in mind factors like –

Human Resource/ Manpower team

Training requirements for this manpower.

Financial requisites for the training programs.

Total time required to run a campaign

Other marketing tools that include publishing, managing and reporting tools.

State some qualities of a good Social Media Marketer?

  • A good understanding & knowledge about all the Social media platforms.

  • A person who can easily connect with brand audiences and keep them engaged.

  • A person who is able to convey the brand message to its key audience through social media posts, campaigns, and content.

  • A person who can communicate well through good writing.

  • A person who can sympathize when necessary with a huge group of audience.

  • A person who offers the best of customer service.

Is it easy to manage multiple pages on Facebook?

Yes! This is possible with the help of Facebook’s “Page Manager” that allows handling multiple pages easily. Using this, you can posts quickly on multiple pages at the same time.

Managing Social Media competitions can be challenging, how will you deal with it?

The only answer and the best way to manage social media competition is to post genuine, original, interesting, engaging content regularly on your social media pages. Keep yourself and your social media pages updated.

Are there any disadvantages for a company or a brand to have a presence on Social Media?

Although Social media has helped companies in reaching out to a larger audience, at the same time it has made all the company affairs to be open. Your customer knows what you are doing and they have reactions on whatever you do. Negative comments are the biggest drawback for a company having a social media page, as these comments affect the company’s reputation big time.

If you are a beginner in Social Media Marketing or an experienced Digital Marketer these question and answers will help you boost your Social Media career. If you don’t know what’s trending in Social Media then reach us @9885753885.

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