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Top 15 Popular Indian YouTube Superstars

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October 23, 2018

Top 15 Popular Indian YouTube Superstars

Oct 23, 2018
Sandeep Reddy Alla
Sandeep is a digital marketer.

Do you ever wonder who are the most popular Indian YouTube Superstars are? India has more than 450 million (45 crores) active internet users as of Jan 2018. And over 1.5 billion users worldwide watching millions of videos and generating billions of video views on YouTube every day. Today, YouTube's top stars and content creators have more audiences than the population of some countries. Many of the YouTube stars getting more views than some of the most popular TV programs in India. With ever-growing importance of YouTube, many people are taking YouTube as their full-time career.

We decided to analyze and present you with some of the most popular Indian YouTube superstars, and mainly focused on the independent YouTube stars and not the channels with mainstream artists. Top 15 Popular Indian YouTube Superstars list.

Top 15 Popular Indian YouTube Superstars list.

1. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana Youtube Channel Statistics

With over 10 Million subscribers Amit Bhadana is very popular among the YouTube community and he is one of the Top Indian YouTube Superstars. Amit was born on September 7, 1991, is a native of Faridabad, India and he has a law degree. His parents did not know about his YouTube channel when he started it because amit was scared of telling them. Just like any typical Indian middle-class family, it was hard for him to convince his parents to take YouTube as a career.

Amit is good at making hilarious videos on topics like relationships, day to day life scenarios and comedic skits with his friends and family. Only making YouTube videos is not his life goal. Amit Bhadana is a huge fan of Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan and he wants to make a full-length Bollywood comedy film.

Amit Bhadana has 56.1K followers on Twitter and 1.6 Million followers on Instagram and he has over 4.8 Million Fans on Facebook.

Amit Bhadana Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Amit Bhadana

Facebook Page - @TheAmitBhadana

Twitter Page - @iAmitBhadana

Instagram - theamitbhadana


2. Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines)

BB Ki Vines YouTube Channel Statistics

Bhuvan bam is from New Delhi, born on January 21, 1994. He graduated from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. Bhuvan is another superstar in our list with more than 10 million YouTube followers. Because of his immense popularity, His YouTube channel BB Ki Vines won the ‘most popular channel on YouTube’ in webtvasia awards 2016. Bhuvan is among the Popular Indian YouTube Superstars.

He is popularly known for his vines and his YouTube channel BB Ki Vines. Bhuvan is a YouTube sensation and one of the top Indian YouTubers with his originality and sense of humor. He is popular as a YouTuber and singer as he started his career in the bars at New Delhi as a singer. Bhuvan's likes to be called as a musician, singer, and songwriter and has exceptional writing skill and originality. He is very popular in social media too with millions of followers on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

BB Ki Vines has 2.15 Million followers on Twitter and 5.1 Million followers on Instagram and he has over 4.6 Million Fans on Facebook.

Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - BB Ki Vines

Facebook Page - @BBkiVines

Twitter Page - @Bhuvan_Bam

Instagram - bhuvan.bam22


3. Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji)  

Technical Guruji YouTube Channel Statistics

Gaurav Chaudhary born and raised in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. Born on 7th May 1991. Now he is living in Al Garhoud, Dubai, UAE. He did his B.Tech from Bikaner city then he moved to Dubai to pursue his career in micro-electronics (M. Tech) from BITS Pilani Dubai campus.

With over 9 million subscribers to his channel technical guruji, Gaurav Chaudhary is one of the Most Popular YouTubers In India. Gaurav created his YouTube channel technical guruji in 2015, started publishing videos in Hindi talking about technology, smartphones, reviews, unboxing etc. His videos are very helpful and informative, and his way of presenting is very easy to understand for anyone. Gaurav Chaudhary is one of the fastest growing popular Indian YouTubers.

Technical Guruji has 1.46 Million followers on Twitter and 540K followers on Instagram and he has over 470K Fans on Facebook.

Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Technical Guruji

Facebook Page - @technicalguruji

Twitter Page - @TechnicalGuruji

Instagram - technicalguruji

Website -


4. Ashish Chanchlani (ashish chanchlani vines) 

Ashish Chanchlani Vines YouTube Channel Statistics

Ashish chanchlani's birthplace is ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India. Born on November 07 1993. He pursued his b.Tech degree in civil engineering from datta meghe college of engineering, Navi Mumbai but he didn't complete because of his interest in the acting career. He went to barry john acting studio, Mumbai, India to start his acting career. 

Ashish chanchlani is a YouTube sensation and his family also has some history of working in Bollywood. His family supported him a lot with his career. Ashish started his YouTube channel in 2009 and he was loved by the people because of his original quality content and comedic parodies and he is one of India's Most Popular YouTubers.

Ashish Chanchlani Vines has 356K followers on Twitter and 2.8 Million followers on Instagram and he has over 2.8 Million Fans on Facebook.

Ashish Chanchlani (ashish chanchlani vines) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - ashish chanchlani vines

Facebook Page - @officialashchanchlani

Twitter Page - @ashchanchlani

Instagram -  ashishchanchlani

Website -

5. Sandeep Maheshwari (Sandeep Maheshwari)

Sandeep Maheshwari YouTube Channel Statistics

Sandeep Maheshwari is a great motivational speaker and the entrepreneur. Born 28th September 1980, He pursued his bachelor degree at kirori mal college. But unfortunately, he was not able to finish his studies because of some personal reasons.

Sandeep is the CEO of Sandeep started his profession as a photographer in 2000 and worked as a freelancer for many small businesses. Then in 2007, he had to sell his camera to join the marketing company called Japan life. In 2003 Sandeep wrote a book on marketing and began a firm but then again he had to close the company very soon. Then started as he found out about stock photography. He gives free seminars too which are life-changing for many people. His motivation and perspective of life give hope to the society. Sandeep Maheshwari is among the Popular Indian YouTube Superstars.

Sandeep achieved many milestones and awards, some of them are 
"Young creative entrepreneur award by the British Council, a division of the British high commission"
"Creative entrepreneur of the year 2013 by entrepreneur India summit"

Ashish Chanchlani Vines has 154K followers on Twitter and 353K followers on Instagram and he has over 7.6 Million Fans on Facebook.

Sandeep Maheshwari Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Sandeep Maheshwari

Facebook Page - @SandeepMaheshwariPage

Twitter Page - @SandeepSeminars

Instagram - sandeep__maheshwari

Website -

6. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika YouTube Channel Statistics

Nisha Madhulika, at the age of 59, she is doing an amazing job as a YouTube content creator. It's been 7 years since she uploaded her first video and she has come a long way and earned millions of subscribers. But before that in 2007, she started writing about cooking in her blog and her passion and love for cooking made her our beloved Nisha Madhulika aunty. She always wanted to do something for the people and she used to give home tutors for poor kids. 

Nisha Madhulika also featured on the YouTube's top chefs coffee table book. And she has refused many endorsements or promotions on her YouTube channel. Nisha is not against endorsements, but she says it will have to be on her own way and the products which are useful to her patrons and not just for the sake of endorsements.

She is doing what she loves and it is her passion since her childhood, and no matter what your age is and it doesn't matter if you are young or old to pursue your passion. There is a chance for everyone on YouTube to become as one of the popular YouTubers in India.

Nisha Madhulika has 1,835 Followers on Twitter and 36.2K followers on Instagram and she has over 500K Fans on Facebook.

Nisha Madhulika Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Nisha Madhulika

Facebook Page - @nishamadhulika

Twitter Page - @nishamadhulika

Instagram - nishamadhulika_cooks

Website -


7. Vidya Iyer (Vidya Vox)

Vidya Vox YouTube Channel Statistics

Vidya Iyer, popularly known by her stage name Vidya Vox born in Chennai on 26th September 1990 and raised in Virginia, USA and now living in Los Angeles. She is very good with many languages like English, French, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. She was just a 5-year-old little girl when started singing.

Vidya was a student of Geoge Washington University at Washington D.C. and pursued a degree in Psychology. At that time she started her YouTube channel “Vidya Vox” to show the world her musical talent. She said that the love she has for the music is why she did not become a doctor. Vidya's parents were always supported her to achieve her dreams. Vidya performed in Shankar’s YouTube channel 'ShritiBox' before starting her own YouTube channel "Vidya Vox" in 2015.

Vidya’s creativity and her selection of songs are also played a major role in her success and made her a part of India's YouTube Superstars. Vidya has a great presence and following on all social media platforms. She also fortunate enough to finds herself performing at National Center for the Performing Arts (India), The White House, etc.

Vidya Vox has 86.5K Followers on Twitter and 855K followers on Instagram and she has over 1 Million Fans on Facebook.

Vidya Iyer (Vidya Vox) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Vidya Vox

Facebook Page - @VidyaVoxMusic

Twitter Page - @VidyaVox

Instagram - vidyavox

Website -

Spotify - Vidya Vox

Soundcloud - Vidya Vox


8. Dr. Vivek Bindra (Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker) 

Dr Vivek Bindra YouTube Channel Statistics

Dr. Vivek Bindra is born and raised in Delhi, He is one of the most popular motivational speaker and training future leaders across 25 countries. Born on April 5, 1978, He was a talented kid and always showed excellence in his education. He is very good at bringing out true potential and empowering countless people around the globe.

Dr. Vivek started his YouTube channel in 2013, Since then he has been reaching millions of people with his speeches and motivating millions worldwide, as of now he has more than 5 million subscribers from over 190 countries. Dr. Vivek is also the consulting academy called Global ACT. He has been awarded by the Maruthi Suzuki as the Best Corporate Trainer for two years in a row. He also has written 10's of great motivational books which are sold in lakhs. International Association of Lions Club awarded Dr. Vivek Bindra as the best motivational and keynote speaker in India.

Dr. Vivek Bindra has 26.8K Followers on Twitter and 8.5K followers on Instagram and he has over 600K Fans on Facebook.

Dr. Vivek Bindra (Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker

Facebook Page - Daily Motivation by Dr. Vivek Bindra

Twitter Page - @DrVivekBindra

Instagram - dr.vivekbindra

Website -


9. Harsh Beniwal (Harsh Beniwal)

Harsh Beniwal YouTube Channel Statistics

Harsh Beniwal is a popular Indian Vine star, YouTuber and an Actor. Born in Delhi, India on 13 February 1996. Harsh went to Shri Aurobindo College to pursue bachelors of computer applications (B.C.A). Then he moved to Delhi University to do his graduation in arts from South campus of Shri Aurobindo college. 

Harsh found his passion when he joined in a dance society and went straight to the world of acting and wanted to become an entertainer. His passion is to become a successful star in Bollywood. Soon he found dubsmash and he tried many funny things which made him popular among all the social media channels. In 2013, Harsh started creating content on Instagram and followed by millions of people down the line and with his quality content and consistency on YouTube is the reason for his 4.4 Million subscribers and now Harsh is in the league of India's Most Popular YouTubers.

Harsh Beniwal has 158K Followers on Twitter and 1.6 Million followers on Instagram and he has over 1.6 Million Fans on Facebook.

Harsh Beniwal (Harsh Beniwal) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Harsh Beniwal

Facebook Page - @harshbeniwalofficial

Twitter Page - @iamharshbeniwal

Instagram - harshbeniwa


10. Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati)

CarryMinati YouTube Channel Statistics

Ajey Nagar, Popularly known by his YouTube channel name "Carry Minati" is from Faridabad, Haryana, India. Born on 12th June 1999, Ajay is a famous YouTube with his astonishing voice. Most of the carry minati videos are about game plays, rants, and clips of viral videos. Ajay is a college dropout from DPS, Faridabad when he was in 12th doing arts steam, then pursued his 12th as a distance education.

Ajay's first YouTube channel was "STeaLThFeArzZ" created in December 2010. He used to upload game play videos, football tricks, Tech tutorials etc. But his first channel was not very successful. Then Ajay started his current channel as "Carrydeol" in the beginning, later he renamed it to "Carry Minati" This popular prankster and a comedian have more than 4 million subscribers as of October 2018 and his dream to become one of the Top Indian YouTubers come true. Carry Minati is continuing to grow and reaching new heights.

CarryMinati has 610K Followers on Twitter and 842K followers on Instagram and he has over 470K Fans on Facebook.

Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - CarryMinati

Facebook Page - @CarryDeol

Twitter Page - @CarryMinati

Instagram - carryminati

11. Grandpa Kitchen

Grandpa Kitchen YouTube Channel Statistics

Grandpa Kitchen is basically a How to cook YouTube channel and the host and chef is a very sweet 70 Plus-year-old grandpa. And the food that grandpa makes is not just for YouTube videos, Instagram or social media but to fill many bellies of orphan kids and making them very happy. He makes all kinds of recipes you can think of. 

Grandpa prepares a wide range of finger licking foods like different types of chicken curries, Seafood curries, Pasta, French fries, all kind of biryanis, Cheese balls, Burgers, Pancakes, amazing omelets, Pizzas, Veg Curries and Fries, snacks, soups, goat heads, Milkshakes, Noodles, fruit salads, cookies, spaghetti, hash browns, goat recipes, desserts and many more. One will be amazed by his cooking skills. Grandpa is among the Most Popular Indian YouTubers with more than 3 Million subscribers.

Grandpa Kitchen has 2,761 Followers on Twitter and he has over 320K Fans on Facebook.

Grandpa Kitchen Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Grandpa Kitchen

Facebook Page - @GrandpaKitchen

Twitter Page - @grandpa_kitchen

12. Ranjit (Geekyranjit)

Geekyranjit YouTube Channel Statistics

Ranjit Kumar is a Hyderabadi born in 1977. He is popularly known by his YouTube channel name "geekyranjit". Ranjit is a technology geek and his passion for technology and gadgets since his childhood made him one of the top YouTube stars of India. Only at the age of 12, Ranjit realized about his love and passion is in technology. Then he learned Computer programming when he was a teenager. Ranjit did his Honors in Bachelors of Commerce, then he joined Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) in Maharashtra to learn advanced computer programming. 

After that Ranjit started working as a freelance IT adviser and Web developer for US Clients to develop computer applications. As he is very passionate and has great knowledge of gadgets and features, his friends always used to take advice from him before buying any gadgets. His ability to give honest reviews about gadgets and products in the market Ranjit created a blog "tech2buzz" in 2007 where he used to give his honest and expert opinion about newly launched products etc.

Ranjit takes his time to give his accurate opinion about the products because he would have to be completely satisfied with the product before giving his opinion. Ranjit inspired by the America based YouTube channel “TechnoBuffalo”. When Ranjit started  "geekyranjit" channel there was no monetization available, So that he would have to buy all the products to review. His hard work and dedication paid off and now "geekyranjit" has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Ranjit is one of the Top YouTube stars among the technology related channels.

Geekyranjit has 391K Followers on Twitter and 50K followers on Instagram and he has over 47K Fans on Facebook.

Ranjit (Geekyranjit) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Geekyranjit

Facebook Page - @geekyranjit

Twitter Page - @geekyranjit

Instagram - geekyranjitofficial

Website -


13. Shruti Arjun Anand (Shruti Arjun Anand)

Shruti Arjun Anand YouTube Channel Statistics

Shruti was born in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. She was always very creative since her school days and interested in doing creative things all the time. As a middle-class family girl, she also grew up with the typical "I have to be an engineer or doctor to be successful in life and to have a financial security" thinking. It was the way she bought up. Then after completed her graduation in Computer Science Shruti started working for Steria India Limited. 

In 2009, Shruti got married and moved to the USA with her husband in 2010. Where she would continue working in the US IT industry on the work visa. In 2010, when she was in Washington DC Shruti came to know about "How to" videos and the large community of creative people with the passion on YouTube. in January 2011 Shruti started her Official YouTube channel ‘ShrutiArjunAnand’ to follow her passion for fashion and beauty. For the next two years, she worked very hard to make it big on YouTube to become one of the popular Indian YouTubers. Then in 2013, she had to move back to Noida and continue working full time and creating content on her channel and her popularity is growing ever since. Shruti's husband is also moved back to India and quit his job to help Shruti with her YouTube channel "Shruti Arjun Anand". 

"Shruti Arjun Anand" channel is exclusively for Indian woman with full of amazing and creative makeups, haircare tips, fixes, outfits, and makeup tutorials etc. Shruti spends countless hours on her homework and focuses on small details for her viewers. Shruti achieved so much coming from a middle-class family girl and bacome one of the Popular Indian YouTube Superstars. Fashion and beauty related Indian YouTube channels and viewers are growing exponentially by 140% and getting millions of views on YouTube. 

Shruti Arjun Anand has 4.8K Followers on Twitter and 134K followers on Instagram and she has over 500K Fans on Facebook.

Shruti Arjun Anand (Shruti Arjun Anand) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Shruti Arjun Anand

Facebook Page - @shrutiarjunanand

Twitter Page - @Shruti_ILIM

Instagram - shrutiarjunanand

Website -

14. Nikhil Anil Brijlal Kumar Sharma (Mumbiker Nikhil)

Mumbiker Nikhil YouTube Channel Statistics

Nikhil Anil Brijlal Kumar Sharma, Popularly known as "Mumbiker Nikhil" is from Mumbai, India. Born on November 4th, 1991. Nikhil studied hotel management in Rizvi Institute of Studies and Research in Mumbai but did not complete for an unknown reason. Then in 2007, Nikhil got an opportunity to work with Qatar Airways as a flight attendant and moved to Doha, Qatar. After 6 years of staying in Qatar Nikhil moved back to Mumbai to pursue his acting career and tried his luck. But unfortunately, he was not able to do much with his acting career.

In 2012 his father passed away and Akhil had to look after his fathers business. Nikhil was always interested in videography since he was a kid. So he started his YouTube channel "Mumbiker Nikkhil" in July 2013 to be a full-time YouTuber. He was so passionate about bikes and riding since the age of 15. So he started vlogging on YouTube and published some of the amazing videos and quality content by riding on his motorbikes to many locations. When Nikhil went to Leh Ladakh and vlogged all his journey on YouTube and it was the turning point of his YouTube career. Akhil reached so many milestones after that trip and gained a huge fan following. Then in 2017, he rode on his KTM Duke 390 from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to greet his fans all over India. Same year Nikhil also invited to Mumbai to be a part of YouTube Fanfest.

Mumbiker Nikhil has 183K Followers on Twitter and 599K followers on Instagram and she has over 190K Fans on Facebook.

Nikhil Anil Brijlal Kumar Sharma (Mumbiker Nikhil) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Mumbiker Nikhil

Facebook Page - @emNikhilSharma

Twitter Page - @emNikhil

Instagram - nikkkhil

Website -


15. Anisha Dixit (Rickshawali)

Rickshawali YouTube Channel Statistics

Anisha Dixit born on January 13, 1991, Is a Vlogger, Comedian, and YouTuber. Anisha was born in Germany, then her family moved to Switzerland after her high school education to continue her studies. Later on, she moved to India permanently. Anisha is popularly known by her channel name "Rickshawali". She calls her subscribers as ricksters and her videos are filled with funny skits, comedic vlogs with quirkiness. All ricksters are very loyal and passionate to rickshawali. Anisha also talks about the cultural differences, typical relationsho[s, struggles of an Indian woman, and sex education etc. 

Anisha at times plays an alter ego known as rikshawali and wears a unique hat and take on the different types of issues and funny, quirky spins. Her comedy vlogs, sence of humor and creative ideas helped her gain a huge amount of subscribers and fan following across India. Rikshawali's most popular videos are "Mom Vs Daughter", "Single vs Married", "Girls: Online VS. Real Life".

Rickshawali has 18.3K Followers on Twitter and 142K followers on Instagram and she has over 620K Fans on Facebook.

Anisha Dixit (Rickshawali) Social Media Pages

YouTube Page - Rickshawali

Facebook Page - @Rickshawaliofficial

Twitter Page - @Rickshawali    

Instagram - ricksha_wali  

Website -


In conclusion, YouTube is a very big and growing platform for video content creators and it has so many opportunities for entrepreneurs, artists and talented people who wants to take YouTube as a full-time career. When analyzing YouTube from the physiological and social point of view, There are so many patterns that play an important role to be successful on YouTube. Most of the Popular Indian YouTubers have a huge social media presence to know what people like and how to effectively bring those future subscribers to their channels.

YouTubers not only have to create quality and interesting content to be successful. They are promoting their YouTube channels aggressively on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook etc. Publishing tons of Posts, Pictures, Links, and tweets on social media channels will help their videos to reach millions of people. Everything is like a chain reaction with YouTube and Social media.

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