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Top 14 Social Media Marketing & Influencer Marketing Tools You Should Know To Grow Your Business

Top 14 Social Media Marketing & Influencer Marketing Tools You Should Know To Grow Your Business
November 28, 2019

Top 14 Social Media Marketing & Influencer Marketing Tools You Should Know To Grow Your Business

Nov 28, 2019
Anirban Chakraborty

Anirban is a Digital Marketing lover and enthusiast writing for his own blog and for other companies from India and Abroad He has 7+ years of experience in Marketing including B2B, B2C, BTL, Branding, ATL, Strategy, Client relationship, team management as well. He is motivated and working in the area of digital marketing now. He Simply enjoys and loves to work in digital marketing.

Are you are social media marketer or a business owner who is tired of putting their efforts on social media marketing and not getting desired results? Let me tell you, you are not alone. But there are some very good social media marketing and influencer marketing tools which can help you achieve your goals.

Below are top 14 Social Media Marketing & Influencer Marketing Tools you should know to grow your business.


Social Media Marketing Tools

1. Buffer

buffer social media marketing tool

Buffer is a simple but powerful social media marketing tool. It allows you to schedule social media posts across popular social networks. It is also feature with scheduling. It is a very popular tool for social media management campaign. 

  • You can manage a range of social media accounts and lining up to be shared in the future across a range of social networks. This tool saves your time spends on individual social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and Linkedin. 
  • Buffer is a flexible software for the web and mobile application. It provides you analysis reports.
  • Automation  your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest posts
  • Schedule posts in advance and create optimized posting schedules
  • View, measure engagement and activity analytics
  • Add videos and images to posts, or create your own visuals
  • Automatically publish posts from RSS feeds and automation

iOS and Android apps available.

 2. Hootsuite

hootsuite social media marketing tool

Hootsuite is a social media management system tool helps you to simplify track and manage your social network channels. It helps you to engage with customers more accurately, effectively, and securely.

  • You are able to manage over 35 popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more in one dashboard
  • This tool helps you to curate online content and schedule social media posts across platforms for present and future campaign.
  • You can monitor topics online and respond quickly to audiences.
  • Hootsuite gives you  in-depth analytics report of your social media accounts.
  • You will use inbuilt social media contests and campaigns to grow your audience
  • You can manage your team with assignment and approval workflows easily.
  • Hootsuite provides you iOS and Android apps.

3. Sprout Social

sprout social smm tool

Sprout Social is a powerful social media management tool. You are allowed to use  optimization platform for brands and agencies of all sizes. Its platform provides you a single hub for multiple publishing, analytics and engagement across all of your social profiles.

  • Sprout Social is an important tool for determining a successful social media strategy. 
  • Sprout Social gives you a clear, concise analytics report on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter activity. It helps you to track trends and measure of growth.
  • Sprout social provides custom report about your followers engages with your content. You can export these reports in pdf or .csv format to your system.
  • One Inbox  is one the best feature is available on Sprout Social. It turns your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram engagement organized in one inbox for your team together. 
  • It can helps you to engage, tag incoming messages, join conversations, respond to customers on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and save your time.
  • This tool helps you creating, scheduling and publishing content to execute social media marketing strategy. 
  • You are allowed to publish online content in a frequency of specified time or day. You can publish content offline also.
  • Sprout Social provides you landscape tool. This free tool helps you to image resizing in different social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

4. Sendible

sendible smm tool

Sendible is an excellent social media management software. It allows you to monitoring, analytics, and audience engagement to small, medium, and large businesses from all industries.

  • Multiple social network publishing with Integrated analytics and tracking options available. 
  • You will get a 360-degree brand and reputation building and monitoring reports.
  • Sendible provides you with customer engagement, lead generation information.
  • This tool helps you to Schedule posts and manage multiple users and clients.
  • You can use it for lead generation, and measure ROI in a flexible system.

5. eClincher

ecllincher smm tool

eClincher is feature-rich social media management solution. It simplifies and streamlines your presence and brand in popular social media networks. eClincher can makes your social media management fast, easy, and effective.

  • eClincher integrated with Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, Blogger, Google Analytics, etc. This tool is integrated with 3rd party tools such as Canva, Google dynamic links, etc.
  • This tool can schedule your posts to multiple social media platforms, profiles and pages. You are allowed to edit images with the image editor and create your own image with Canva and keep your social presence, create original content, promote your products and services.
  • You can share multiple posts with unique Auto Post features and share a queue with multiple profiles.
  • This tool allows you to publish new content connect with RSS or Atom feed. Publish fresh content to drive engagement and website traffic. 
  • You can engage with live social feed with your audiences.
  • This tool provides you and team analytics dashboard and customized reports. Chrome extension plugin and media library options are available.

6. Social Pilot

social pilot social media marketing tool

Social Pilot helps you to scheduling and marketing your social media campaign. This tool used by over 40,000 agencies, social media professionals and social media teams. SocialPilot helps you to increase the efforts and the quality of your online marketing strategies. It will save your time and money. 

  • It provides you with details of audience insights. 
  • Automated post-scheduling, automated publishing options are available.
  • You can get a browser extension to scheduling bulk posts.  
  • You can do client management, Content curation, content discovery, measure content performance.
  • Social pilot offers you custom feeds, customized posts, multi-account management Native mobile apps, etc. for your better feedback of campaigns.
  • It provides you Social Inbox, Social media analytics option,  Social media calendar, Social media connection, Social media post tracking, Social media team management option, Social performance management Strategy to ease your social media marketing campaign.

7. Co-Schedule

co-schedule smm tool

CoSchedule is another social media management software to plan publish automate engage and measure your social media campaign strategy.It is a drag and drop digital editorial calendar built for content marketing. It allows you to plan and schedule social media posts.

  • This too featured with Automated Publishing, Brand Tracking, Content Management option, offers Customer Engagement, Multi-Account Management option, Multi-User Collaboration, Post Scheduling for present and future, get Analytics report, provides Social Media Monitoring, etc.
  • It shares your messages at the time of the highest traffic for each social media platform. This helps you to maximize social reach, result-oriented engagement with audiences.
  • You will follow up all comments, messages, etc from all your social accounts from one single inbox.


8. Crowdfire

crowdfire smm tool

Crowdfire is another excellent smart Social Media Manager, helping grow your business online. Crowdfire integrated with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, Vimeo and many more. This tool provides you a social listening option.

  • You will get detailed reports about recent unfollowers, inactive users, etc.
  • Crowdfire provides 3in1 Scheduler, Viral Hashtag Tool, Photo Suggester especially for Instagram.
  • You can get Twitter Analytics reports.
  • Generate reports on competition, users Search by location and keyword.

This tool is available in Android and iOS apps.

9. Social Bakers

social bakers smm tool

Socialbakers offering marketing software services in the form of a suite. It is a global AI-powered social media marketing company.

  • You can remove unwanted accounts, enhance engagement optimization, Copy followers, Repost your messages, etc.
  • You can do social media marketing include features with Analytics, Contact management, conversion tracking, post scheduling, automated publishing, customer targeting, etc.
  • Analytics tool provides report on influencer tracking, competitor monitoring, engagement tracking, etc.
  • This tool helps you to monitor your campaign includes audience segmentation, configurable alerts, reputation management, trend tracking, etc.

10. Social Flow

social flow smm tool

Social Flow is another social media distribution and monetization tool for publishers. It is one of the social media management tools to help your business grow on social media platforms.

  • You can integrate content source with Social Flow, set timing, minimum content for publishing.
  • This tool will analyze real-time conversational data and delivers the right message to the right time. 
  • It can distribute your content to a relevant set of audience for higher engagement and sharing your content Click Through Rate.
  • Social Flow connects with your content using XML, RSS, WordPress, etc. Link shortening and web analytics are available.
  • It allows you to track trends and measure the growth of social media networks campaign. You can get a pdf or .csv format reports.
  • Social graph provides you information about content value.
  • It will facilitate audience growth, report monitoring in real-time conversation.

11. Tweepi

tweepi smm tool

Tweepi is a social media management tool. It has the ability to extract and analyze your data from your Twitter account. It helps you analyze and manage your Twitter followers effectively. 

  • Tweepi displays a list of highly relevant users by interest, full name, company name, location, etc. You can follow by tweet, user bio search with that information.
  • You can unfollow those followers, add no value to you like nasty avatars or spammers.
  • Tweepi completed with AI technology called Sigma.

12. Meet Edgar 

meet edgar smm tool

MeetEdgar automates content re-sharing and optimize your social traffic. It is a powerful social media campaign tool. 

  • It helps you automate the content of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. It helps you to find out text from articles and blogs. You have to click a button and share the message instantly.
  • Chrome, Safari, Firefox extension generate 5 pre-written media posts instantly from the article. You can schedule your all posts by category. 
  • It provides you unlimited content library with automatic upload and edit options. Native photo and video support posts single or multi images. 
  • A/B test of social messaging is available. You can update Email weekly and get reports about your social stats. This tool offers UTM tags and integrates with Rebrandly and Bitly. 
  • Most interestingly you will get Human 8 to 5pm customer support with personalized onboarding real people.

Influencer Marketing Tools

13. Traackr

traacker influencer marketing tool

Traackr is an end to end planning, implementing and influencer marketing solution. It will build, engage, and measure the influencer project. 

  • It can discover leading influencers from the market, nurture and activate relationships with them, engage at the right time, measure and illustrate results. 
  • Traackr inbuilt with the Influencer Relationship Management tool.  This tool provides insights and structure for your influencer strategies. It helps you to uncover best influencers for your campaign, offer the value of influencer collaboration and promote it.
  • This tool helps you to optimize influencer marketing, show the data of sharing of influence in your industry. Traackr identify, research, engage, support the influential people's impact on your campaign.

14. Onalytica

onalytica influencer marketing tool

Onalytica works in influencer discovery, manage the relationship with each influencer. It is like any other SaaS platform. 

  • Onalytica helps you to ROI tracking, audience tracking, social media monitoring, categorizing and grouping.
  • You are allowed to blending data, brand management, data mining, day to day email alerts, managing content and blogging platform.
  • This tool helps you to see the influencer’s network map. 


So, these are top 14 Social Media Marketing & Influencer Marketing Tools you should know to grow your business. If we missed out any or you want to update this list you can mention that tool in the comments below.

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