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Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post

Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post
Chiranjeevi Maddala
August 18, 2017

Increasing traffic to your blog and generating income from it is the main aim of every blogger. However, it is not easy to generate traffic for your blog and you need to do several things to reach out to your target audience. But the things that play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your blog are the blog posts. Not only do you have to make your blog posts well-written and engaging; but you will also have to make sure that you are using the right strategies to promote your posts.

Promoting your blog post is essential and you will have to do it very carefully if you want to generate traffic to your blog. Now, there are several ways to promote your blog but that does not ensure that your posts will reach the correct audience. So, you need to follow robust ways to promote your blog posts. Wandering about what they are? Scroll down to find out:

Social Media is the Key

Social Media has become a quintessential necessity for the people these days. Most of the people especially the young generation are connected to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. And you can utilise these platforms to promote your blog post. So, what do you need to do? The first thing that you will have to do is to create a social media page for your blog. Make sure that your social media page looks very engaging so that it attracts other users. Secondly, you can invite your friends, strangers or other people who follow you on social media or like your page in order to get started. Share your blog post on your page and other social media groups to reach out to people. If you have good budget then you can also go for the paid promotions for your blog posts as it will definitely increase your traffic.

Using social media to promote your blog post is one of the tried and tested methods. Be wise, share quality contents and use these platforms appropriately to gain traffic.

Share Through Emails

No matter what you do; there is no replacement of email marketing. It is and will always be a highly efficient technique to popularize your blog. And of course, you will also be able to use it for promoting the published content on your blogging website. But before you can do that you will first have to build a proper email list.

There are several tools and plugins which will be of much help for building a proper email list. Once you have the list, you can send emails to the users to notify them about the blog post that you have recently published. You can also send them the links to your previous posts with an engaging message or a picture; so that it compels them to check it out. Thus, in this way, you will be successful to promote your blog posts without spending a dime.

Go for the Guest Posts

Though there are several people who think guest posts are useless, do not listen to them. Guest posts are essential and if you want to promote your blog posts then you will have to do it. For making successful guest posts, the first thing that you will need to do is to find a popular blog with considerable traffic inflow within your niche. Then you can just ask them for their terms and conditions on guest posting and get your guest post published. Make sure to link your blog posts on the guest posts in order to drive traffic to your blog. Even if it does not sound very convincing but it is truly an amazing way to promote your blog posts.

Keep Your SEO Game Up

If you are a blogger then you must know how important it is to make your content SEO optimised. And it is really necessary. SEO is undoubtedly one of the oldest methods to promote your content by reaching out to the targeted audiences. But making your posts SEO friendly is not an easy stuff; it requires a lot of research work. You need to research to find the most searched keywords to add them to your content. It will increase your search engine rankings and will obviously promote your content.

Get Promoters

Making healthy collaborations is necessary if you really want to promote your blog posts efficiently. You can collaborate with other bloggers, YouTubers and other online personalities or websites; so that they promote your posts. Whether it is sharing your posts on their social media page or adding links to blog posts within their content; you can always benefit yourself from collaborating with others.

Answer the Questions on Quora

Answering the questions on the efficient platform of Quora is an absolute strategy to promote your content. But what do you need to do? Well, you will have to find the questions asked on Quora which falls under the niche of your blog. Once you have done that, answer the questions honestly and also leave the link to your blog posts along with your answer. It will do the job of promoting your blog posts.

Share your blog posts on Rediff

Rediff is a hugely famous online portal with millions of user which you can use it to promote your content. Just share the posts on your Rediff account and give people a chance to read. Sharing content on Rediff is an efficient method of blog post promotion and we guarantee you that it will obviously help you to drive traffic to your website.

Pin your post on Pinterest

Pinterest is still a largely unused platform for blog post promotion yet it can do wonders if you do it correctly. All you need to do is to open a Pinterest business account and pin infographics or engaging pictures from your blog post. It will help to drive traffic to your blogging website thereby promoting your posts.

Understand What Your Audience Wants

Yes! You will have to understand what your audience wants before you publish your content. Do extensive research and find out the interests of your audience to structure your blog post in that way. It will help to generate more inbound traffic for your website.

Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog Post

Twitter is a great place to amplify the reach for your blog post. If you use the right hashtags and share it with right influencers, your content reaches maximum number of people.

Promoting is an essential part of blogging. Follow the steps above and promote your blog posts effectively to make your blog successful. But remember, on top of all the above points, your content has to be impeccable!

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