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Top 10 Videos to Watch to Understand Digital Marketing

Top 10 Videos to Watch to Understand Digital Marketing
January 5, 2018

Top 10 Videos to Watch to Understand Digital Marketing

Jan 05, 2018
Reshma Mandal

Videos are always the better medium for understanding. Here are some videos that explain about digital marketing, basic strategies, the difference with traditional marketing, social media marketing, and impacts, do's and don't while making digital marketing strategies and more. So let's begin with the first video.

The above video is by Adam Erhart explaining about digital marketing and how it’s different from the traditional marketing. Here is an explanation of the above video. What is Digital Marketing? Let’s first begin with this question. It’s one of those terms that sounds confusing and seems to mean something different to everyone. It’s as simple as going to sound. Digital Marketing is just marketing that is done using digital tools. It’s nothing more than communicating value to your customers using digital tools. It’s very important to know how it is different from the traditional marketing? Traditional marketing is done using marketing techniques that rely on tools and media like newspaper, TV, radio, magazine, billboards, direct mail, and any form of print. While digital marketing is done using marketing techniques that rely on digital tools like search engine marketing, social media, content marketing like blogging, articles, video creation, pay per click ads, or email marketing, etc. It’s always the tools that come before strategy when you want the difference between traditional and digital marketing. Talk about the form of media that you’re going to use to communicate your message on either the traditional one or the digital one. The consumer media consumption trends are drastically moving from the traditional approach to the digital one. So it’s essential to include digital marketing in your marketing technique because digital marketing is the future of marketing and it will be called as merely marketing shortly.

In the above video by Ignite Visibility, John Lincoln will explain all the touch points requires in the modern landscape of digital marketing strategy. Know about the well digital strategy to sustain in this digital world and modern landscape. Digital marketing in the modern landscape is not just about Google, click, and conversion. It’s a lot more than that. The digital marketing landscape is evolving. Consumers are doing a lot more research before going to a conclusion. So it’s essential to create a digital marketing strategy that includes all the touch points of the consumer. You might need to incorporate Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, AdWords, or Yelp. It all depends on your business type. You can get pretty good ideas for your customer journey. You should map customer’s journey very well to get success in your business strategy because the customer’s journey is critical to understand when you are creating a digital marketing strategy. Watch the above video to create a good digital marketing strategy now.

The above video is by ENGINEERED TRUTH explaining the importance of digital marketing, salary expectation in this field and how you can get into the field without any high degree. ranks digital marketing as the 8th best job for work-life balance with a national average salary of $73,427 and the best thing about this is that it doesn’t need any college degree. Even there are examples where you just have to go once a week to the office, and you can earn a huge salary. You can do freelancing from home too. Digital marketing is a 50 billion industry that most people have didn’t heard of. You can see ads on a google search on the right-hand side, ads on Facebook that appears on the right-hand side, that’s called digital marketing. Every sort of business is creating ads and showing them on the internet. Google makes USD 120 million per day with AdWords. Whatever may be your study background, digital marketing doesn’t need any study background or degree. DIgital marketing is direct, anybody can sign for AdWords or a Facebook advertising account. Creativity and analysis are the skills that are required. Creativity means can you write, and figure out the credibility or can you get the consumers interested in a product of your company? Analysis means can you look at how the ad is performing like is it doing well or not. You can get these skills when you are in school so no higher degree is needed and it’s very easy to get into this field. You can use these skills to get your own business too. Watch the above video to know more about this.

In the above video, Adam Erhart will explain the Digital marketing basics and the basic marketing techniques to grow your business. According to Adam, you can be tricky in digital marketing with a solid digital marketing strategy. All marketing tips and tools to grow your business would not work without a solid foundation rooted in digital marketing strategy. Whether it’s email marketing, social media, SEO, or online advertising, the way to make your digital marketing campaigns truly useful and effective is to first start with a solid foundation that is rooted in the fundamentals. If you do a little bit of research, then it can save your big time ahead and can save you thousands of dollars and days, weeks, months, even years of your precious time. Here are the basic digital marketing strategies that he is talking about.

Define your Target Market

You first need to identify whom you are trying to reach because from here only you can decide what to say, how to say, and where to say and this is very important. The better you can understand your target market, the more effective your marketing will be.

Use Native Content

Simply create a content and share it across all the social media networks. It saves a lot of time when done in a right way. But you should be respectful of the platforms and more importantly, of the viewers and users of that particular platform. So try to make content that looks like it is made for that very channel and it belongs there.

Track Everything

Try to measure your marketing metrics. Know your KPI’s or key performance so that you can track what is working and what is not. Start slow and focus on just one or two things and you will be able to tell that your marketing is working or not. So whether you are working with an agency or you have your business, it’s always good to know the basics to have a good marketing business.

The above video by capwiseleader7 will define you the basics of Digital Marketing and the four steps of Digital marketing. How your business should be performing online. You will learn the three things about this webinar:

  • The goal of your online marketing.
  • The four primary steps for your online presence.
  • Free online tools to assess your current online presence.

You online marketing goal should include

  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Google+

The fundamental marketing that needs to get down for your business is Directional Marketing. It is defined as when customers are looking for your service not just for your name. Directional Marketing; Websites, SEO, and SEM


Your website is very essential, you can call it as the trunk of the tree of your business. You need a website that is optimized for all forms of devices, PC, tablets, and mobile. Your site is your digital storefront. Referrals (word of mouth) are going to look at your website before taking any action. Your website must explain how you meet a need, benefits, and features. Answer customers question there, and it must have a clear call to action.


Your website must be found by your service, not just by your name. The search engines must see your website first so that they can add you to the searches. Onsite and Offsite are the two major kinds of SEO that you should do to your website. Onsite SEO is how your page is written and designed, so the search engines know what you are all about. Offsite SEO encompasses all activity on the internet that talks about your service and direct customers to your site. SEO has a long growth curve and longer-term results.


It is called as Search Engine Marketing. It’s a quick method which can put you at the top. Your SEO, SEM, and Google+ can dominate the local search and increases perceived value and trust.

The above video is by SHOM Tek and is very helpful, which lays out the basic meaning of advertising in today’s digital world. You will get more information during 15 minutes of the video on digital marketing than any class or a full semester. It’s the best explanation of how digital marketing has evolved. It will introduce you to the Math man and wizards who see the real potential in the world wide web’s willing audience to interact, like, share, try-out new services and products. It has realized how to potentially sell and market to anyone

The above video is by Website Central Pty Ltd explaining about social media and how powerful tool it is. Watch the video to know how important social media channels can be for your business. Social media is an extremely powerful and a lot cheaper tool than most advertising mediums. Social media has completely changed the Internet over the last few years. It has changed the whole world and the world of marketing. So start Googleizing the seven forms of communication (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, and Google+) as soon as possible:

Showcase your brand

Social media offers another channel for marketing by increasing brand awareness, relationship building and driving the sales. So why not to use it?

Develop a Loyal Community

People enjoy being part of a business that is building a lively community proactively. Such a lively community can help you establish a connection between our company and your prospects which is central to your long-term success.

Improve Customer Service

Social media is a great review, feedback and reference source. It allows the prospects to communicate with your company and thus can greatly improve your customer’s service.

Increase Digital Exposure

Social media can increase your online presence. It leads to massive exposure to worldwide access.

Boost Traffic and SEO Rating

Social media can drive high volume traffic to your site. They can also help with your SEO.

Expand Sales and Audience

Listening to your prospects in social media can help you be smart on their specific needs.It can increase your sales and expand your customer waves.

Cut Marketing Costs

Unlike any other marketing strategies, social media is quite affordable for your business because the channel itself is free.

The above video by D&AD - Creative Advertising, Design and Digitalis an explanation of five steps to building a digital strategy. Audience, Content, Channels, Analysis, and Implementation are the five major steps to be taken to build a potential digital marketing strategy that works. Watch the video to get the clear understanding of all the five major points.

The above video is by D&AD - Creative Advertising, Design and Digital and it explain the three major mistakes that you are making with your digital marketing strategy. Watch the video and avoid the mistakes that you are still doing in making strategies.

Too Much Planning

You get into too much planning to get your stuff into the market. Digital is too fluid to look down. You should have a long-term vision, not a just long-term strategy because that's how fast things move. Quick to the market and don’t spend too much time in looking out and finding out all the details.

Be Holistic

Being holistic means more detailed and more advanced method incorporation. You can end up with many confusions like this is what we are going to do with the website, this is what we are going to do above the line, this is what we have to do with the website, this is what we are going to do in social channels. So you talk about the round and round with these kinds. If your message is not clear, then people are going to lose confidence in you. It's not about looking your business as a whole. It will let you take a long time to understand and strategize your business approaches.


The last thing about your strategy is to underestimate the impacts that you can have in your organization. You can have the world’s best strategy but if you don’t have an organization that can react to the real-time needs of consumers than you have nothing.

The above video by MediaLabs will explain you the difference between traditional and digital marketing with an example that will give you a clear understanding of the difference. Watch the video to know how digital marketing is evolving day by day leaving behind the traditional approach.

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