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Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools

Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools
Chakravarthy Jah
February 20, 2017

Marketing Automation is a technology that streamlines and automates marketing tasks, so that companies can increase operational efficiency and a faster revenue growth. Marketing Automation deals with Customer Segmentation, Customer Data Integration and Campaign Management.

The following are the top 10 marketing automation tools

1. Marketo

Marketo - Marketing Automation Tool
Marketo developed a Marketing automation tool that deals with marketing management functionality, real-time personalized messages across marketing channels and customer engagement marketing. This tool performs email marketing & campaign management, search marketing, measure and optimize ROI, tracking visitors, generating leads, landing pages and web&mobile personalization .

Marketo Pricing

Spark - $895/month
Standard - $1,795/month
Select - $3,195/month

Marketo Products

Account-Based Marketing

  • This application identify and target accounts with greatest revenue potential and also engage them to move more swiftly through sales funnel.
  • Acquire account targeting and management, revenue based account analytics, proven lead management functionality and personalised cross-channel engagement, in a single platform.
  • Authority to target decision-makers within them, apart from accounts.
  • You can bring your entire revenue team together.
  • Optimize your account based marketing programs.


  • Create Email campaigns quickly and easily.
  • Respond to customers in a moment.
  • Drive better results with personalized emails.
  • Ensuring correct segments.
  • Shooting Email message to hit inbox.

Mobile Devices

  • Deliver highly personalized messages.
  • Timely sending location relevant messages.
  • Track and monitoring mobile application activity.


  • Engage with customers across social media.
  • Builds your brand’s social network, by making it easy for customers to share their content and videos with their professional network.
  • Investing on specific social marketing activity, which drives conversions and revenue.

Digital Ads

  • Personalized Ads for promising customers.
  • Improve paid search Ad ROI.
  • Pulls back valuable website visitors, to your site with more meaningful display ads.


  • Converts new visitors to your website, with content.
  • Engaging existing customers.
  • Targeting your key accounts.
  • Creating a consistent mobile experience.
  • Connecting to your marketing technology.

Marketing Analytics

  • Map and measure your customer journey.
  • Investing on the most impacted campaigns or channels.
  • Sharing progress with reports and dashboards.
  • Tying revenue to the campaigns, that generate revenue.

Predictive Content

  • Knowing about content, to recommend.
  • Engaging people with the right content.
  • Boosting results and ROI with predictive recommendations.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot - Marketing Automation Tool
Hubspot is a developer of software products and is well recognised for inbound marketing and sales. Hubspot offers tools for web analytics, content management, social media marketing, landing pages and for search engine optimization. It also offers additional consultant services. This tool builds automated workflows, applies real time data to provide relevant marketing experiences, monitoring leads and manages content.

Hubspot Pricing

Basic - $200/month
Pro - $800/month
Enterprise - $2,400/month

Hubspot Products

Hubspot CRM

  • Manage customer contacts and deals.
  • Manage sales pipeline.
  • Accomplish more deals with less work.

Hubspot Marketing

  • Drives more traffic to key landing pages.
  • Convert more visitors into qualified leads.
  • Turns leads into customers with less effort.
  • Track customers and report the impact on the bottom line.

Hubspot Sales

  • Build, automate and accelerate sales process.
  • Create and share email templates.
  • Land more meetings.
  • Tracks entire pipeline.

3. Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua - Marketing Automation Tool
Oracle Eloqua is an Oracle product that offers a set of marketing tools that covers campaign management, lead management, segmentation and targeting. This tool offers webinars, up-sell campaigns, automated welcome emails, conducting email marketing campaigns, landing pages, content marketing and campaign templates.

Eloqua Pricing

Basic - $2,000/month/10 users
Standard - $4,000/month/50 users

Eloqua Products

Cross-Channel Orchestration

  • Provide a sustainable customer experience.
  • Create consumer paths that are self-directed which can increase conversions.
  • Increase customer lifetime value.

Content Marketing

  • Content planning and organisation.
  • Content workflow management.
  • Content publishing and integration.
  • Content marketing analysis.

Social Marketing

  • Beginning with 5 pillars of social marketing namely: Listening, Engagement, Marketing communications, Social advertising and Analytics.
  • Create better marketing campaigns, services based on customer real time feedback.
  • Knowing how to engage the right customers at right time and place.

4. Genoo

Genoo - Marketing Automation Tool
Genoo has a comprehensive marketing automation tool that offers lead capture forms, centralized lead database, landing page creation tools and some other functions to improve marketing effectiveness. These tools effectively deal with on-page SEO, third party integrations, SEO competitive analysis, lead segmentation and capturing and landing page design.

Genoo Pricing

Standard - $199/month
Premium - $599/month
Elite - $1495/month

Optional services for Genoo Platform

  • Marketing Execution
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Migration from other Email/MA platforms
  • Website/Microsite Creation

5. Ontraport

Ontraport - Marketing Automation Tool
Ontraport has an incredible multi channel marketing automation tool that follows every lead. It can interact with customers through effective emails, SMS and phone calls. Powerful segmentation of this tool will allow you to send right messages at right time through right channels. It can perform a 360-degree view of business emails or contacts.

Ontraport Pricing

Basic - $79/month
Pro - $297/month
Team - $597/month

Ontraport Products

Marketing Tracking

  • Target your contacts on social media with relevant ads.
  • Individualize marketing, with personalized rules.
  • Optimize web pages based on detailed performance data.

Metrics Dashboard

  • Gets the necessary information that needs to be optimized.
  • Measures sales, and project your revenue.

Salesforce Automation

  • Streamline your workflow with task automation.
  • Nurture your leads with automated follow-up.
  • Score your leads to determine your hottest prospects.
  • Effectively distribute your leads to your sales team.

Business Automation

  • Automate your business internal systems to save time.
  • Prepare your business to scale.
  • Create a consistently remarkable customer experience.

6. Leadsquared

Leadsquared - Marketing Automation Tool
LeadSquared provides vital automation tools for marketing team and sales team. This marketing automation tool can perform high drip marketing campaigns and emails that perform well. It can build responsive landing pages in minutes and can generate automated leading score. It has a variety of tools to lead intelligence analytics and a powerful reporting.

LeadSquared Pricing

Basic - Rs 10,000/month
Standard - Rs 30,000/month
Enterprise - Rs 75,000/month

Leadsquared Products

Sales + Mobile CRM

  • Email integration.
  • Lead distribution.
  • Sales automation.
  • Tracking the count of sales.

Lead Conversion Platform

  • Foretells chances of conversion for every lead.
  • Points conversion attributes.
  • Builds a prediction, from past data .

7. Get Response

Get Response - Marketing Automation Tool
Get Response is an online Marketing platform, that helps your business to grow with its solutions. It is regarded as the world's easiest email marketing automation tool, which has numerous customers in 182 countries. Get Response Marketing Automation platform builds an intuitive workflow by arranging ready-to-use blocks. It can set up the most complex campaigns with drag-and-drop facility and can design the entire user experience with powerful workflow.

Get Response pricing

Pro - $49/month/3 users
Max - $165/month/5 users
Enterprise - $799/month/10 users

Get Response Products

Get Response products and key features are mentioned below:

Email Marketing

  • It creates irresistible content.
  • Automates with autoresponders.
  • Segment and target your subscriber lists.
  • Optimize message delivery.
  • Ability to track and optimize.

Landing Pages

  • Mobile friendly templates.
  • Drag-and-drop editor.
  • Flexible publishing options.
  • A/B testing & analytics.
  • Built-in web forms.

8. Leadsius

Leadsius - Marketing Automation Tool
Leadsius is the world’s first free marketing automation platform that offers a variety of efficient marketing tools and functions to empower marketing team in order to achieve exceptional results. This tool can perform email marketing, lead management, tracking website visitors, lead nurturing, lead qualification and proper landing page. It also provides best lead analysis and reporting.

Leadsius Pricing

  • Free - Leadsius offers a free marketing automation tool with limited features.
  • Premium - $45/month to access all features.

Other features of Leadsius apart from Marketing Automation are as follows

  • Email Marketing.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Webforms.
  • Lead analysis and reporting.
  • Marketing Dashboard.
  • Website Tracking.
  • Wordpress plugin.

9. Pardot

Pardot - Marketing Automation Tool
Pardot is a full featured marketing automation tool for accelerating sales through email marketing, social marketing, sales intelligence, lead generation and management. This tool can connect all your search campaigns in a single platform. It can provide CRM integration and real time sales alerts and robust multi-channel social marketing. It can search connectors, form builders and landing pages, can also execute email marketing in full-branded templates.

Pardot Pricing

Standard - $1,000/month.
Pro - $2,000/month.
Ultimate - $3,000/month.

Features of Pardot

Wave for B2B Marketing

  • Out-of-the-box customizable dashboards.
  • Save custom views of data.
  • Share insights directly from wave.
  • Connect third party data sources.
  • Wave mobile app.

Salesforce Engage

  • Engage Campaigns.
  • Engage Reports.
  • Engage for Gmail.
  • Engage Alerts.
  • 10. eTrigue

    eTrigue - Marketing Automation Tool
    eTrigue delivers inbound and outbound marketing automation effectively. This can orchestrate your marketing activities effectively, and measures results in real time. The beauty of this tool is, it can perform live email, live web tracking and 1:1 email marketing. This tool can effectively perform CRM integration, comprehensive reporting, landing page editor and can build drag-and-drop campaign.

    eTrigue Pricing

    1,000 size database - $600/month.
    10,000 size database - $850/month.
    1,00,000 size database - $15,00/month.
    10,00,000 size database - $8,000/month.

    Features of eTrigue

    • 3-D Lead Scoring.
    • Anonymous Visitor Tracking.
    • Comprehensive Reporting.
    • CRM Integration.
    • Drag-and-Drop Campaign Builder.
    • Webinar and Event Management.
    • Landing Page Editor.
    • Mobile Access


    Worklife would be more blissful, when the machines work automatically. The above top 10 marketing automation tools will be very helpful to automate your marketing process, which delivers the right message at right time at right place to the right person.

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