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Top 10 Landing Pages Optimization Tips

Top 10 Landing Pages Optimization Tips
Srujana Prasad
January 24, 2017

Every business needs marketing and the marketing through online needs a website and a landing page to make the first impression. A landing page is a great way to showcase your product and services, it’s an entry point to your website; it’s will act as the first impression to your business in customers view which leads to drive traffic , improve your SEO and builds your brand name, these converting landing pages will get you high returns. In other words if your landing page fails to make its first impression to attract audience then there won’t be any expected market for your business.

SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are the two powerful techniques designed to drive traffic to once website. However it won’t work if the desired results such as lead generation or conversion or a sale not happens with these campaigns. Landing page plays a major role here. It’s your job to see your landing pages are well targeted and optimized for conversion. It’s an absolute waste of time and resources to draw traffic to a page that has nothing for conversion to make. The targeted landing pages are mainly designed to generate traffic to your website, the poor quality landing page will not generate leads or sales. So focus on what is lacking in your landing page and make necessary adjustments to improve your landing page so that the traffic generated by PPC and SEO has less bounce rates and has higher conversion rates. A good optimized landing page will cut down your cost for advertising as PPC works on bidding strategy.

To optimize targeted landing pages for higher conversions, some important factors need to be considered like:

1) Theme of the Landing Page

It’s important that your Landing page theme must match with your main website Page theme particularly the colors, graphic s that include your company logo and other visuals elements used in your main website to improve brand awareness.

2) Content of the Landing Page

Another important aspect you need to focus is on the content of the Landing page, it must be relevant to the main website, include strong keywords in content and heading, landing pages will be the perfect place for some specific keyword phrases which are difficult to incorporate in the main website pages and a clear call to action will make the SEO and PPC optimize your page for greater conversions.

3) Landing Page Headline & Sub Headline

Headline should be clear and concise about the product and Services you are marketing. It should simple straightforward and should be relevant to what your product offers and must convey your visitors how the website can be helpful to them, it make it more accurate pack it with sub-headline an add a sense of urgency like “act now” or “Free for 30 days” to boost the conversion rate.

4) Image or Videos in Landing Pages

Images or videos in landing pages will speak volume, through an image you can convey the visitor about your product and the services you are providing. You can include the real pictures of the product you are marketing. Through videos you can explain about your product as many people prefer to watch the actual product, this proves to be effective to increase your conversion rate.

5) Bullet Points to Showcase Benefits

Instead of explaining the benefit through content, it recommended to state all your benefits of your solutions in easy to read bullet points.

6) Landing Page Call to Action

One of the best landing page tips is Call to action must be integrated in your landing page to optimize your landing page and it should be clearly specified as what you want your visitors to take further action. Create a button with Call of actions, such as “Buy now”, Click here to download” etc. that makes visitors want to click.

7) Page Fold

Lot of people don’t scroll down the screen for more information unless they are motivated, so make sure you keep all the information in the landing page like CTA, Benefits , Form fields above the fold.

8) Avoid Navigation Links

Try to reduce navigational links so that your visitors will not leave the page without taking the action on your landing page.

9) Customer Testimonials

Its best to include the customer testimonials in your content about your products and the claims your making, if possible include the customer picture and name so that visitor will trust you.

10) Trust Elements in Landing Page

In order to build up the trust, use other company logo’s which uses your products or services this factor effects in high conversion rate.


These elements will help you to design an optimized and targeted landing page. These elements will increase your landing page performance and results in lead generation and sale.

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