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Top 10 Landing Pages of 2021

Top 10 Landing Pages of 2021
January 17, 2022

Top 10 Landing Pages of 2021

Jan 17, 2022
Akriti Raturi

Akriti is an UGC Net Qualified Assistant Professor. She is an alumni of Miranda House, University of Delhi, and has a passion for teaching.

Every company aims to boost its revenue, which is actually critical to the success of a digital marketing plan. In order to work on the plan we focus on the quality lead, where we can tap the audience who are interested to make an action thereby, increasing the conversion rates and improving the performance of the sales team. The most crucial component in this entire process is the landing page.

Why are landing pages important?

Landing Page attracts the visitor's attention and encourages them to take the action. Thus, it’s vital that the landing page must have all the relevant information needed to persuade the audience.

Fundamentals of the Landing Page:

Briefly explain the purpose of your website, in above the fold of the page. Keep all relevant information such as features, services, offers, price, etc in this section.
Use the Call-To-Action (CTA) button on your website for initiating an action on the part of the customers.

To make your CTA stand out, use a layout that is conversion-focused (think about whitespace, color, contrast, and layout).

Include testimonials of your customers to back-up your claims.

Let’s have a look at Top 10 Landing Pages of 2021 for inspiration.


Netflix is the perfect example of the supreme simplicity. The page uses fewer than 200 words and is still able to mark its presence. Even when it comes to the user-friendliness, Netflix just uses email information to grab its customers, making it possible for all ages to use the website easily.


Airbnb employs a variety of landing pages, a separate one for a distinct target audience and purpose. You can just simply give the information on the kind of place you are looking for and the specific dates for the same. You can swift to various amenities you are looking for and make your choice. The customer is encouraged to click the red "Search" button by bright, warm photos that answer their request.


Shopify has a simple website which has a unique user appeal. They use the concept of validating trust, and consumers are more inclined to buy from a brand if other people they trust recommend it in some way. Shopify uses social proof on this landing page by claiming that "1, 7000,000" businesses around the world utilize and trust their product.


Snapchat includes all the fundamental features of a landing page. A video is included on the landing page and above the fold, it explains all its main points.  Yellow color is used in a bold, bright manner. They also have the feature of converting the language of the copy  according to the region, which therefore helps to connect with a larger audience.

Amazon Prime

The call-to-action is prominently displayed at the top of the Amazon Prime landing page, making it difficult to overlook. They also use a video to humanize the offer and provide a more dynamic explanation of its value.  Many times amazon also uses influencer marketing to feature the movie's stars. To induce conversion, messaging employs exclusivity and incentives. It also addresses prime subscribers directly, turning in more sales.


You have to admire a landing page every now and then for its simple and appealing design. Canva has a lot of white space to emphasize the text while also balancing off the vivid colors. A FAQ section closes out the page. It helps potential buyers grasp what you're selling and communicates the message that you're willing to answer queries.


Slack, like Airbnb, uses a variety of landing pages to accomplish its objectives. Their present value offer is succinct and straightforward. Their message on the landing page says, "Make work less work with your new digital HQ", anyone who has utilized the power of being digital knows how liberating it is to switch to an online platform. The title is straightforward and appealing. At the bottom they have listed out the companies who use Slack, as well as their reviews, which helps to establish credibility.


Apple’s landing page simplicity is targeted to a completely different level. Although the message becomes more muddled as you navigate down the page, the top section is spot on.
The page that opens when you click "Learn more" provides you a taste of how the technology works. The website follows the overall look that the world has come to appreciate. Even the call to action is a simple "Buy" that has been emphasized. You click, you see the most recent projects and their visually appealing pages, and you "purchase."


The headline on Uber’s website addresses a typical user complaint about work schedule flexibility. The form is put near the top of the page to avoid being ignored and to allow visitors to convert right away if they so desire. The content is clear and direct with short sentences. It also highlights the three most compelling reasons to choose Uber.


The structure of a good landing page is crucial, and Upwork nails it with this one. Each job category on Upwork has its own landing page.  A purposeful CTA button, social proof, and a preview of potential projects are all included in the landing page design. A list of trustworthy companies mentioned scales up the credibility of the site.

If you are also interested in boosting the sales of your company and want to set up a landing page for the same, schedule a free demo today and  learn from the expert.

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