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Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Beginners

August 4, 2016

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Beginners

Aug 04, 2016
Vamsridhar Reddy

Gone are the days when a digital marketing person could claim that they are more interested in the creative aspect of digital marketing while the Tech Stuff is for the techie geeks and nerds out there. Today, digital marketers who have a technical background, or who are at least comfortable with technologies like Email Automation, CRMs, Analytics, Social Media Engagement, Ad platforms, etc., are prone to being more successful. In fact, it has almost become a pre-requirement to get started with their careers. Moreover, by the way, that is not just it, marketing technology not only refers to software but also online brand assets which you create such as web applications, Twitter plugins, Facebook apps, widgets, etc. Digital Marketing has grown far beyond from just being the company website. As a Digital Marketing Analyst myself, my digital responsibilities include managing and creating landing pages that convert better, social media posts which gain much attention, dynamic ads to reach the right audience, email automation, search engine optimization for better ranking, and so forth. At Digital Ready we use the following Free tools (as well as paid tools if needed) to make students understand how to use them properly to achieve better results. This free tools can help you get started and grow your online business.

Social Media Scheduling: Buffer

Perhaps one of the best time-saving tip for social media marketers is scheduling posts ahead of time for your business profiles on social media. You can group the social media marketing process: Do all you're creating, curating and as well composing all in a single move, then broadcast those updates out across the next few days or weeks. How we use Buffer: The free plan which is forever at Buffer lets you connect a social profile from each network. Just like one from Facebook, one from Twitter and to schedule ahead ten posts for each social network. If you share two posts per day, that means you can stay five days ahead all the time.

SEO: Open Site Explorer

It is a great way for monitoring your domain and page authority and also helps you for checking how many backlinks you are getting and from which source they are coming. You can also check your competition. However, the free version only gives you three reports per day. Signing up offers extensive reporting on all your keywords, links and competitors. How to use it: Insert your website URL into Open Site Explorer to see the high-level stats like page authority and all other incoming links. You can also click over to the Just-Discovered tab at the top to see new links and Top Pages with most links to see which pages on your site get the most links.

Real-time Analytics: Google Analytics

Google Analytics does pretty much everything regarding tracking the traffic to your website with large data in place. It is a huge, enormous amount of info, generously given away for free. How we use Google Analytics: As a digital marketing team, we appreciate the ease of which we see the traffic from the various networks like in Acquisition > Organic > Google traffic. We can check the engaged reading time or bounce rate by looking at different tabs on Page. Also, for the real-time stats of who is on our site right now, we can just click on Real-Time > Overview.

Design: Canva

Over 2.1 million people trust Canva even we at Digital Ready suggest this to students how are not familiar with photoshop. Canva is used to help us with creating images for blog posts, social media, and practically any other use you can assume for digital marketing. How we use Canva: The optimized sizes and inbuilt templates make it fast and easy to generate great images for Pinterest, Square for Facebook or Instagram, rectangular ones for Twitter, and any size you use.

Share buttons: SumoMe Share

The ubiquitous share buttons you see on the side of blog posts, many of them come from SumoMe. Any website buttons are part of the SumoMe suite of website products. If you are okay with SumoMe branding, you can add the required social buttons for free to any page on your site. How to use SumoMe: SumoMe gives you much more control over the look of your share buttons, both in which buttons is displayed on and where on the page they appear. One of the great features also is that they are mobile optimized, so you maintain a good way of encouraging sharing no matter where your audience is reading.

Google Trends

See what the world is going crazy on and how interest in concepts has changed over time with Google Trends. For example, I feel like I suddenly hear about “digital marketing” and “learn digital marketing” Are you, too? We input those terms into Google Trends, and it looks like there are suddenly many people with new interest in the concept of digital marketing.

Content Idea Generator

Enter a keyword for fun and irreverent suggestion from Portent’s Content Idea Generator. We get a lot of interesting and funny content ideas to update our blog.


Want to see how your content has spread across the web? For websites that don’t display social media share button numbers, just copy and paste the web address into SharedCount. Alternatively, use the multi-URL dashboard to enter lots of different website addresses and exported a quick report.

WordPress: Blogging Platform

I have been using WordPress for at least five years now, and it is my favorite blogging platform. I would not be surprised if WordPress’s claim to power about a fifth of the internet is real. The way it is built is awesome for any beginner to get started with and not simply getting started but create an amazing website or blog. We prefer this and make it used by our students. Websites like,, etc. build by our students using Wordpress.


With over eight million users using MailChimp, it is one of the most powerful email marketing automation platform on the market. MailChimp’s incredibly simple platform structure and freemium plan make it much more easy to use for even some of the most inexperienced email marketers out there to get setup with robust email campaigns. I hope this helps to give some insight into how we use these digital marketing tools for our benefit, and I hope you guys can start using them too. They are excellent tools. These are necessary tools to get started for free, but there are many paid tools as well to make your Digital Marketing Simplified. So what tools are you using and how they are helpful? Leave a comment below.

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