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Top 10 Digital Marketing Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Top 10 Digital Marketing Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid
March 13, 2018

Top 10 Digital Marketing Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mar 13, 2018
Reshma Mandal
Reshma Mandal is a professional blogger with great passion towards writing about digital marketing, fashion, travel etc.

The interview experience is always scary and panicking for anyone. You will have that terrible feeling especially if you are going to a company interview which you are not much aware of or aren’t confident about your skills. Digital Marketing is a new, dynamic, growing, and blooming field. Every marketing field has different requirements. A digital marketing agency wants to look something unique and different in you for each role. You should always follow some do’s and don’ts while going for a digital marketing interview. So what interview mistakes should you avoid? Here are the top 10 must-avoid digital marketing interview mistakes.

1. No Knowledge about the Company You are Interviewing for

Every digital marketing company will hire a candidate who knows about their company because you are the one who can help them achieve their goals. Same goes for a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing company wants passionate people. So it’s always an excellent job to research for the company you are going to interview for before going to it. Research everything about the company like latest updates, news, clients, competitive companies, market, etc. A company will not hire someone who doesn’t have any information about the company or who don’t care about getting the research done before coming to interview. Proof to the interviewers that you are going to be a good fit for their company.

2. Misunderstanding the Job Role You are Interviewing for

Misunderstanding the Job Role - Digital Ready

It’s not about only researching about the company. You have to know the role clearly that you are interviewing for. Example - Suppose you are going to interview for an SEO executive, then there is no point to go to the interview of you prepared for an AdWord Analyst. It’s good to know all job roles but understand specifically the job role that you are going to interview for. Write down the skills needed for the job role on your CV and go through your CV, again and again, to make it up. Researching about the company and understanding the job role are the most two important points which you should be clear about to crack your dream job sooner. Want to know more about digital marketing? Here is our ebook on “13 Reasons to learn Digital Marketing.

3. Forgetting Your Proofs

Your Proofs are the Biggest Source of Success - Digital Ready

It’s not a harm to discuss about your work in an interview. Example - If you are applying for a content writer job, then showing your blog posts, social media posts, etc. would be like icing on the cake. What would be better than showing the jobs that you did in an interview where your job role would be the same? Yes, you got it right. Show your proofs where you think your job role would fit for the works you did. Forgetting the proofs is like going for a party without wearing that perfect fashionable dress.

4. No Preparation for the Digital Marketing Jargons

Prepare for Digital Marketing Jargons - Digital Ready

Digital marketing interview questions are full of jargons. You need to brush up all the jargons before heading towards the interview. Example - An interviewer won’t ask questions like What is Search Engine Optimization. Instead, he or she would ask you What SEO is. Same as What is PPC rather than Pay-Per-Click. Try to avoid these interview mistakes because jargons are the key parts of digital marketing and interview preparation, and very important for a digital marketing interview. Go to our blog “Top 10 Videos to Understand Digital Marketing.

5. Not Browsing the Latest Updates or News

Getting a job in a digital marketing firm requires a lot of specialized knowledge. Like Google’s Algorithm never stand-still so as you need to update your knowledge as far as you can. Be dynamic like the digital marketing is. Browse the web for all latest information on a particular topic and go through the latest world’s news on digital marketing and business. Keep yourself updated as the companies are updating. This is an important step in your interview preparation. Get latest updates on Digital marketing through digital marketing blogs. Here is our blog on “Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Follow.

6. Being Shy on Explaining Job Experiences

Being Shy on Explaining Job Experiences - Digital Ready

Never think that you cannot explain the experience part of your previous job in an interview that is for some other field. Example -Like You worked as an executive in a call center, and now you are interviewing for a content writer, and you cannot explain your past work experience. That will be your biggest interview mistake if you are going to avoid it. Every job experience of your life is important and would be great if you carry forward it. Tell them why would be a good fit for their company based on your past experiences. Go through your resume for your interview preparation before going to the interview to refresh yourself with whatever you did in your previous jobs.

7. Being Afraid of Offering Suggestions to the Company

Being Afraid of Offering Suggestions - Digital Ready

Suggestions are always open feedback which any company would love to get to improve them further. Especially a digital marketing agency is dedicated to improve their performance and keep them updated according to the market condition. So if you are giving any suggestions to them for any of their areas they need to improve then feel free to mention your recommendations. Example - Suppose the digital marketing company you went to interview for is lacking its presence online on social media platforms. Then you can give suggestions to them to improve in that particular area to increase their traffic efficiently. It also shows your care for the company and your dedication to help them improve.

8. Neglecting LinkedIn

Importance of LinkedIn - Digital Ready

We all know how LinkedIn has changed the game of job searching. Almost every marketing professional profile is there on LinkedIn. So it’s high time now to change yourself too. Browse through the management profile of the company that you are going to interview for. It’s not just you need to know about the company. Know also the people of the company you’ll be interviewing with. Looking and talking about the things in common with your interviewer has an enormous impact all over. Get a better idea of the people through their LinkedIn profile, and there you go cleaning your next hustle.

9. Not subscribed to company's Newsletter or Downloaded the App

Subscription - Digital Ready

What do you know about us? This is the first marketing interview question of any digital marketing company. Only knowing about the company and the people you are in an interview with will not help. You have to show that you are already into their company. You have downloaded their app, you have subscribed to their email and newsletter, you kept your notifications on for any latest update about them. These all small-small steps that a company counts and these shows your interest in them. So if you are not doing so in your interview preparation, then you are putting yourself at risk.

10. Specific Interview Structure Expectation

Every digital marketing agency has their different interview process and structure. So if you are expecting same interview process with every company, then you are putting yourself at risk. Be good in improving your skills, CV, information about the people and company, leave the rest on the interviewer. Don’t expect the interview process to happen according to your wish. Go to our blog on “How to Win a Digital Marketing Interview?.


Go through your resume again and again for your interview preparation. You should brush up your digital marketing knowledge and the company that you are going to interview for. Be best in your practices, terminologies, and experiences. Want to sharpen your knowledge of digital marketing? Then you must read digital marketing books. Here is our blog which will let you know the books which you should read to gain more knowledge on digital marketing. ”The Top 15 Digital Marketing Books to Buy.” Go to our blog on “Top 15 Interview Questions for Digital Marketing.” When going through your interview, don’t pretend to understand the concepts and terms to show off. Make everything clean and clear about who you are and what is your job role. So if you get aware of your mistakes then, there you go. You are ready for cracking the digital marketing interview and getting your dream job. Want to know which companies in Hyderabad recruit for digital marketers? Go to our blog on “The Top Companies in Hyderabad Recruiting Digital Marketers.” Want to clear your skills and concepts of digital marketing? Want to crack the next digital marketing interview? Then JOIN US. Digital Ready can help you to upgrade your digital marketing skills and get your dream job.

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