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Top 10 Digital Marketing Career Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Top 10 Digital Marketing Career Challenges and How to Overcome Them
December 20, 2018

Top 10 Digital Marketing Career Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Dec 20, 2018
Rashmi Rao V
V Rashmi Rao, a Digital Marketer with 7+ years of experience in creative Content writing, proofreading and a SEO professional. Rashmi is a veteran for creating and managing digital content across mediums to help build relationships for organizations and individuals.

Are you aware of the latest digital marketing trends? Have you been following the same practices since ages? Are your digital marketing activities in place? If questions like these bother you often you can read our article Best Best Practices for Growing Your Freelance Digital Marketing Business. As the web algorithms are constantly changing alongwith ever increasing online competition for maximum customer attention digital marketers face several challenges in their day-to-day marketing activities. With this article we shall be sharing Top 10 Digital Marketing Career Challenges and How to Overcome Them.


#1 Challenge: More Traffic, More Leads, More Customers

Every digital agency’s main objective is to create way for more traffic. Due to fierce competition in keyword ranking, other similar digital marketing agencies, maintaining brand visibility is difficult. You have to show and prove yourself to be different from others and stand out of the crowd. You have to create platforms where you have maximum reach towards your audience and that in-turn helps you to gather more traffic, more leads and more customers.

Solution: Generate unique regular content as much as you can.

Create content that relates with your target audiences and you think that is readable by the consumer. Once you have created the right amount of content, it’s time for you to create the appropriate promotion strategy for this content to be circulated among the audiences. Upload photos, videos, blogs, be active on social media. Find a niche segment for your the services offered. Create unique set of offerings. Consistency is the key for reaching the right customer at the right time through right means.


#2 Challenge: Calculating ROI on Marketing efforts

What all marketing efforts you put or activities you perform to increase the reach, you obviously expect a proper ROI on it. Calculating ROI for your marketing activities is necessary. Measuring the task and activities will help you determine which to continue in future and which not to. Monitoring also helps in understand the path take by your target audiences. Measuring ROI also helps in defining the overall marketing budget for the digital marketing activities. Tracking ROI helps in understanding the effectiveness of the various marketing campaigns you run all round the year.

Solution: Use software and tools that help you determine the right ROI

CRM and Analytic tools help you to track and analyse ROI for the campaigns you create. Attach these tools with your sales reports and generate effective leads. Create SLAs (Service Level agreements) that align with your marketing efforts. Also conduct some inbound marketing to generate more leads and get the desired ROI.


#3 Challenge: Decision-Making on the right tool

Being a Digital Marketer can be tough sometimes, because you are unable decide which technology or the tool is best or appropriate for the marketing activities you wish to perform. There are numerous number of digital marketing tools and software available in the market that work amazingly. But for a digital marketer it becomes really difficult to choose the right tool, as there is no proper feedback available and neither their is any assurance about the tool that it will work best for you. What should a Digital marketer do in such cases?

Solution: Choose tools wisely and save money.

Before you choose a specific app or tool or a website for your marketing activities, first identify your needs, identify what are you expecting from your marketing activities and accordingly choose tools. This will save lot of money being wasted on acquiring unnecessary tools and will also save time. Instead of wasting money on several apps choose one single platform or app that helps you in content generation, allocation, content mapping, that analyses audiences, tracks social media efforts, reports all the marketing activities and gives a single data sheet for all it does. Marketing Automation tools are on the go in 2019 and that will ease the work for digital marketers.


#4 Challenge: Building a Team

Digital Marketing entails several activities like SEO, Social Media campaigns, Content generation and Report generation. A single person can’t do it all. You need a team of experts who work in sync with you and create the perfect marketing campaigns that work best for you. Acquiring talent that is expertise in specific digital marketing efforts is must.

Solution: Hire the best or Train the best.

You can either hire expert Digital marketers who are well-known in their field and who know what they are doing. If you have existing marketing team then you can train the effectively through various online courses. Google offers some exciting certification in Analytics. Hire talent according to the skill-set like a SEO expert, a professional web content writer, a social media campaign expert etc.


#5 Challenge: Keep up with Digital Space

As there is intense competition in the Digital space, things are changing in seconds. What was working yesterday or a few months or years back may not work today.

Solution: Keep changing your campaigns as per the current digital trends.

Audiences and their choices change frequently, thus, digital marketers need to focus on creating campaigns that suit the current digital trends. Just don’t stick to one source or one platform. Try different platforms and activities to boost your marketing activities. Reach as many as you can. Make use of Chatbots, social media pages, forums etc and promote your content in every possible way.


#6 Challenge: Website Management

Your website is the key to your huge basket of services you offer. Hence, managing your website well is necessary. It’s the single point of contact for your audiences. They analyse you and judge you and later choose on the basis of your website. A website help in attracting visitors thus it has to be perfect. Your audiences watch everything on your site - website content, fast downloads, fast loading webpages, interesting videos, and unique posts. Thus, it becomes a challenge for digital marketers to maintain all these on a website.

Solution: Identify the requirements and work on it

The best way to manage your website is to first identify your website requirements, analyse the things you need to work on like if you are unable to upload appropriate content on the site, you may need to a hire a content specialist to do the same. Do a regular website analysis and create a website planner and work accordingly. Optimize your site as per the latest algorithm. Lastly track and monitor all the activities to boost your website performance.


#7 Challenge: Working with Budget Constraints

One of the biggest challenges faced by digital marketers is delivering exceptional results in limited or minimum budget. Not every company allocates a huge amount for several digital marketing activities, wherein a digital marketer needs to plan and create a plan that can be completed within the given budget.

Solution: Work on campaigns you are sure about

Digital Marketing activities are not confined to just one platform or one medium. You have try and test several times before your are sure that this the method that will surely give me ROI on my efforts. However, when you have limited budget you don’t have a scope to experiment. In these kinds of situation, be selective, only choose those activities or campaigns you are sure about, you know that will work and yield traffic and that which are measurable. This will help you work in budget and save time.


#8 Challenge: Create better Client-relationships

With proper digital marketing efforts you will be able to attract right audiences for your brand but maintaining all your clients can be a challenge. Today clients focus more on satisfaction and they want marketers to value them. Thus, attracting and maintaining clients is a difficult task.

Solution: Increase audience engagement

Continuous audience engagement through various means is must for creating better client-relationships. Loosing a client, is loosing many other potential clients and loss in business, which is big NO for any digital marketer. Give your client the right expectation so that they are aware of what they will get at the end. Tell what you can do. Don’t boast about things that are just unrealistic. Keep your client involved in the entire process so that they feel informed. For any reason if the client want to leave, let them go as digital marketing activities are not an hour’s task. They take time and patience to come in to practice. Explain your clients each and everything and design a marketing plan best suited for both.


#9 Challenge: Posting on Social Media

Although its easy for a regular person to be active on social media platforms posting photos, videos and updates but for a professional digital marketer its a big challenge to post regularly and be active on the social media pages. The challenge is you can’t post anything randomly. You need to create a proper social media plan, work on the content, check for the photos and upload the right video. A small wrong word, and inappropriate image and a wrong video can make you loose your audience.

Solution: Think twice before you upload anything!!

Yes, you heard it right! Think twice, thrice or many more times before you upload anything on the social media pages. People are watching you every second, you may never know what will hurt your audience and what may work wrong for you.


#10 Challenge: Content Management & Marketing

All your digital marketing activities revolve around the Content, thus managing and marketing the content in the right manner is necessary. Are you able to answer the questions like - Are your reaching the target audience? Are you using the right content marketing platforms? Does your content is clean, precise and understood by the audience? If your answer is No, then its time to focus on all your content marketing strategies, focus on the type of content you are sharing with your audiences.

Solution: Work on your content plan regularly

Create an effective content plan. Use your content wisely on appropriate platform. Post content regularly. Always post unique, original, clean and precise content. Share the content on various platforms. Communicate with your audiences through the best channels possible.


You may find Digital Marketing as easy as a click and hitting a like on a social media post but for a digital marketer its an daunting task. They have to work 360 degrees to create an effective workable campaign. Best digital marketers are the ones who find solutions for their day to day challenges and overcome them one by one.  If you are a digital marketer and feel stuck somewhere or if you are willing to join a full-time certificate course in digital marketing to become an expert digital marketer you can reach us at @9885753885 on WhatsApp.

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