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Tips On Increasing Ecommerce Conversions With Live Chat

Tips On Increasing Ecommerce Conversions With Live Chat
August 8, 2019

Tips On Increasing Ecommerce Conversions With Live Chat

Aug 08, 2019
Adelina Benson

Adelina Benson works as a sales manager with and She develops marketing strategies and helps her companies grow through technical solutions. In her free time, she likes to write helpful articles.

Looking for a great way to increase the sales in your ecommerce store? Live chat is one of your best bets. Here is how it works:

Why Live Chat Works? 

A live chat box is often just there, on the site and hidden sometimes as well. However, that small box is a huge deal to any customer. Before there was live chat, people had to call or email the company. But this was bad. For one, calling would mean waiting and listening to automated messages, pressing keys and so on. Plus, many people are anxious when it comes to talking over the phone. 

Email ment waiting, for days sometimes. Neither choice seemed to fit.  And then live chat came. Now, customers can just type a message and get an answer - no waiting, no anxiousness. 
It’s convenient and simple. It’s there, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to but you could if you do. If you use it, you get an instant response. You can even multitask. 

Live chat helps customers make decisions and nudge them in the right direction. Communication is crucial, and it works. Customers are satisfied because of lice chat. 

How To Use Live Chat To Increase Conversions?

Here are some ways you can use live chat to increase your sales:

Communicate value

“You can actually use your chat box to present the value of your company and your products to your customers. Don’t let that opportunity go by leaving the common “we are not here, leave a message” type of thing. It’s much better to be there and give them a reason to come back to your store. Live chat is ad copy too. So why not take the opportunity to sell some more products and make your customers happy?” says Pamela Molng, a E-commerce advisor at 1day2write and Australia2write.

Proactive greetings

Greetings are very important in the live chat. It’s a first impression that you make and it should be really good if you want to make it count. Sometimes, you can make that greeting related to the page they are on. For instance “I see that you are looking at the pricing plans. Do you need some help with that?” is a great greeting which entices the customer to answer and creates the feeling of being in a real life store. You can include other kinds of greetings and make your live chat even better. 

Don’t use the offline chat 

As mentioned, the message where you notify your customers that you are not there and that they should let you know about their problems is a terrible choice. You need to have someone there at all times to give them an answer or to send at least a boilerplate message.

Answer quickly 

Another important point is that you need to answer people quickly. No one is going to wait half an hour for your response. In fact, no one is going to wait more than a few minutes at most. After that, they will just use the Google or leave your page and you will lose a customer. Not good either way. Make sure that your response time is always the same and always quick. 

Be available

Someone should always be there to answer questions - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every month. You never know which time zone someone could be coming from, what habits that person has and why they are there. But your job is simplu to be present to answer all sorts of questions that your customers may have. The only exception could be the holidays when you are more or less sure that no one will be on your website.

Use the data

The data you receive from your live chat is something extremely valuable and useful to your company. Why let all of this useful information go to waste when you could instead use it to make your website, products and service better for your customers. Learn from it and make sure that you improve based on what you know. 

Adjust your tone of voice

“When live chatting with a customer, be friendly. Adjust your tone of voice to their tone of voice and be polite. All of your messaging in the live chat should be like this. The first message could be a bit more formal but all of the others need to be adjusted to your customer if you want to make a sale,” says Danny WIlkes, a Senior Marketer at Writemyx and Britstudent.


Every sentence you write should make the customer feel like they are one of your acquaintances. Use their name, chat with them on a real, personal level. Use a bit of slang if necessary too. 

Live chat is one of the best things you can do for your ecommerce site. It helps your customers contact you and it helps you sell more. Hopefully, this guide will help you. 

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