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The Future of Digital Marketing - Upcoming Trends in 2017

The Future of Digital Marketing - Upcoming Trends in 2017
Bala Manasa
January 2, 2017

First of all, I wish you a very happy New Year! The world is going digital. Well, that is true. We are witnessing the different strategies of digital marketing that are replacing the traditional marketing ways. This exciting world of digital marketing created many opportunities for employees, companies and customers leading to a win-win situation. In general terms, digital marketing is the promotion of products/services or even brands through electronic media by which companies reach their customers.

But in real-time digital marketing is all about what content is, how it works and doesn’t work, what is being viewed for how long and how often, and sales conversions, deals with the analytical part of a website. The Internet is the most popular channel that is associated with digital marketing by which it mostly includes the internet marketing techniques and implanting the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and CRO strategies. Other channels include mobile apps, electronic billboards, digital television, radio channels and the list goes on. The main objective of digital marketing is to engage customers and allow them to interact with the brand through service and delivery of digital media.

Importance of Digital Marketing

In the days of yore where companies used to send messages to its targeted customers giving them brief information about services they provide. A shift from analog to digital is observed as digital marketing is more affordable and faster. Now the customer knows what he wants, how to buy and from whom to. Now in this modern age customers have their hands on any kind of information at anytime and anyplace. Digital marketing’s channel Internet has become the main source for the customer to get information about entertainment, shopping, news and what not. companies can them to interact through social media as customers want only to buy from the brand which they know and have trust, provides them with personalized and attractive offers, communicates with them, finally closes the gap by understanding needs and preferences of customers.

Happy customers help the companies to build them a good reputation in the social world through positive comments, likes, shares, feedbacks and influence to have a good, trustworthy image. The companies can even tackle their competitors by spending huge money on resources like SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media and they can acquire potential customers.

Future of Digital Marketing

In the coming years, digital marketing is going to be a boon to the industries which helps to increase a growth rate of 40%. Digital marketing is going to be a merge of ideas, technology, and data analytics. With the marketers, platforms, ideas and vast point of contacts, digital marketing is going to get rooted and play a major role in the future with present and newly emerging concepts. The usage of mobile phones makes a way for mobile marketing in a full swing. As marketing is becoming intoxicated day-by-day digital marketing will leave an impact in the features like cost efficiency, flexibility, convenience. Future marketers are going to play together digital marketing along with traditional marketing.

Under an estimation of Office for National Statistics, over 82 % of UK adults went online in the first three months of the year 2016.In India it is estimated that 500 M internet users mark by 2017, Online ad spends to cross billion dollars, to cross a mark of 38 billion dollars by e-commerce industries, to offer more than 1.5 lakh jobs.

Upcoming Trends in 2017

The marketers are driving deep into digital marketing to bring out new trends. Let us observe the new trends that are going to be evolved in the future.

1. Back to Augmented Reality
We all went crazy over the sensational game “Pokemon Go” it was a deployment of the firework display in 2016 but soared as early as it started. The gaming industry is hell bent on bringing augmented reality in 2017 with a hope of success which provides real gaming experience in the real time to its gamers.

2. Data Driven Marketing
Every company has a huge amount of data about its targeted and to-be-targeted customers or clients, now this data-driven testing helps these companies to analyze and define a marketing strategy in future. This data is not only collected and used on the internet but also in the offline marketing ways like a number of visits to the stores, purchases. The companies just need a sophisticated technology to gather such data.

3. Desktops Replaced By Mobiles
Mobile phones are the biggest revolutionary products that dominate desktops in the present world. Implementation of emerging techniques like mobile search and mobile optimization is growing rapidly due to an increase in mobile traffic. It is leading to mobile focused internet marketing where desktops are losing its identity against the mobile phones.

4. Cuddling with Content
Nobody can take replace the king! So does the content will remain as king in future too. In the coming years content is going to tougher than now it is. The marketers should embrace content with a sense of storytelling to stand out from the crowd along with quality and quantity. Live streaming video, the impactful narration will add and advantage and become the main key for marketers.

5. Automation is coming!
Currently, 71% of the companies are using marketing automation as it provides the solutions for email marketing, social marketing, digital ads, tasks on autopilot mode. To reach more effective customers advanced automation and predictive analytics are used by the marketers. Marketo, Hubspot, and Chatbots are examples of such smarter automation which contributed to the success of marketing channels. The future depends on the marketing automation which in return depends on the development of machine learning, send-time optimization, artificial intelligence.

6. Digital Transformation
Utilization of large valuable data that is available along with analytics will drive your business into the success by letting you know how your customer's thing, what relevant options they want and how they view your brand. Successful digital transformation can measure anything with a sense of adaptability to the changing technology and platforms as it is driven by the “Internet of Things”.

7. Evolution of Social Media
With the change of rules in different social media platforms, the organic search is becoming tougher to achieve. Your content is becoming harder to be seen naturally in search due to these changes which may or may not engage the audience. The reach of a large group of people is going to be difficult on social media platforms by imposing the risk of user’s engagement with a high cost of advertising.

8. Enlargement of Email Marketing
Well, we are premature if we discuss the death of email. In digital era mostly to reach new customers and to share information with clients usage of new email newsletters is used. It is going to take a revolutionary part in the future by bringing interactivity, pop-up and launch of different newsletters.

9. Native Advertising
Customers have very less patience to go through your ads. The marketers will face a challenge for identifying different ways to get their brand message to reach the audiences. Go home or else try native if you want your old repeated content and you expect the audiences to view them in abundance in the following year 2017.

10. Change in Search Algorithms
Every second a huge amount of data is added to the search engines to carry out SEO perfectly by which the content can be ranked and given priority. It’s time to track the changing algorithms to hold up the current and better position in the search engines.


Apart from these trends, there may be many trends of digital marketing to emerging at any moment. Those businesses that fail to adopt the new climate of digital marketing are considered to be lost in the future.

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