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The Digital Marketing Case Study of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Digital Marketing Case Study of Cristiano Ronaldo
April 30, 2018

The Digital Marketing Case Study of Cristiano Ronaldo

Apr 30, 2018
Reshma Mandal

Hollywood stars, musicians, and all great stars are investing in digital marketing agencies to become more popular and improve their strategies, so why would the sports field lack behind? To yield the right and better results, you should market creatively and uniquely. Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest paid and one of the greatest Portuguese football player in the world, has the exceptional record of great and high standard performances and goals-to-games impressive ratio. This article is all about how he applied his philosophy in the world of digital marketing. He is even launching a digital brand called 7egend. I will provide you with his digital marketing tips and strategies that the athletes practice to win over their fans. Here is what you need to know about his digital power.

Ronaldo’s Digital Brand: 7egend - Digital Ready

The True Digital Power of Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous personality in social media today. He has the largest number of followers and a great number of hits to his website and the e-commerce. On top of that, he has partnerships with brands from hospitality, food, and Watches and investments and businesses with textiles and footwear industries.

Digital Insights and Analysis of Ronaldo

Digital Analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo - Digital Ready

Comparison of Hits to Ronaldo’s Website Here are the insights which say the whole truth of the comparison of hits to his website with other players.

Website Access: Comparison With Other Players - Digital Ready

Here is the analytical data of SEO comparison with other players website. CR7 has the highest score in SEO when compared with the websites of Neymar and Messi.

SEO Comparison with Other Player’s Sites - Digital Ready

Brand Analysis - DBI Score

Here is the brand analysis of Ronaldo. Before discussing the DBI score, you need to understand what DBI is.

What is DBI?

The Davie-Brown Index (DBI) is a unique index for brand agencies and marketers that quantifies the consumer's perceptions of celebrities including musical artists, politicians, athletes, business leaders, TV stars, film stars, news personalities etc. DBI is considered as the important data top to determine the ability of a celebrity to influence customer’s purchase intent and brand affinity. Here is the DBI score of Ronaldo’s brand. More than 90% of people know about Ronaldo while 87% have heard about Messi. DBI score of Ronaldo helps to make him the most marketable football player in the world than any other players.

Brand Analysis of Ronaldo - Digital Ready

Brazil has the great participation of website access for Ronaldo and Messi. Ronaldo’s website has the highest access.

Brand Reminder for Search and Country - Digital Ready

Ronaldo's Value on Social Media Platforms

The sponsors of Ronaldo get unpredicted rewards for each of his posts and feats. In social media value, his sponsors have benefited $936 million from soccer icon’s accounts until June 1st, 2017. His sponsors include global brands like Herbalife, Nike, and Tag Heuer. He produces around $1 billion in value for his sponsors in social media.

Value on Social Media Platforms - Digital Ready

Digital Marketing Tips from Cristiano Ronaldo

Great marketing results come from creative and unique ideas and strategies. That’s what Ronaldo focused on. The popular European player has a series of excellent records in the journey of reaching his goals. His strategies and tips will make you think and work upon your strategies again.

Earn Popularity and Utilize Social Media

More and more people will love your brand if you have true faith in your brand and your business. You can inspire others around you to have the same enthusiasm for your brand. Your beliefs will impact your performance. He gained his popularity among every social networking site. The Facebook page of Ronaldo is ranked on fourth among the most popular pages with more than 122 million followers. He has the confidence in himself and always talks about making bold choices and taking risks in life. Utilize social media to attract a wider audience and promote your brand because that’s the most effective way to do it. Engage your fan followers with your interesting and valuable posts and keep them well informed about all your moves and updates. Being a social buzz is what makes someone popular.

Facebook Page of Ronaldo - Digital Ready

His Twitter account has more than 72 million followers.

Ronaldo’s Twitter Page - Digital Ready

True Vision

Cristiano Ronaldo always has a clear vision to reach his goals. According to him. “I intend to be the best.” Your marketing is going to ooze its excellence if you have a clear vision and focus on how to achieve it. Keep on planning your marketing strategies effectively, execute them properly, and finally be better constantly among competitors.

Don’t Ever Ignore Your Mistakes, Rather Learn from Them

Digital Marketing Quotes - Digital Ready

Even experts and legends do mistakes. There is nothing shameful about being doing mistakes because you can learn from your mistakes. Even Ronaldo keeps on practising for hours for every mistake he has made in a game to ensure not to do it again. And as well said, “Practice makes a man perfect,” makes him more and more perfect for his next move. Even in a business perspective, every mistake you do will knock your confidence level and inspire you to identify your wrong points.

Exceed Your Expectations

Ronaldo is known for exceeding his expectations. In 2007-2008, he scored 42 goals for Manchester United. His consistency is his key to success. So keep on improving all your digital marketing aspects consistently, and focus and extend your marketing mix.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Digital World

Cristiano Ronaldo has purchased a Portuguese digital marketing agency called Thing Pink with the aim of launching a new vehicle called “7EGEND” which will replace the Thing Pink brand. He announced about his project on his social media channels. This news was also reported by Portugal’s Eco News title and TechCrunch. The brand has its presence on social media channels too. Here is the fan following of this brand on Instagram which has crossed 95K.

7egend on Instagram - Digital Ready

He launched an ingenious app for FC Porto, i.e., the football club of Portugal. Now his fans can access and tour the Dragon's Stadium on their smartphones, tabs, and smartwatch.

FC Porto App - Digital Ready

Then there is his high selfie app, “CR7 Selfie App”, which is created with the aim that his followers and fans now can have a selfie with him at any time, anywhere, and everywhere. Here is a snapshot of his short introduction video of the app on twitter which got likes, views and retweets like a storm.

CR& Selfie App by Cristiano Ronaldo - Digital Ready

Here is the promotional video of CR7 selfie app by Cristiano Ronaldo on Youtube which has crossed 1.5 million views.

He is endless with his great records. He donates to the charity called “Save the Children.

Ronaldo’s Donations to the Charity “Save the Children” - Digital Ready

Twitter Page of “Save the Children” Charity - Digital Ready

Cristiano Ronaldo is unstoppable. He keeps on experimenting and implements new ideas to grow more. That’s what a successful personality do. Don’t tell your dreams, show it. That’s what he believes in. He is conquering the world of digital marketing with his ideas and strategies. So what you are waiting for? Be creative and unique and show yourself.

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