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Switching to a Digital Marketing Career from Sales

Switching to a Digital Marketing Career from Sales
July 24, 2020

Switching to a Digital Marketing Career from Sales

Jul 24, 2020
Chiranjeevi Maddala

Chiranjeevi Maddala is an award winning digital marketing strategist with over 18 Years of experience in Digital Media and Marketing. He is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Digital Ready.

With digital transformation happening everywhere and consumers showing a keen interest in online trends, digital marketing scope will have a brighter future in the coming years. Technology-driven sales are increasing day-by-day, and consumers choose to make a purchase decision based on online reviews, digital media, and social platform ads.

The sales professional already has a good understanding of the customer's needs and behavior. Salespeople have a thorough knowledge of domain marketing with excellent communication and persuasion skills. They can quickly enter the creative Digital Marketing side and grab enormous opportunities to make a shift in their careers.

Why leave the Sales Field?

Consumers' use of smartphones and social media has increased exponentially worldwide. Now they are relying more on e-commerce sites and social platforms when choosing various products or services. As in previous days, consumers are not responding to annoying sales calls and are not happy to invite salespeople to demonstrate services or products.

Also, survival in the sales field will be tough if you cannot make a lot of cold calls over the phone, negotiating and convincing potential customers in hard situations and working under pressure to reach the goal.

If those skills are lacking in you, you will not have a great sales career.

But do not worry; there are other jobs ready on the market where you can use your experience and knowledge. Digital Marketing is one such golden opportunity for you. If you think digital marketing can offer you a more prospective career, it's worth trying, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed with your career shift choice.

Is Digital Marketing Good for Sales Professionals?

Digital marketing will be an excellent opportunity for sales professionals looking for a career change. In digital marketing, you are quickly reaching potential customers using all available digital channels and indirectly marketing your product or service to them.

Digital Marketing is highly relevant and rewarding for sales professionals if they have good content and email writing skills, knowledge of search engines, and social media. Digital Marketing is highly competent and worthwhile for sales professionals if they have good content and email writing skills, experience in search engines, and social media.

In this new role, sales professionals will interact with the potential audience present online to purchase your service or product.

Why Do Companies Move to Digital Marketing?

Any company present in the market seeks to increase its sales and profits. Companies can achieve this quickly, moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing, where their products or services reach broader potential customers, improving their overall sales.

Is there a demand for Digital Marketing Professionals?

Nowadays, people depend on digital platforms for everything. Every day people are regularly logging onto the Internet to buy groceries, pay bills online, book vacation tickets, for fashion, and electronic gadgets conveniently by clicking the mouse button. Online storefronts are gradually replacing traditional physical stores. This growing trend in online business has paved the way for more digital marketing professionals to enter the market.

What Digital Marketing Professionals do? 

Digital Marketing professionals will harness the power of the Internet by creating exciting blogs and website pages, crafting useful emails, writing social media posting, and much more to connect and grab the attention of today's internet-savvy buyer.

Digital marketers oversee lead generation and driving brand awareness through various free and paid digital channels. These digital channels may include the company's website and blog, social media, SEO rankings, email, and display advertising. 

Common Digital Marketing Positions

Digital marketing offers a plethora of career paths to choose from, based on company requirements, such as:

1. Search Engine Optimization Specialist
You will use your search engine optimization (SEO) skills to attract more consumers to your website. You will analyze all SEO parameters to improve your company's content and its performance on the search engine and social media platforms.

2. Content Marketing Specialist
In the role of a content creator, you will present effective content plans to increase Google's ranking based on keywords and attract more visitors to them to buy your product or service. The content specialist works with the SEO team to make plans and create shareable content to post on different social platforms. They are responsible for writing reliable web content to provide potential consumers with a legitimate reason to visit the website before making a purchase. 

3. Email and Social Media Specialist
A social media specialist will work on the social media strategy to improve brand awareness, increase marketing efforts, and sales. Email and social media experts are responsible for writing useful emails, creating stunning images and viral videos, displaying paid ads, and promoting upcoming product launches. 

What Skills Does Digital Marketers Require?

To have a successful digital marketing career, you need to master these essential skills:

  • Content is at the heart of digital marketing, connecting the target audience, so you need to have some necessary content writing skills
  • You need to understand and anticipate changes in market trends continually; your previous sales experience will be useful
  • Able to write attractive, viral social media posts for product exposure and increase brand awareness among users
  • Must dig deeper and search well on search engines like Google to collect data and perform keyword research
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and hands-on experience with some popular SEO tools
  • Necessary design skills and knowledge of HTML will get you to convey what your content wants to show to the visitors

To Conclude

The phenomenal growth of the digital sector does not seem to stop, and the future is suitable for digital marketing as a career option. As a salesperson, to enter the field of digital marketing, you need to be curious, passionate, and innovative.

You should have more patience to see the results on your way. Your customer interaction and strong listening skills that you previously acquired in the sales field will be very useful in digital marketing. Digital marketing is a great option and a rewarding career for those who want to work at the forefront of this Digital Revolution.

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